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Nas, Drake, Vince Staples & Isaiah Rashad – Sprite Obey Your Thirst Profiles (Trailer)

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Sprite will be plastering lyrics from the likes of Biggie, Nas, Rakim and Drake all over their soda cans this Summer for their Obey Your Verse campaign and in conjunction with FADER they’ve produced four profiles of Drizzy, Godson, Vince Staples and Isaiah Rashad to promote the initiative. Check out a teaser above featuring words from all four and hit the jump to check out a new TV spot shot at the Nas and Drake show in NYC back in February.


UPDATED with an additional trailer for the Drake segment below.

UPDATED with a new Nas profile trailer below.

UPDATED with a trailer for the Isaiah Rashad segment below.

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Father’s Day Feature: Rap Dads

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

The great Boston rapper Ed O.G. once told us, “Be a Father to Your Child.” And many of us young American males who grew up as hip-hop fans and are still immersed in the culture every day are out here trying our best to do just that. But being a father and a hip-hop fan at the same damn time ain’t always that easy. Rap music is loaded with adult content and constant references to sex, drugs, and violence. But when you strip that all away, the fundamental basis of it—beats and rhymes and scratches—is something that any age can enjoy. We all have memories of being too young to understand a rap song but still loving it. I had Run-D.M.C. and Fat Boys tapes in 2nd grade, and even though a lot of what they were saying probably went over my head, they were my most cherished possessions! And now that dudes like me are fathers, we are watching our kids experience that same joy and excitement we had when we first discovered hip-hop, and we happily share that bond with them.

Since this weekend is Father’s Day, we decided to explore the notion of hip-hop fatherhood in 2014 and reach out to a few friends of the site that all make a living in some way or another within hip-hop to ask them about their experiences raising their children as what we affectionately refer to here at NahRight as Rap Dads. And since eskay and I are both Rap Dads, we included ourselves in this one too. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Father’s Day!!

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Video: Keelay, Jern Eye & Kam Moye – HHO Artists of The Week

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Myx Music holds down the Artist of The Week slot this week with not one, but three artists this week. Keelay and Zaire drop their Ridin’ High project (out now) featuring Jern Eye and Kam. You can also check for new projects from Jern Eye and Kam later this year.

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