Video: Kaws x Malice x Cur+@!n$ x Pusha T x Kanye x Ibn x KiD CuDi x Al Be Back x Melani Rose

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Here’s a glimpse of a conversation they had when they were standing around at the shoot. Cur+@!n$ gets his Yeezy’s autographed and more of Pusha T’s rant about not getting a pair. Kanye counters by admitting that he probably spends more money on Yeezy’s than anyone since he has to get them off eBay. The videos a bit more candid than the other ones but it’s probably still difficult to say anything when everyone’s standing around and taping you. Props to Ferris Bueller for the footage though.

Ferris never take a day off – Kanye

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kaws via #2

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AlBe Back feat. Fabolous – Mira Mira

Monday, March 23rd, 2009


Shake writes:

I’ve been hinting at this record for quite some time. And now it’s time to drop it on the masses. Loso lends some bars to the latest leak off Al Be’s upcoming project with Mick Boogie, Hi.

Al Be Back feat. Fabolous – Mira Mira | Instrumental