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Jay-Z To Sell Stake in Brooklyn Nets

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Yesterday evening Yahoo! reported that Jay-Z plans to give up his small ownership share in the Brooklyn Nets in order to avoid a conflict of interest with his new sports management firm Roc Nation Sports. An unidentified source indicated that Jay hopes to have the deal done by June, which would allow him to approach players entering this year’s NBA draft. In the following clip, Bloomberg finance reporter Dominic Chu speaks on Jay’s contributions to the team and why this move is necessary for Roc Nation Sports to move forward.

Perhaps more importantly,  Jay can finally stop pretending to like the Nets and go back to rooting for the only NYC basketball team that matters.

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Video: Road To Brooklyn: The Look

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Life+Times asks New Yorkers how they feel about the new Nets logo and branding and speaks to some of the people that helped select it and roll it out.

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Video: Road To Brooklyn: The Borough

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Life+Times continues to chronicle the arrival of the Nets and gives a glimpse into the character and the backbone of the people of Brooklyn.

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SLAM & Mick Boogie Present #BrooklynOriginals (Mixtape)

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

In anticipation of the Nets tip-off in Brooklyn tomorrow night, Mick Boogie drops his new mixtape with SLAM & XXL.

The idea behind the Brooklyn Originals project came from not only my love and respect for Brooklyn hip-hop artists and their music but also my excitement for the upcoming NBA season and the new era of basketball in New York. I thought it would be cool to combine the logos and imaging of two of the biggest brands out right now–the BROOKLYN Nets and adidas ORIGINALS–into a mixtape project that represented hip-hop to the fullest. Musically, some of my favorite hip-hop memories were listening to and getting to know legendary Brooklyn crews like Duck Down, Black Star and Digable Planets and I have always wanted to do an all-Brooklyn themed project.

Talib Kweli, Tanya Morgan, Skyzoo, Troy Ave, Mr. MF’n eXquire and Nitty Scott, MC all appear on the project.

Track list, stream and all the works after the jump.

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Video: Road To Brooklyn: Rivalry

Friday, October 26th, 2012

My love for Brooklyn is so serious, but what the fuck is a Net? They should’ve moved the Knicks to Brooklyn and the Nets to like Scranton or something. Featuring commentary from Action Bronson, Prince Paul, KING’s Sean Malcolm, Fat Jew and others.

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Video: Jay-Z Performs New Verse @ Barclays Center

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Jay-Z starts off his first show in BK with “99 Problems”, but before that he lets go of a new verse:

This is Rich Porter, part two
You can stunt like that when you’re rich before your debut
Money and the murder, rapper or the trapper
Either way I’m gonna serve ya
Shooters on my team… No really, I got shooters on my team
Juan or Deron
How you niggas want it, pick a arm
They call me Lucky Lefty…
Ball so hard I don’t respect the fuckin’ referees

Props: Complex

Jay-Z Profile in T Magazine

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

There’s a profile on Jay in the NY Times’ T Magazine ahead of the Barclays Center’s opening later this month, where he sits down with writer Zadie Smith at his favorite chicken parm spot on Mulberry street to talk rap, President Obama and fish sandwiches (there actually isn’t much about the Brooklyn Nets in it). Read a few excerpts below:

The fish sandwich arrives. Conversation turns to the schoolboy who was shot to death, Trayvon Martin — “It’s really heartbreaking, that that still can happen in this day and age” — and, soon after, to Obama: “I’ve said the election of Obama has made the hustler less relevant.” When he first made this point, “People took it in a way that I was almost dismissing what I am. And I was like: no, it’s a good thing!” He didn’t have Obama growing up, only the local hustler. “No one came to our neighborhoods, with stand-up jobs, and showed us there’s a different way. Maybe had I seen different role models, maybe I’d’ve turned on to that.” Difficult to keep these two Americas in your mind. Imagine living it — within one lifetime!

Memphis Bleek also compares Jay-Z then to Jay-Z now:

The persona is cool, calm, almost frustratingly self-controlled: “Yeah, 50 Cent told me that one time. He said: ‘You got me looking like Barksdale’ ” — the hot-blooded drug kingpin from HBO’s “The Wire” — “and you get to be Stringer Bell!” — Barksdale’s levelheaded partner. The rapper Memphis Bleek, who has known Jay-Z since Bleek himself was 14, confirms this impression: “He had a sense of calm way before music. This was Jay’s plan from day one: to take over. I guess that’s why he smiles and is so calm, ’cause he did exactly what he planned in the ’90s.” And now, by virtue of being 42 and not dead, he can claim his own unique selling proposition: he’s an artist as old as his art form. The two have grown up together.

Along with his thoughts on the 1% and the Occupy Wall Street movement after the jump.

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