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Loop Library with Hannibal King

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

Queens producer/rapper Hannibal King is on the rise, and we’ve had our eye on him since he laced Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, and Joey Bada$$ with the beat for their Macadelic collabo “America” (he’s got another joint with Mac titled “CPR” that’s fire, too). In addition, he’s done stellar production for Odd Future’s Domo Genesis, and fellow Q-Borough up-and-comers World’s Fair.

Hannibal is currently prepping the release of his solo, self-produced rap project Floral Print, but since he’s still on his job making beats daily, we thought we’d tap him for our latest edition of Loop Library. Check out five choice loops from Hanni Fresh’s sample-based stash, the stories behind them, and the instrumentals that came as the result of them, below. And to all you MCs out there, holler at Hanni if you want that smack. This is just a taste.

1. Electro Keyboard Orchestra “The Soaring Seagull”

Hannibal King: “This was a YouTube dig that I randomly came across going through shit. Lately, I’ve gotten into YouTube digging, because it’s so at your hands. If you know what kind of music you’re looking for, it’s easy to dig that way.

“The sample was right in the beginning of the song. Honestly, there’s probably so many times that I miss out on samples because I don’t have the patience to go through a four minute song. Some of the illest samples are deep into the song. The [Pete Rock & CL Smooth] ‘T.R.O.Y.’ joint, that’s like a four second horn sample three minutes into the song. And that’s one of the illest beats of all-time.


“This was supposed to be the intro for my new rap album Floral Print. It fit, but then I decided it didn’t fit as the intro. It’s a simple loop, and there’s a chorus piece too that I took off. Then I played some synth over it to give it a little umph. The drums are so simple on this, just hi-hat, snare, and kick. Nothing fancy.”


2. Donald Byrd “Where Are We Going”

“This one is my shit. This is for this vinyl project I’m doing with Jabee, this dude from Oklahoma who recently signed to Murs’ new label, if he ends up using it. My Dad gave me all these crates years ago. His was the first set of vinyls I got. And I’m always randomly going back through them. And he had the Black Byrd vinyl. I heard this joint, and it was dope, but it was a bad copy on the vinyl, so I had to go online and try to find a higher quality version. But once I got it, this was one of my favorite beats to flip.


“It was cool, because I wanted to take the chorus and put it over the main piece that I sampled. So I filtered out the bass on the little intro chorus part, and it went right over it perfect. That’s one of my favorite things to do.”


3. Keith Droste “When You Come Along”

“This is from a library record. They used to have all these records in the ‘70s that you could use for background music, for movies and TV and shit like that. So Keith Droste used to do a lot of these library records. He plays the keys mostly, the Moog keyboard. That’s what he was big for.


“I kind of wanted this to work as a title track [for my Floral Print project] the same way [my joint] “Flowers for Pamela” worked, so I built it up with a drumless intro then brought the drums in. I wanted to keep it simple and more let the sample shine.”


4. The Isley Brothers “At Your Best (You Are Love)”

“I think I heard this through the day at some point, and sometimes I’ll write down something if I hear it and want to sample it later. I knew the song, and was probably walking around humming it, and one thing led to another, and I ended up sampling it. I never even heard the Aaliyah version until after I sampled this.


“Then I put the Wu-Tang sample over the chorus, when Ghostface raps, ‘You can have anything in this world except cream’ [on ‘Ice Cream.’] And with the drums, I just wanted to match the sample, and bring it out a little more. So many beats now don’t even use drums anymore. I have so many beats that I don’t even put drums on.”


5. MACHO “Mucho Macho (Part 1 & 2)”

“This is another one I found cruising YouTube. With this joint, I was in the mood to really chop some stuff up. I was listening to a lot of Alchemist, and I wanted to chop a sample up. It’s chopped up heavy in pieces, but it’s pretty much the same [sound that was on the original piece I sampled]. It’s only a couple days old.

“That [Macho Man vocal sample] is from one of his famous, tripped out on drugs [speeches]. I watch a lot of YouTube clips, and YouTube wrestling clips, and I have a whole folder of drops that I haven’t used yet from stuff I heard on YouTube, or if I hear it on the TV I’ll record it, or if I’m watching a movie and I hear something I’ll stop what I’m doing and cut it out. So when it was time to use the Macho Man one, I was like, ‘Oh, I know where to go.’


“This one has really light drums. I usually layer my drums crazy. But this one is real simple. I wanted to go with the beat, more than be on top of it. Then I played some synth over it to give it something. This is one of those beats I would just freestyle over. I don’t think it would ever be a song, but sometimes you’ve gotta make those joints.”


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