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Selasi feat. Raekwon – Keep On

Thursday, February 25th, 2010


This isn’t exactly new, but the other week DJ Booth premiered this joint in which Chef is collaborating with African artist Selasi out of Ghana.

Selasi feat. Raekwon – Keep On | Mediafire


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Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ DJ Booth

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Z from DJ Booth recently spoke to Wiz Khalifa:

Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ DJ Booth | Usershare | Limelinx

Link: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/Z [DJBooth.net]

Wiz Khalifa’s Deal or No Deal drops on Tuesday. Pre-order it here.

Audio: Cam’ron Interview w/ DJ Booth

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

DJ Booth: Tell everybody what they should expect from this release.

Cam’ron: This album is real, real street, but, at the same time, it’s still radio-ready. You won’t hear any – well, I was gonna say there weren’t any ‘Hey Ma’s on it, but there are kind of a few ‘Hey Ma’s on there. I’d say about 40 to 50 percent is songs with concepts and thinking songs, but I’m gonna make sure you dance, I’m gonna make sure you’re in the streets, I’m gonna bring you back to Harlem. I have a big song that I’m about to release a video for. February 25th, they’re gonna play the song 11 times on MTV Jams, it’s called “I Used to Get It in Ohio.” A lot of people don’t know, I used to live in Chicago also, on the North Side, and I’d go to K-town every year, I’ve got family up there on the West Side of Chicago. I [also] stayed in Columbus, Ohio for a few years. And the love in the Midwest is way different from New York – they accepted me like one of their own, and they showed me a bunch of love, so I did a big song dedicated to them.

Audio: Cam’Ron Interview w/ DJ Booth

Check out the full interview here.

This new Cam’Ron in interviews > the old 50.