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BURNTmd ft. Keith Murray – Building Blocks

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Keith Murray rapping words like “iniquity” >>>>>

Off BURNTmd’s The Green Invasion, coming soon.

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BURNTmd ft. Keith Murray – Smugglers’ Notch

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Upon returning home from the Most Beatifullest MC Tour, the Brooklyn born/Vermont made BURNTmd conspires with with Def Squad alum Keith Murray for the Reef Ali produced “Smugglers’ Notch”; a tale about the historic mountain range stretching from New England to Canada that’s been used throughout history to smuggle goods. “Smugglers’ Notch” is featured on BURNTmd’s forthcoming mixtape ‘Green Invasion’, which includes features from Keith Murray, Strong Arm Steady, Madlib, Akrobatik, J. Glaze, Reef Ali, Illmind, Copywrite, REKS, Reef The Lost Cauze and more! Read below to learn more about Smugglers’ Notch and get to downloading!

About Smugglers’ Notch:
Beginning almost 200 years ago, smugglers used the heavily wooded mountain range and the caves and caverns along Vermont’s Long Trail to transport illegal or embargoed goods across the Canadian border. In the early 1800s, the U.S. Congress placed an embargo on the imports of all English goods. In order to circumvent that embargo, the British merely shipped their provisions to Canada and smuggled the materials down the Long Trail and through what is now called Smugglers’ Notch Pass. Since the large caves in the Notch could be used to store supplies, it became an ideal focal point for much of the smuggling from Canada to the United States prior to the War of 1812.

More than 100 years later, the Notch was again used for smuggling alcohol during prohibition. Again, our friends from the north were not persuaded that Congress was acting in their best interest and freely smuggled alcohol through Smugglers’ Notch Pass and down to central and southern New England. The caves and caverns in the Notch were ideal for storing alcohol at approximately room temperature, while the smugglers were avoiding the revenue agents. Today, Smuggler’s Notch exists as an all year round tourist attraction and resort.

Download: Link

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