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Ambassador Rick – Richard Prior

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Looking to prove he’s more than some VA nigga dissing the local star, Ambassador Rick drops “Richard Prior”. I’m not mad at this. Produced by Ecks.

Download: Link

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Video: Ambassador Rick – Fake Love (Pusha T Diss)

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

“I know better, they ain’t bout that life, both of them, they black as shit, but they ain’t about that white…”

V.A.’s Ambassador Rick drops a visual for his Terrence Thornton diss record.

Previously: Ambassador Rick – Fake Love (Pusha T Diss)

Ambassador Rick – Fake Love (Pusha T Diss)

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

So apparently this is the “local nigga” Pusha called out on his “Don’t Fuck With Me” freestyle and he’s got some words for Pusha and Malice in response.

From the email:

In Pusha’s own words:

“Local niggas hatin’ but I can’t blame ’em/ Clear the road to the riches but I can’t pave em/Put Trey on your hook, still couldn’t save em”

This one lightweight jab in a song filled with subliminal shots was obviously an attempt to discredit Rick’s first single “Baby It’s The Grind” which featured a Trey Songz sample.

Never one to back down from a lyrical challenge, Ambass has decided to respond in a MAJOR way with his new song “Fake Love”

This song is sure to shake the industry up as Rick explains what it’s like to have an associate who smiles in your face all the while being filled with envious thoughts and jealous acts.

The relationship between Ambass and Pusha is deeper than rap. Remember when Sway and MTV came to Virginia to record the show ‘My Block’? Well in order for the MTV cameras to be allowed in the city of Bad News they had to ask Rick and his Do It 2 Def (D.I.D) crew for a temporary hood pass. Their access was granted for a short period of time, but now Ambassador Rick is ready to put the fake friendships to the side and reclaim his spot as the king of Virginia.

Download: Link

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