Nas diss to 50 – M.C. Burial


Wow. Nas fans are gonna fucking love me right now. Here it is the long awaited much anticipated Nas response to 50. This shit is fire…personally I don’t think its anywhere near Ether, but damn he tore Curt a new one. I know 50′s busy filming movies and hawking vitamin water and shit, but your boy better say something soon, and not no bullshit one line Piggy Bank shit either.  I heard he has a recording studio in his fucking movie trailer, so whats the problem? The hood don’t give a fuck if your filming a movie dog, right now your losing stripes.  I predict all sorts of shit talking and back in forth in the comments section so lets get it poppin.


"They say Jada defeated them/
Joe too street for them/
whats next, I guess its for nas to Ether them"

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13 Responses to “Nas diss to 50 – M.C. Burial”

  1. SEEMONSTER YBNasiswashedup Says:


  2. SEEMONSTER YBNasiswashedup Says:


  3. VesYBNVS Says:

    OH SHIT! a picture of NAS…

  4. lewis Says:

    calm down this was just the warning there will be more heat for G-unot. MC burial is no where near better than ether but its better than how to rob, piggybank, and backdown

    watch out for quan

  5. eskay Says:

    >>OH SHIT! a picture of NAS…

    Well he finally did something worthy of a picture.

  6. Gonnatakurfood Says:


  7. the shit Says:

    those who dont like nas can suck my dick

  8. meatcutta Says:

    Yo,Nas been holdin the crown.Jay used it for like a week.Nas ether the whole industry true takeover is coming,Thrust me

  9. youhateme Says:

    Nas need to sit down and shut up his old ass

  10. T. Okes Says:

  11. Boysie Says:

    Im sorry but for to long hip hop has been taken down the wrong road by the likes of 50 cent and his style of doing things, which about shallow rubbish all the basic stuff, girls, cars and money. which in my opinion is blah blah blah. Life is complicated and there is absolute beauty in the struggle of life! which Nas talks about

    I have been a fan of Nas for roughly about 2 years now and everything he does is Real and progressive compared to nearly everyone out there. Nas has my love, Luck and loyalty

  12. Boysie Says:

    No point hating, 50s doing his thing @ the end of the day 50 is a commerical puppet and Nas is ……………. erm………….. Not! have a good day or evening everyone

  13. Damian Says:

    Nas is the shit…50 is just a bitch who was trying to make so money by saying Nas name.. just like them dip set pussy try with Jay-Z tell them to say that shit to Beanie Sigel..

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