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Vote for Rik Cordero: Video Director of the Year

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


Our good friend Rik needs your support today:

The chances of me winning the BET Award for Video Director Of The Year seems like a longshot. If you click on the poster above it will take you the BET Award Polls which have me losing by a pretty wide margin. However, I’d like to think about that line from “125 Part 4 Finale” from my good friend Joell Ortiz: “I’m the underdog’s underdog, I love the odds”. With your support, we can change the game. Vote TODAY! YES WE CAN!!!

Granted, he knows BET isn’t exactly his playground but imagine if he were to win this, what kind of message that would be sending out. Despite that it’s a poll of who the public thinks should win, it might have more of an effect on the final winner than you think. Rik really got his start on these here internets and he’s embraced this culture for everything it could be. I don’t doubt any one of those nominees’ talent, but for what it’s worth – Rik loves this shit as much as any of us do and has put out quality content online for years now. If anyone should win the people’s vote, it should be undoubtedly be Rik Cordero.

Vote now.