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Video: Slaughterhouse Talks MCs & Hottest MCs In The Game List

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

via MTV Mixtape Daily:

“I can’t front — the young boy Drake is spitting,” Joell Ortiz said. “I’m interested in seeing where he goes with his career. Just aside from singing, the dude can rap. I wanna see what he does too. Bun B too. Shout-out to Bun B.”

Joe Budden was less forthcoming when talking about who he thought was superior on the mic. “These niggas that’s dope, they don’t need the shit to be confirmed,” he said. “They don’t need my confirmation. They know they’re dope. Stay in your lane. … I ain’t shouting nobody out. It’s dope niggas out there. We’re dope. It’s other dope niggas out there. I ain’t shouting niggas out though.”

Joe eventually changed his mind, picking the same two guys Crooked I had mentioned just a few minutes before him: Eminem and Jay-Z.

“Jay and Em is still at the top, and that’s it. Everybody else is trying to reach out. I love Blu. Blu, and I still love [Kool] G Rap. It’s a million niggas to name. Jay right now, at his age, is still better than niggas. But when you write that hottest list, you’re not gonna put Jay and Em at 1 and 2. You’re not. Don’t lie to me and say you are. Don’t insult my intelligence. In 2009, you’re not gonna put Jay and Em 1 and 2 on your list. You can bet me money.

“I like T.I., Fabolous, I just like dudes who can spit,” Joe added. “I didn’t look for too much else.”

#10 – #6 will be revealed from August 17 – 21.
#5 – #1 will be revealed during Diddy’s Making His Band on August 24th.

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