Clipse Interview w/ DETAILS

Friday, December 4th, 2009


The Clipse took a minute to speak to

Details: Where’s the most exciting place you’ve played to promote the new album?
Malice: I can honestly say that every place we perform is exciting. It is never dull. The Clipse fans are die-hard. Even overseas—just to see people that really don’t speak your language but speak your music. It’s inspiring. Sometimes, when I write a song, it hits me so hard that I get chills—like, “Oh, that’s a crazy line.” But then I become numb to it. When I perform and see a fan out there who says it with passion, it reminds me how I felt. So they keep me on point.

Details: Your song “Door Man” is about coke. What did you use for drugs in that video?
Pusha T: I wasn’t there, but I will say this: I think they went out in really bad places to take that shot. Whatever it is, it’s probably not too far off.
Malice: I was there. It was just baking soda. Those dudes are definitely on their grind out there—that’s why we shot there. But it was just baking soda.

Details: How much do you worry about what people say about you on blogs?
Pusha T: I love it because it’s a way to get the music out. I don’t think you can always take it that seriously. Certain people are just, like, out for blood. Then there are certain guys that just speak the gospel. They just tell it like it is, and you can tell the difference. The comments change so quickly. You have two guys dissing you, and then three guys will diss them.

Details: Last year you guys started a clothing line, Play Cloths. Are there any fashion rules to live by at your shows?
Pusha T: It’s hip-hop. There are definitely rules to it, but I don’t really have any disagreements. Besides, if fans are out there seeing the show, I ain’t complaining. They could come out in a G-string and a pink wig and I’d be happy.
Malice: Just be yourself, man. At the end of the day, there are no rules to it—not to me anyway. So as long as you act like it’s right, it’s right. A lot of people are angry at the skinny-jean craze, but these guys are getting all the girls. I don’t know why. If I don’t figure it out soon, I might buy a pair.

Link: 60 Seconds with Rap Duo The Clipse [DETAILS]

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