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Video: Chiraq – Chief Keef Takes the Suburbs (Ep. 8)

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Noisey visits Keef’s house in the ‘burbs for the final episode of their Chiraq documentary series.

In our final episode of Chiraq, we discover what the Nation Of Islam thinks about the Chiraq phenomena then finally get an audience in the court of Almighty Sosa, a.k.a. Chief Keef, a.k.a. young Keith Cozart. Filmed at his house in the suburbs of Chicago, Keef spends his time whipping donuts around the backyard on an ATV. There, we talk to the rapper and meet fellow GBE members who show us what happens when Sosa drops 10,000 dollars on paintball equipment.

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Video: Chiraq – How to Make It Out of Chiraq (Ep. 7)

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Episode 7 of Noisey’s Chiraq documentary takes another look at Chief Keef’s popularity in the city and how it has inspired a flood of gang related music. They also return to their conversation with Young Chop who talks about where he sees certain rising Chicago MCs going in the future and introduces us to producer Paris Bueller.

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Video: Chiraq – #SaveMoney Busts Joey Purp Outta Jail (Ep. 5)

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Oh look, they spoke to some non-Drill artists. In Episode 5 of their ongoing Chiraq documentary series, Noisey accompanies Vic Mensa as he tries to raise bail for SAVEMONEY’s Joey Purp.

Hit the jump to check out footage of Mensa at SOB’s in NY last night.

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Video: Chiraq – Chief Keef In New York (Ep. 2)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

In episode 2 of Noisey’s Chiraq documentary series, they travel to NYC with Chief Keef.

Watch Part 1 with Young Chop here.

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