Exile x Kanye West – MPC God (I Am a God Remix)

Exile puts Kanye’s “I Am A God” into the MPC and slaps it around like a disrespectful streetwalker. Look out for Exile’s new beat tape, Zip Disks and Floppies to drop August 20th.

UPDATED: with video of Exile flipping the track live after the jump.

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11 Responses to “Exile x Kanye West – MPC God (I Am a God Remix)”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    *applauds the people of Oakland & New York*

  2. Harlem World Says:

    Florida niccas can just sit in the corner and contemplate on their bitcha$$ness.

  3. Casket Face Says:

    ^ co, but niggas and chicks still going raw


    We’re human, we make mistakes, sometimes biology over powers logic and you role the dice.

    Sometimes that broad be back as fuck, and you wanna taste and feel all the juices …each stroke be like a super nova explosion in your brain.

    That’s them hormones hard at work…then when you wake up and realize “damn I hit that RAW, last night” you start thinking about the possibility of all the shit that could have started incubating in you. Then you start freaking out.

    It ain’t worth it …all the paranoia, worrying, guilt, grief etc.

    Women love romance, more than random sex, random sex is how they hook you into romance if they like you.

    But if you really feeling shorty, just share your test results with her and ask her is she down to do the the same.

    I’ve done it a few times and the pussy was so wet, probably because we were able to fuck with confidence. I remember I celebrated with a date, dinner and all that shit.

    Pussy ain’t going no where, and if it’s good pussy, it’s worth the wait.
    Easy pussy comes with a price you might not be willing to pay.

  4. Ghost Writer Says:

    This is crazy

  5. b Says:

    Frankie if that wasnt you calling my phone , please excuse me, but someone Identiifiied themselves as you and sounded just like ya faggoty ass.

    If I’m the biggest loser here why yall wanna come meet me in person and call my phone?

    to be loved.

  6. Harlem World Says:

    A$AP Rocky doing some big festivals out in Europe,

    that Skrillex track was made for that

  7. Harlem World Says:

    Exile ok, I liked the Pearly Gates track, Below The Heaven was a lil too meh for my liking.

  8. ayo Says:

    Lmaoo at hw calling out anyone for their bitch ass ness

    Shit gets you amped huh

  9. Harlem World Says:

    fuck florida

    what you gonna do ayo

    call ya hombres?

    i might just call immigration

  10. ayo Says:

    So all you boys be working in the same cubicle centers?

    Yall on the comp talking to each other to carry nah huh

  11. ayo Says:

    You might call immigration

    Thats what you call a snitch

    I knew you worked for the man

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