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D. Schwartz – Slow Down (Ha Ha) Freestyle

Thursday, March 25th, 2010


Fresh off the Foot On The Gas EP & music video with producer Beewirks.

D. Schwartz – Slow Down (Ha Ha) Freestyle

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Chase N. Cashe feat. Kent Money – Do That (Cashe Money) (prod. Boi-1da)

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Artwork by hustleGRL

Chase N. Cashe, co-producer of Lil Wayne & Eminem’s “Drop The World,” and his Surf Club brethren Kent M$ney go over this Boi-1da production.

Chase N. Cashe ft. Kent Money – Do That (Cashe Money) (prod. Boi-1da) | Mediafire

Bonus: Surf Club – Ring The Bells (prod. Hit-Boy)

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CBS Responds to Over Censorship Claims

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


After websites such as NYMag’s Vulture, Miss Info’s blog, as well as  this one decided to speak up about the over censorship we heard (or didn’t hear) on last night’s East Coast broadcast of The Grammy’, CBS released this statement to The Associated Press (via MTV) today:

“It was a rousing musical performance, but words were edited from the live telecast that didn’t meet our broadcast standards,” said CBS spokesman Chris Ender. “We have great respect for artists’ creative freedom, but there are certain things you can’t say, or sing, on television.”

Again, if the artist in question omitted the words themselves, was there really a need for the blanket censorship? How about we sat through Lady Gaga’s face for three hours and didn’t get to hear half of the song.

Link: Silence wasn’t golden when Grammys bleeped lyrics [The AP]

Miss Info’s (who has some experience with these kind of things) hunch:

I know what the real problem was. When you hit the “dump button” for a curse word, it takes time for the system to reload. So…it actually takes out more than just the offensive word. Live-censoring is a sloppy science. When the awards aired on the WestCoast, they were able to finetune the clean-up.

That might be true, but throughout the whole broadcast they were showing scenes from upcoming moments before the commercial break, how did they let the one “iffy” performance be the only live footage they aired. Damn shame.

Uncensored: Lil Wayne, Eminem & Drake – Drop The World + Forever

Monday, February 1st, 2010

They must have told these guys in advance that if they swear, they’ll be censored… because they barely mentioned any curse words. That whole part at the beginning where they censor Lil Wayne… he was already censoring himself, so why was there 5 seconds of dead air on the broadcast. Plus there was a time lapse between the time they taped it, and the time we saw it – they could have easily gone back to fix it. These guys only aired one rap award and it was the safest one, of course didn’t give a fuck about this.

Props to Mel for the rip.

Someone tell Taylor Swift to sit her ass down.