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Video: Rhymefest – Mermaid (+ Unreleased MP3)

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Says DJ RTC of RubyHornet:

When we were working on Dangerous 5.18E, Rhymefest told me about a variety of songs he had recorded with different themes. One song he spoke about was a story about falling in love with a Mermaid, who then traps him under water. I had a Ron Burgundy moment and actually thought it was a joke. He made sure that I knew he was serious, and tonight the storied “Mermaid” track hit my inbox. Let the underwater adventure begin. Download it below. If you haven’t picked up El Che yet, it is in stores now and available here.

Rhymefest – Mermaid (Unreleased) | Mediafire


After the jump, check out Rhymefest’s two-part interview (+freestyle) with Good*Fella Radio and HotMopFilms for their Hip-Hop Series.

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Video: Rhymefest – Talk My Shit

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Directed by Konee Rok. El Che is out in stores now.

Produced by Best Kept Secret.

Previously: Rhymefest ft. Phonte – Say Wassup (in 3-D) (Video)

Video: Rhymefest’s El Che Release Party

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Last Thursday, RubyHornet hosted the release party for Rhymefest’s El Che, which is out today, at The Shrine in Chicago.

The show was a part of RH’s Digital Freshness series, which a weekly event with a different act. This week they’re hosting Donnis, next week it’s Aloe Blacc, the week after that it’s CNN, and they’re very close to booking two other acts for the month of July.

Previously: Rhymefest ft. Phonte – Say Wassup (in 3-D) (Video)

Video: Rhymefest ft. Phonte – Say Wassup (in 3-D)

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Directed by Konee Rok.

Rhymefest’s El Che is in stores tomorrow. ElCheTheMovement.com

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Rhymefest – Familiar Faces

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


Here’s the last leak off Rhymefest’s pre-LP mixtape called Dangerous 5-18. Fest’s El Che album (finally) drops on 5/18.

Rhymefest – Familiar Faces | Mediafire

Bonus: Rhymefest feat. John Mayer – Letter | Mediafire

Expect to see a One Shot video shot for “Letter” with Court Dunn and the premiere of the mixtape next week, right here on Nah Right.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Video: Rhymefest Interview w/ RubyHornet (Full)

Monday, July 27th, 2009

The full interview was split up into 3 parts. Above Rhymefest talks to DJ RTC about letting go of fear, leaving J Records, and fame. Here’s RubyHornet’s take on it:

Editing any Rhymefest interview can be a daunting task. Named a Twitter “must follow” by the LA Times, Rhymefest has a lot to talk about both in and out of the music business. We met Fest on a Wednesday evening in June, as he was recording a feature for Sadat X at Grant Parks’ studio just outside Chicago. Just a week before our interview, Fest announced that he was granted a release from J Records, and that his sophomore album, El Che, would be released in the coming months as an indie project. The anticipation for the album has been well documented, as last year at this time Rhymefest was dealing with leaks from the record thanks to a stolen iPod. Many in Chicago’s Hip Hop community have whispered that Rhymefest should have released his second album during that time to capitalize on the daily posting concerning the music. However, all of the talk was news to Rhymefest, who said during our interview, “all that s**t people talk, don’t nobody say it to your face.” A self-pronounced approachable guy, Rhymefest spoke candidly to us about the timing for El Che, his feelings on music (“I don’t like it”), censorship and much, much more. Sit back and enjoy as we present the uncut Rhymefest Interview.

Parts 2-3 after the jump. Props to DJ RTC.

Previously: The Rhymefest Interview (Trailer) (Video)

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Video: The Rhymefest Interview (Trailer)

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

The homie DJ RTC of RubyHornet recently sat down with Rhymefest:

Our own DJ RTC sat down with Rhymefest for an interview recently, and the two talked…and talked…and talked…The result will now and forever be referred to as “The Rhymefest Interview”, and will be coming raw and uncut at the end of the week. To get you ready for what is about to come, we’ve put together this trailer giving you just a sample of what is on El Che’s mind. See the trailer below, and come back Friday when we dropped the real deal in which Fest and RTC talk about censorship, J Records, El Che, people talking behind Fest’s back, and much more.

Look out for the interview by the end of the week. via RH