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Heavy Rotation with Brandon Wardell

Friday, August 19th, 2016


Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

“I feel like there’s a 70 percent chance that Drake knows who I am.” That quote pretty much sums up how popping Los Angeles-based comedian Brandon Wardell pictures himself at the moment—which seems accurate. His Twitter timeline is littered with viral memes and verified-to-verified interactions (most recently Jhene Aiko), he’s IRL friends with rappers like Heems and Asher Roth, and he’s been seen doing stand up on Viceland and Comedy Central (he also hosts a Hot Takes show on CC’s Snapchat channel).

So—if he hasn’t already—it’s only a matter of time before Drake catches wind of Wardell’s bit about What A Time To Be Alive or the OVO “Work” video sweatsuit style he served up at the MTV Movie Awards and deems himself a superfan across all social media channels. But until then, consider Brandon Wardell a rising comedic star with hip-hop head sensibility and a look that he’s jokingly described as “an anime character,” or even better, “What a Japanese businessman jerks off to.”

For this edition of Heavy Rotation, we connected with Brandon to discuss what songs he’s been listening to lately when he’s “extremely off the kush.” Coincidentally, he has his own “Heavy Rotation” Spotify playlist, and he was more than happy to share his faves from it. Read all about them below.

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