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Video: Officer Rawse: “Yeah That Picture Was Rick Ross”

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Lieutenant Ross speaks to Big Boy & em about the beef with BooBoo. Of course he’s speaking like he won taking it in stride, because he’s Bawse.

After the jump, Big Boy wastes no time to jump into the C.O. questions. Angie can’t get a real interview from you but now that a television channel offers to stuff your tight little jean pockets with money you’re ready to speak about it? Or that a magazine is giving you the cover, you’ll talk to them? You had to wait for a release date to save yourself… but that wasn’t possible after The Smoking Gun’s exposé… Nah right? I’ll laugh when XXL comes out with Curtis on the cover talking about Tia & Brooke and the other dirt he has on you.

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