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Watch Killer Mike’s Conversation with Bernie Sanders

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

After giving presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a rousing introduction at a campaign function in Atlanta last month, Killer Mike sat down with the Senator at his barber shop for a conversation about a number of pressing issues facing American citizens in 2015. Among the topics discussed were compassionate capitalism and the demonization of the concept of Democratic socialism by the Right, social justice and the pervasive greed of the 1%, gun control, free healthcare and what it all means for Americans and more specifically, African-Americans. It’s a great watch and it further cements Bernie as the smartest presidential candidate we’ve seen in this country in some time.

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Killer Mike Campaigns for Bernie Sanders in Atlanta

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Yesterday at a Bernie Sanders rally in Atlanta, Killer Mike invoked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during a stirring introduction for the candidate. Citing his positions on the Voting Rights act and the ongoing, senseless War on Drugs Black People, Mike gave Sanders a ringing endorsement. This is good stuff right here. Can you feel the Bern?


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