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Stray Shots

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006


Yes, that’s Ghostface rocking a Sherlock Holmes outfit. No, I have no idea what that’s all about. (From FVK via Spinemag)

Diddy claims 2006 will be the year Bad Boy comes back strong. "I’m in the studio right now, making my album," he said. "I’m in the studio with Pharrell, with Kanye, with Timbaland, Jay-Z, Nas." – via MTV

Jay-Z did not get Cam’ron shot.  Oh, and he looks distraught over the dis track.

I know the Eye Candy category often goes neglected for weeks at a time, but what can I tell you, I have high standards. In any event, Angel La over at Concrete Loop has some goodness that should hold you over.  

Judge orders The City of L.A. to pay Biggie’s moms a cool mil.  

Cassidy’s murder trial got under way yesterday, and it seems like there are already some discrepencies in a witnesses testimony.  

Here’s the first single from Hav and Lil Ballerina P’s G-Unit debut, Blood Money.  

Don’t playahate, donate!

Cam’s Press Conference

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006


From AHH:

Diplomat Records CEO Cam’ron will hold a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 25 to discuss the current feud his record aimed at Def Jam president Jay-Z, his new album and upcoming movie.

Right. Like I said in some comments over at Will’s site, Cam must think we’re real dense if he thinks we don’t realize a publicity stunt when we see one. I don’t doubt that his beef with Jay is authentic, but this whole stunt is so transparent. He claims that the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was the I Declare War concert and the revelation that it was him and the Dips that Hov was planning to air out.  To which I say: negro please. So Cam, you’re telling us that you knew about Jay’s plans since October but yet you waited until January, a month before your album release date to set it off? Come on Killa, we know you better than that. 

On another note, I was over at Cam’s publicist’s website checking out his press kit. Get a load of the first two paragraphs of his bio.

Typically thought of as a machismo-dominated culture, in 2004 hip-hop took an improbable turn when fans began to don a seemingly unmanly pink. The trend – which quickly crossed over from the urban community and into the mainstream – can be traced to a single source: platinum-selling street-favorite rapper and business mogul: Cam’ron.

To set himself apart from other rappers, Cam’ron donned nothing but pink to promote his 1.2 million-selling 2002 album Come Home With Me, even going so far as to purchase a custom bubble-gum pink Range Rover. Fans all over the world took note. The seed was planted, a trend born, but like a true leader, Cam’ron quickly moved on. After all, by that point, he had an empire to run.

Man, they broke the mold when they made this guy.

*Bonus: Cam’ron – I don’t write shit

Clinton Sparks & Kanye West – Touch the Sky

Monday, January 23rd, 2006


There’s been alot of buzz around the internet over this mixtape lately so I figured I’d up it. Now, this isn’t the best copy because the mp3′s aren’t tagged and the quality isn’t the best (although it’s definitely listenable). Of course your boy will up a better copy when he finds one. From what I’ve heard so far, it sounds pretty hot.

1 – Clinton Sparks Intro
2 – Kanye West Intro – Coronation [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
3 – Kanye West, Bump J & Sly Polaroid – Freestyle
4 – Pharrell & N.O.R.E – Yeah Nigga [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
5 – Busta Rhymes feat. Dr. Dre – Look Who [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
6 – D-Block feat. Sheek, Styles P & Jae Hood – Take Everything [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
7 – Diddy & Notorious B.I.G – Welcome To Bad Boy [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
8 – Kanye West – So Offensive [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
9 – Freeway feat. Jay-Z – R.O.C. Too Strong [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
10 – Notorious B.I.G – Rap Phenomenon Pt. II [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
11 – Lil’ Kim – Get Touched [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
12 – Kanye West – Blow Your Mind [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
13 – Nas & Jay-Z – Twin Towers [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
14 – D-Block feat. Styles P – Ready To Dump [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
15 – Slim Thug – Round Here [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
16 – D-Block feat. Sheek Louch – Set It Off [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
17 – Alicia Keys (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45 with Clinton Sparks)
18 – Ludacris & Shawnna – He Said, She Said [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
19 – Mike Jones & Slim Thug – H-Town [prod. by Tombstone & Clinton Sparks]
20 – N.O.R.E feat. Pharrell – Watch Me Now [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
21 – Kanye West – Sophomore Slump (Interlude)
22 – Busta Rhymes feat. Pharrell – Followers [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
23 – Q-Tip – Freestyle (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45 With Clinton Sparks)
24 – Kardinal Offishall – GFN [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
25 – Kanye West & Busta Rhymes – Love To Hate [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
26 – Peedi Crakk & Young Chris – Freestyle (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45) [prod. by Clinton Sparks]
27 – Papoose – Freestyle
28 – Remy Ma – Freestyle (Live On SmashTime Radio/Shade 45 With Clinton Sparks)
29 – Bossman – Untouchable [prod. by Clinton Sparks] (Baltimore)
30 – L.T. – Rain When Its Hot (Boston)
31 – Kanye West Outro
32 – SmashTime Radio // Get Familiar
33 – Edison Chen – Get Familiar Freestyle (CLOT, Hong Kong)
34 – Sway – No Doe, No Show (UK)  

Clinton Sparks & Kanye West – Touch the Sky

Nas Officially Signs to Def Jam

Monday, January 23rd, 2006


What kind of twilight zone are we in where a Jay-Z and Nas track dissing Dame and Cam is a possibility?

Nas signs to Def Jam 

Ghostface – Fishscale Album Cover

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006


Here’s the cover to Ghost’s upcoming album, Fishscale.  

*UPDATE: Fishscale sampler 

1. Be Easy [prod. Pete Rock]
2. Back Like That feat. Ne-Yo [prod. Xtreme]
3. Kilo feat. Raekwon [prod. Moss]
4. Big Girl [prod. Ghostface Killah]
5. Charlie Brown [prod. MF Doom] 

Big Mike-The Big Boy Game 10

Saturday, January 21st, 2006


Big Mike-The Big Boy Game 10

01 Cam’ron – He’s A Biter (Dissin’ Jay-Z)
02 Cam’ron – U Gotta Love It (Dissin’ Jay-Z)
03 Hell Rell – Ruger Rell
04 J.R. Writer – It’s J.R.
05 Clinton Sparks Feat. Sheek Louch, J-Hood & Styles P. – Take Everything You Got
06 Styles P. – My Favorite Drug
07 Sheek Louch – Fade Out
08 J-Hood Feat. Gravy – Crash The Party
09 Papoose Feat. Nas – Across The Tracks
10 M.O.P. Feat. 50 Cent – War Time
11 Mobb Deep – Let Y’all Live
12 Sheek Louch Feat. Bully – Gangsta Boogie
13 Jdea Feat. Styles P. – I Won’t Tell
14 Tre Williams Feat. Papoose – Livin’ In This World
15 J.R. Writer – Grill ‘Em
16 J.R. Writer – Writer’s Block One
17 J.R. Writer – Writer’s Block Two
18 Max B – Birdgang, Birdgang
19 Max B – Tell Me
20 Murda Mook & Smoke N Numbers – Get Whipped
21 Heat Freestyle
22 Nucci Reyo Feat. AZ – Jersey Clap
23 Snype Lyfe – Dump It Off
24 Venom – The Blackout 

Public Service Announcement

Friday, January 20th, 2006


Attention all part-time Hip Hop fans:

Regarding the Jay-Z Biter/Writer track, I have two points:

1. If you had never heard that compilation before, you need to step your rap game up for real, it’s been out for at least a year and a half. If you think that is something Cam thought up himself, then you need to turn in your hip hop membership card immediately.

2. If you listened to the Writer/Biter track and were at all surprised that those lines were not Jay’s original material, then you seriously need to step your rap game up. I can’t front, there were maybe 2 quotes that I wasn’t aware were "stolen" but other than that, most of those lines are from well known, if not classic, songs.

Exceptions: If you were born anytime after oh let’s say…1987, I’m willing to overlook your flagrant lack of hip hop knowledge because you were probably still playing with G.I. Joe/Barbie when most of those songs were in rotation. 

Thank you, carry on.

So M.O.P. Dissed Game Huh

Friday, January 20th, 2006


I was just listening to that Whip Your Head Boy Remix on the new Kay Slay and I noticed that Fame took a shot at The Game: 

"The 1st nigga to scream G-Unot to me, I’mma stomp your ass out with the Goretex Beef and Broccolis."

It’s a shame that these guys have fallen under 50′s influence. They have absolutely nothing to do with the Game/50 beef and they’re certainly not gonna prove anything by dissing him. Unlike Ballerina P and Hav, I’m willing to look past their G-Unit affiliation if they drop a dope album, but I’m not feeling these arbitrary disses.

Jay-Z: Beef Is Still Wack

Friday, January 20th, 2006


See now, putting a picture of Cam holding a gun next to an article about him and Jay’s beef is just uncalled for. Not that I think this publicity stunt has the potential to spill over into real life, but come on, that’s just weak. Anyway, at the end of the piece there’s an alleged quote from a "pal" of Jay:

"This is a one-sided feud," the pal tells us. "Cam’ron may hope there’ll be retaliation. But he’s a gnat. Jay doesn’t have any issues with him."

There’s also the following quote from an unnamed Def Jam rep: "Obviously, Cam’ron must have an album coming out soon."  On the one hand I feel like it would hurt Cam’s feelings more if Jay didn’t say anything, but the hood in me says, he went at wifey Hov, you need to handle ya business.

Studio Gangsta

Friday, January 20th, 2006


I thought this shirt was appropriate in light of this week’s events.

Studio Gangsta shirt @ Digital Gravel.