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Video: Stretch & Bobbito’s 20th Anniversary Show

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Stretch tells a crazy story about running into Biggie and realizing that he still listened to their show, well into super-stardom. Bobbito also recalls that Large Pro wrote his verse for “Live at The Barbecue” while he was up at their show. All of that happened within the span of this 5 minute clip, the entire show was 5 hours long and includes another Biggie gem towards the end about how come Stretch & Bobbito were left out of the liner notes of Ready to Die.

Stretch Armstrong, Bobbito Garcia, Lord Sear, Sucio Smash, DJ Homicide, DJ Riz, DJ A-Trak, DJ Eclipse, Large Professor and the hidden but credited DJ Soul at the 20th Anniversary reunion show for the Stretch & Bob show.

Courtesy of LTD Mag. As you can see, there were several other cameras in the room that night so expect to see more footage. After the jump, Busta Rhymes talks about Dante Ross (who was also one of the show’s guests) live on stage at last week’s Funkmaster Flex showcase at B.B. Kings that Stretch mentions when introducing Large Professor.

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