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City of God’s Son Deleted Scene: Verbal Intercourse 2

Thursday, September 10th, 2009


Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but no, this is not an actual sequel to “Verbal Intercourse”. This is a “deleted scene” from Kenzo Digital”s “Beat Cinematic” audio film, City of God’s Son, which you really should check out if you haven’t already.

Says him:

This is the first “Deleted Scene” from the beat cinematic “City of Gods Son”. As an homage to Raekwons “Only Built For Cuban Linx”, this track was created to fill the void of a Nas collaboration that was not on the latest release.  Link below, enjoy.

Verbal Intercourse 2 (ft. Ghostface, Raekwon & Nas

Shout out to Nas for making this possible by failing to show up for an OB4CL2 verse.

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Video: City of God’s Son: Cinema for the Blind

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

On July 29th in New York, Kenzo Digital will be hosting an exhibit/listening/screening of his truly amazing “Beat Cinematic” City of God’s Son. In the above clip, a group of blind musicians speak about the one-of-a-kind audio project and why it appeals so uniquely to them.

Hit the jump for more info about City of God’s Son and the exhibit.

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