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Video: Big Lean – Everything’s Alright

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Quick sidebar: last year when Complex asked me to write about the “King of Toronto” (in reference to the Kendrick line) and break down his “royal court”, I got my head tore off in the comments for not mentioning Big Lean. (However I was 8000% right about OB & P. Reign…)

This track is produced by REPS UP producer Pro Logic. The second track is called “Till The Morning” and comes on at 2:37 mins into the video. Lean’s Enough is Enough should be dropping at the top of next year.

The video, shot in St. Mary, Jamaica and Parma Court in Toronto, also features a cameo by the homie Jimmy Prime.

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Viedo: Theophilus London x Complex: The Exclusive Style Video

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The February/March issue of COMPLEX, on stands now, has a 6-page fashion feature with New York rapper Theophilus London.

Link: Theophilus London: The Complex Fashion Feature (+ Interview)

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Video: Tahiry’s Photoshoot for Complex

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Tahiry recently sat down with Complex to talk about her break up with Joe Budden, but more importantly took some pictures for the mag:

Peep the whole gallery of pics here.

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NahRight in Complex x VIBE x GQ

Monday, June 8th, 2009


[In Dre’s defense, they asked for our five favorite posts and ended up only choosing one. Which might also explain how I ended up ghost-writing eskay’s favorite pick. Ha! Full-disclosure: Other than multiple favorite posts, I mentioned more names from the comments (and favorite rappers, and websites) than they posted but they only picked a few, so no shots guys.]

Check this out too:


^ This little thing is what that whole Vibe Magazine shitstorm was about, we got stuck on the bottom of a page and everyone wanted our fucking heads to roll. Although, it ended up being well worth it: #2 had a full page feature on that same exact page.

Also, since we never got around to it, here’s Nah Right featured in GQ:


Props to all these fine publications for recognizing game:

Complex | Vibe | GQ

Video: Asher Roth’s Complex Fashion Feature

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

After shooting his June/July fashion feature for Complex Magazine, the rapper took some time out to discuss the evolution of his personal style.

Link: Gentleman of Leisure: Asher Roth’s Complex Fashion Feature

Ever since I came on board at Nah Right, where we try to maintain a rigorous dress code in the work place, and through trolling clothing blogs all day long, I truly have a new found appreciation for clothes and will be trying to step my game up this summer –  so I can appreciate these kind of features now. Realistically, it’s not like we even get the chance to step away from our computers, but you know, it’s nice to dream.

Katy Perry Talks About Rappers To Complex

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


She recently spoke to the homie Joe La Puma for this month’s Complex cover story, and touched on the topics of Lil Wayne, T.I and DMX:

Complex: Exactly. Would you say that he’s your type?
Katy Perry: Oh God, I don’t have a type. I guess one thing that’s the same with all of the men I’ve dated is that they’re all communicators and they’re all sensitive. I have a soft spot for musicians, a guy who can write a song or say how he feels and put it into a song, and is super poetic. Travis is really good at that, and he’s just so good at lyrics that I think that’s ultimately why I was so attracted to him. But I definitely do not have a type. You know, he’s artistic and he has that natural swagger. When he puts his hat on, that’s how he puts his hat on. He doesn’t stand in the mirror for like three hours, he just puts it on. So that’s sexy.
Complex: What about a rapper-ternt-rocker like Lil Wayne?
Katy Perry: That might be too grindhouse for me. I think T.I.’s really cute, though. I like the guys that have this face about them, which is like…you know, adorable, and cute, and almost looks like a baby pit bull. A little pit bull is so cute, and all rappers love little pit bulls. They have to have two or three.
Complex: Or 10 if you’re DMX.
Katy Perry: He doesn’t have dogs anymore now. He’s not allowed to. Busted!

More tits pics here.

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Video: Jim Jones x Complex Listening Party

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Complex hosts a listening session for Jimmy’s Pray IV Reign.

Below check out the album’s alternate cover which is for the Deluxe Edition.


Pray IV Reign drops March 24th.

Pics: Chris Milk Shoots Kanye’s Complex Cover

Sunday, January 11th, 2009


It’s Chris Milk along with the Graphics Lab that worked on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Kanye says it’s a different concept, but it’s ironic because Yeezy mentioned Benjamin Button when the Vibe cover gave him some salt and pepper in his beard.

Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse:


Hit the jump more shots from the shoot:

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