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Rappers, DJs & Bloggers Preview The Hip Hop Dance Experience

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Here’s some footage of my homeslice Miss Info, and Angela Yee, hosting a preview party for Ubisoft’s new Hip-Hop Dance Experience video game at Gary’s Penthouse in NYC a few weeks back. Attendees included Jean Grae and DJ Envy, Eric and Jeff of ItsTheReal and the homies Meka and Lowkey. Guests enjoyed the musical stylings of DJ J.Period, a sweet Soul Food spread and game demo stations where they could try out The Hip-Hop Dance Experience.

The Hip-Hop Dance Experience hits stores tomorrow, November 13th for both XBOX and Wii.

Audio: Eminem Interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Eminem called in to DJ Whoo Kid’s show yesterday in celebration of the six year anniversary of Shade 45. Props to RadioPlanet for the audio.


Bonus: Lloyd Banks later called in and spoke about his Eminem collabo:

Related: Eminem also called in to The Morning After with Angela Yee


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Video: Pill and His Threesome

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Pill appeared on Angela Yee & Leah Rose’s Lip Service show a while back.

Audio: Kay Slay Responds to Jay Electronica

Friday, May 14th, 2010


So Kay Slay heard that segment of Jay Electronica’s interview with SpineTV where he speaks on RZA’s comments about Southern MCs and he took exception to Jay’s tone. And I can kind of understand that. When I first started this site it was right around the time that Jay-Z was still in retirement and Curtis was really the only NY dude making any kind of noise and the South was hands down winning the battle for rap supremacy. And within the rap universe there was just this general tone of hatred for anything even remotely connected to New York. And I understand why that was the case. New York artists, critics and fans had shit on the South, and other regions, for so long that it was almost inevitable that the hate would come back around. So me, I’m kinda like Slay in that I’m from New York and I don’t really take kindly to niggas talking shit about us regardless of whether that hatred was earned or not. And so I got extra defensive and I’d shit on Southern rappers that I saw as wack and I’d have these big long arguments in the comments with folks from the South and really in retrospect it was a big waste of time, but it served as an outlet for my frustration. All it really boils down to is regional pride and the desire to rep for what you identify with most strongly. And that’s really all this back and forth between Jay and Slay is about. The rest is just opinion. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. But because these are two strong willed dudes, people seem anxious to see this turn into something more than it really is.

This first clip is of Jay responding to Slay’s response to his SpineTV interview.


And here’s Slay’s on air response to Jay:


And as a bonus, here’s Jay spitting “The Ghost of Christoper Wallace”.


Props: Miss Info/Big Homie

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Video: Plies Interview w/ Angela Yee

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Algernod vs. Angela.

Fucking *dead* at dude calling up and accusing him of having been valedictorian of his graduating class, like that’s a bad thing.

This is our culture folks.

Updated with pt. 2 after the jump. He talks about supposedly running at the Jamie Foxx video shoot, etc.

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Video: Smoke DZA Interview w/ Angela Yee (CinematicTV Ep. 11)

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Battles with JR Writer and smelly cab driver feet FTL.

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Video: Slaughterhouse’s Label Announcement Coming Later This Week

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Joell Ortiz revealed on Angela Yee’s show yesterday at the 30 sec. mark.

Get Joell & Frequency’s Road Kill mixtape here.

Audio: Juelz Santana x Kimbella on Lip Service Radio

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


Juelz, his piece Kimbella and blogger Necole Bitchie join Angela Yee and Leah Rose on Lip Service Radio.

Juelz Santana x Kimbella x Necole Bitchie on Lip Service Radio Pt. 1
Juelz Santana x Kimbella x Necole Bitchie on Lip Service Radio Pt. 2

Audio via DJ Wonder, Image by Paul Cobo

Bonus: Juelz Santana feat. Yelawolf – Mixing Up The Medicine [Clean/No DJ Clue Tags]

Video: Wyclef Talks Fugees Reunion w/ Angela Yee

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Clef explains to Miss Yee why we’re not likely to see a Fugees reunion album anytime soon (surprise surprise).

“The Fugees getting back together, the magic of it would have been the trust factor. They gotta be willing to put their career in my hands and I’ve got them. Which means like if I’m like do this in the studio you used to do it before, so why you don’t wanna do it now? So to me they’re great and they’re gonna always be great but the Fugees, it’s better that it leaves the myth vibe. Like the score is a myth when you hear it it’s a myth. It was done in the basement. Like you don’t wanna go from there to do a sequel and you’ve destroyed your complete myth.”

I totally agree. Leave it alone.

via Team Yee

Video: Fabolous Talks Loso’s Way w/ Angela Yee

Friday, August 7th, 2009

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