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Budden banned from Boston? Saigon signs to Amalgam?

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Listen to the first half of this audio and let me know if I’m buggin. Because, no disrespect to ED O.G. or Boston, or Special Teamz, but it sounds to me like these dudes might be overreacting a little something. The gist of it is, Joe was performing in Boston and asked that the stage be cleared before he started performing because he didn’t want a “sausage fest” onstage during his set. Now, I wasn’t there and I don’t know how he said it or the exact words he used, but that sounds like a valid request to me. Anyway, some of the goons present took offense to his statements and now Ed and them are saying he’s banned from Boston. I mean, it seems to me like if you all were that offended by what he said, then ya’ll should’ve set it on him right then and there. Don’t let dude finish performing, leave the spot and the city unscathed, and then announce that he’s banned. And now ya’ll talking about recording a diss song? Come on man.

Anyway, the second half of the clip features Next, the CEO of Amalgam, talking about how Saigon is gonna drop his All In A Day’s Work project with Statik Selektah on Amalgam.

Audio: Budden banned from Boston? Saigon signs to Amalgam?

Props to JumptheTurnstyle