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Video: Jay-Z – Blueprint 3 Intro (Live in CT)

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Without making everyone exhausted of hearing the BP3 intro, just thought it would be worth mentioning that at last night’s show in Connecticut, after saluting MJ and saying that everyone should just celebrate life while it’s there rather than waiting to mourn someone’s death, he wasted no time to get to his encore:

“I ain’t even gonna make y’all wait tonight,” he said, coming back onstage quickly. He told a story about how he was in Las Vegas recently and decided to rap the intro for Blueprint 3. He figured what happened in Vegas would stay in Vegas, but footage of his raps got out on the net (Jay did perform the same intro in Chicago), so since he figured everybody already heard the rhymes, he he wasn’t going to do them. Kidding! Of course he was going to say the lines that have been causing Game to call him out at concerts overseas.

Now he’s talking… Internets FTMFW! MTV’s Shaheem Reid has a nice little rundown of last night’s events.

Sidebar: Jay performed “Allure” last night? On top of that, it was over the “Flashing Lights” beat? And I still haven’t seen him live? We need a board…

Video: Styles P & Jenny Boom Boom in Danbury

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Jenny chops it up with SP before he performs for some high school kids out in Danbury, CT.