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Video: Shawn Chrystopher – HHO’s Artist of the Week

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Shawn speaks on his debut album “A City With No Seasons,” his process when producing his songs, as well as his endorsement deal with fashion powerhouse LRG Clothing.

Bonus: Shawn Chrystopher feat. DONNIS – Watching Me (Remix)

Shawn Chrystopher – Untitled

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


Here’s the first single from Shawn Chrystopher’s A City With No Seasons.

The reason why the song is untitled is because it’s a love story, and I felt if I gave the song any kind of “love” title it would already be looked at as ‘cheesy’ and ‘predictable’ before anyone got a chance to listen to it. So this way, people get to judge the song solely based on its production and lyrics (as they should anyway). Sort of like reading a book with no cover or synopsis on the back, just you and the art. [via IM-King.com]

Shawn Chrystopher – Untitled

Check out his MySpace to pre-order his debut album for free.