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Video: Nas Talks Derrion Albert on CNN

Monday, October 5th, 2009

“Whatchu tryna kick, knowledge?”

Nas stops by CNN to speak about Derrion Albert and gets caught up in the same old tired “do rap lyrics cause violence” debate that we can’t seem to move away from. At this point, I feel like nothing constructive can come of rehashing the same argument.  If we were to concede the point that yes, maybe certain forms of entertainment do inspire violent behavior in some people, will you shut the fuck up about it already? And at that point can we then shift the conversation to why so many kids and young adults in America lack the intellect and/or guidance to know that it’s wrong to kill another human being over something so trivial? Until then, my advice remains the same. Furthermore, it amazes me that so many people needed to see a video of a kid being beaten to death to understand that senseless acts of violence  are the order of the day in this country.

via SmartenUpNas

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