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Mixtape Memories: DJ Lt. Dan Presents The Black Remixes: Back to Basics

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

There were a lot of The Black Album remix projects that dropped after the Jay Z acapellas for the LP were made available to the world, most notably Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, which featured all beats constructed using samples from The Beatles’ The White Album (great concept). But in my humble opinion, DJ Lt. Dan put out the best The Black Album remix project. On The Black Remixes: Back to Basics, Lt. Dan (who also has one of the illest DJ drops ever, sampling Forrest Gump’s voice), put together what he billed on the cover as “a thematic prequel to Reasonable Doubt.” It aligned itself with the premise of the album by matching up Hov’s vocals with classic early ’90s beats. And as far as blends go, these shits are fire. We’ve all heard DJs sound wack trying to do blends, whether the vocals are off-beat, or the pairing of the vocals and instrumentals just don’t make sense. But that’s not the case here, at all.

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