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Meek Mill Responds to Wale

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


During an interview with The Breakfast Club this morning, Wale was less than supportive of his MMG cohort Meek Mill’s effort in the beef with Drake, and as widely predicted, it has led to a renewed standoff with his labelmate. Meek responded in an extensive Instagram posting on Wednesday evening, in which he took it upon himself to declare Wale no longer down with Maybach Music.

Read Meek’s message below.

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Vic Spencer – Really, Nigga!? (Mick Jenkins Diss)

Monday, September 28th, 2015


After getting a response in the form of “HeadAss,” the war of words between Vic Spencer and Mick Jenkins continues. On “Really, Nigga?!”, Vic takes aim at Mick’s frequently employed H20 metaphors.

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Mick Jenkins – HeadAss (Vic Spencer Diss)

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

I honestly wasn’t sure if Mick was going to respond to the shots that came his way from fellow Chicago MC Vic Spencer earlier this month, but I’m glad he did because HIP-HOP. As he says on the KAYTRANADA produced “HeadAss”, he’s having a hard time holding his toungue these days.

^What he said.

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Beanie Sigel Warns Meek Mill & Ar-AB

Friday, August 21st, 2015


Yesterday on Instagram, Beanie Sigel, arguably the most respected Rapper in Philadelphia, issued a stern warning to Meek Mill, Ar-AB and other affiliated rappers caught up in an ongoing war of words that started with the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef. The OG dismissed the high-profile conflict as petty and implored his younger peers to consider the consequences of their actions.

Initially, Beans posted this image which prompted followers to infer that he was in some way siding with Meek and disparaging Drake. He later followed up that post with another image which included his detailed thoughts on the situation.

You can read the full message below, but the gist of it is, Beans doesn’t want a Rap beef to turn into a war on the streets of Philly. After Meek took shots at Ar, who Drake famously shouted out on “Back to Back”, the Philly up-and-comer fired back over Drake’s beat. Beans, who certainly has his ear to those Philly streets, warns that the situation is close to escalating beyond the point of no return.

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CyHi The Prynce – Elephant In The Room

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


Well, CyHi sounds extraordinary displeased with Kanye West on his new track “Elephant In The Room”, produced by BKS Productions. Shit gets real on the second verse, like “bitch slap your wife” real. He also sends some strays in the direction of Big Sean and Pusha T, which should make this interesting.

UPDATED: I thought this might have been a troll, especially after Pusha tweeted it out with no comment, and CyHi has confirmed as much.

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Video: Meek Mill Dissed Drake in Charlotte

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Well, we knew Meek wasn’t about to just roll over, although at this point that might not be a bad idea. Here’s a portion of an acapella he spit earlier tonight during the Pinkprint Tour stop in Charlotte, NC.

Wayne don’t fuck witchu
Stunna don’t fuck witchu
Tyga don’t fuck witchu
damn bro what’s up witchu?
say alot about ya, same niggas came up witchu
sayin you a fuck nigga…

This is not a proportional response at all though. Maybe start by nuking Toronto and take it from there.

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Meek Mill Responds to Drake, on Instagram

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015


Drake hit Meek Mill with the the second jab of a potent two-piece early this morning with the release of “Back To Back” and Meek just posted the equivalent of the infamous “any studios open yet” tweet from Fabolous after the “Control” incident. The caption on the pic you see above reads:

Right now I’m on the road still cashing out ….. Ima b in the studio soon…. 5hr ride to Montreal …

Meek, bro, what are you doing right now. Excuses and social media posts are the last thing anybody is looking for from you right now. It’s not like Drake is picking on you man, you started this shit and every minute that you don’t respond you’re losing. What amazes me is that a seasoned battle MC like Meek didn’t anticipate this and prepare accordingly. In the future, you definitely need to have a diss recorded before you hop on Twitter and let off.

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Meek Mill Takes More Shots at Drake

Monday, July 27th, 2015

On Sunday night when Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour made its way through Brooklyn, Meek Mill took a couple of minutes to again offer his opinion on Drake and the allegedly ghostwritten verse he gave Meek for “R.I.C.O”. Watch the short clip above (via Eric Diep). On Saturday’s episode of OVO Sound Radio on Apple’s Beats 1, Drake unveiled “Charged Up”, in which he brings it directly to Meek’s front door without actually saying his name. Listen to a CDQ version of that here and look out for Meek’s own response, which is expected to drop this evening via Funkmaster Flex.

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Drake – Charged Up (Prod. by Noah “40″ Shebib)

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Wimbledon 2015 - Day 1 - Celebrity Sightings

Earlier this afternoon on his OVO Sound show on Beats 1 Radio, Drake dropped “Charged Up”, a track that doesn’t call anybody out specifically, but is clearly aimed at Meek Mill and to a lesser extent Funk Flex. Listen below.

UPDATED: Looks like we’ll be getting some sort of response from Meek on Monday. A full stream of yesterday’s OVO Sound Radio episode has been added below.

He also dropped two other new joints, “Hotline Bling” and “Right Hand” produced by Vinylz and Frank Dukes. Check those out below.

UPDATED: CDQ’s of “Hotline Bling” and “Right Hand” added below.

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Meek Mill Said Some Things About Drake on Twitter

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


For whatever reason, Meek felt the need to take to Twitter last night and accuse Drake of not writing his verse on “R.I.C.O.”, the track they collaborated on for Dreams Worth More Than Money. Now I’m not saying that he felt some kind of way because Drake has consistently and repeatedly explained to us how’d he slide Nicki the `high hard one, but that has in fact happened. Meek also took shots at Nicki’s ex Safaree Samuel and suggested that Wayne and Nicki know that Drake doesn’t write his verses.

I don’t know man, it’s like it’s hotter at night lately right? Like you’ll hear something tomorrow? Maybe it’s the wind.

UPDATED: Meek spoke on his rant during a show in Virginia last night. After reiterating the importance of writing your own rhymes, he said the following:

“And don’t get it twisted, I was just upset as a fan that a nigga gave me a verse that he didn’t write. Shout out to Drake. Let him be great in all the lanes that he’s great in.”

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