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Kanye West ft. Vic Mensa & Sia – Wolves (Full Rip)

Thursday, February 12th, 2015


Kanye officially unveiled the Yeezy Boost sneaker today with live streamed viewings of the event in 40 different locations around the globe. During the show, he premiered this new song featuring Vic Mensa and Sia.

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Shakira feat. KiD CuDi – Did It Again

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


From the US edition of She Wolf, dropping Nov. 23rd. Props to HHNM

Shakira feat. KiD CuDi – Did It Again

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Shouts to Sickamore

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Audio: Jay-Z Interview w/ DJ Semtex

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Here it is.

When asked about why he made a third “Blueprint” album, he said that he wanted to finish trilogy, like he did with the “In My Lifetime” series. As he’s said before, the first Blueprint was very much influenced by what he listened to growing up, but what he expanded on was the sound of the second one that wasn’t at all what people were expecting after having heard something like Blueprint. He tells Semtex Blueprint 2 was based on the sounds and influences of that moment, which is why he got artists like Lenny Kravitz and Sean Paul on there, to hold down both Rock and Reggae genres that were popping half a decade ago.

As for the albums features, he said that MGMT, Keed Coodie, Drake, Mr Hudson, Kanye West and Rihanna are on there for the moment, but all that can change by the time he has to hand it in. Production-wise, it sounds like the only beatmaker who’s secured a spot on there is Kanye because even Timbaland sounded uncertain. He said he spoke to Just Blaze last week, hopefully that’ll work out. Swizz Beats will possibly be on there and he said that he’s trying to work with Chase N Status of the UK. He’s been over there recording tracks too apparently (presumably working with Rihanna) and most recently to meet with Mike Kyser of Atlantic, and hand deliver the album.

He was asked about a possible “Takeover 2.0” and he said that he often considers it but then he decides against it. Semtex also asks him about his “we need a board” comments and about about Kanye’s blog and the nature of the Internets right now. He asks him if he reads any of the blogs and Jay admits that he goes through all of them in “spurts,” mentioning visiting Kanye’s, NahRight and AllHipHop. [7:20]

The interview then segues into a discussion about how that’s always something people wonder about artists of his caliber. Especially Jay, considering all we know about him and computers is that he did an ad for HP, Billie Gates is his peer, he uses an Apple (like that traitor Pharrell) and e-mails pictures to YN. He says that he might want to start his own website, but that like everything else he gets into, he’d like for it to be done the right way. And for the right price, we can make your site tighter…

Sad Really… when asked about J. Cole & Wale joining Roc Nation, Jay-Z says that Mickey Factz isn’t on the team. Ouch.

Lastly, the last matter they discussed was Jay’s favorite track on BP3 and he says it’s a record called “Empire State of Mind.” For the moment (the interview was conducted on Wednesday) no one was featured on it but Jay said that can change. With all the fuckshit you-know-who is going through right now, and the half of whatever empire he’s gonna be left with, we’ll see how that works out…

Props to Semtex. Follow @Semtex on Twitter in case he gets that call.

Jay-Z Has Excellent Taste in Websites

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


This comes moments after DJ Semtex interviewed Jay-Z earlier today while he’s doing his rounds over in the UK promoting the release of Blueprint 3. And after yesterday’s preview of his interview with Tim Westwood, landing him #1 on today’s Trending Topics – see below, you can imagine the kind of questions Sem asked him. Full interview drops Friday afternoon at 5pm, so make sure to come back for that. Shouts to DJ Semtex, the original bearer of good news.


UPDATE: Jay told DJ Semtex that he has a song called “Empire State of Mind” on Blueprint 3…

Nah Right Can Make Fabolous Step His Twitter Game Up

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


Complex recently spoke to Fabolous about a number of things: new rappers, if he’s peaked/fallen off, Joe Budden vs. Method Man, as well as a comment I made about the way he uses, or misuses, Twitter:

Complex: Nah Right recently said you should step your Twitter game up. What do you have to say about that?

Fabolous: Yeah? I don’t know! My Twitter is good! I have a lot of followers, maybe 80,000 followers. In what way did they mean step it up? Did they mean, like, step up my…

Complex: Maybe interact with the followers more? Tweet more?

Fabolous: ‘Cause when you have 80,000 followers, it’s hard to reply to everybody cause you get a lot of replies off it. Everything I send gets hundreds and hundreds of replies. So, I skim through sometimes and I’ma say this, when I actually check the replies back, it’s usually on…

Complex: Your BlackBerry?

Fabolous: No, the computer. Sometimes it freezes my BlackBerry up, like the Twitter cause I get so many, so it freezes it up, so I try to do less through here unless I really wanna see what somebody answers back to me, but…I’ll definitely try to step up my reply game, but I’m so busy and I get so many replies that it’s just hard for me. But Nah Right, since you blew me up for not replying, I’m gonna start replying a little bit more.

That wasn’t really what I said or what I meant either, but thanks, I guess. Make sure to follow Nah Right on Twitter. Check out the full interview here:

Fabolous Talks Dame Dash Parody, Old Throwback Collection & Loso’s Way

Hit the jump for footage of ALBe Back with Fabolous at the “Loso’s Way” video shoot, directed by BBGUN.

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NahRight in Complex x VIBE x GQ

Monday, June 8th, 2009


[In Dre’s defense, they asked for our five favorite posts and ended up only choosing one. Which might also explain how I ended up ghost-writing eskay’s favorite pick. Ha! Full-disclosure: Other than multiple favorite posts, I mentioned more names from the comments (and favorite rappers, and websites) than they posted but they only picked a few, so no shots guys.]

Check this out too:


^ This little thing is what that whole Vibe Magazine shitstorm was about, we got stuck on the bottom of a page and everyone wanted our fucking heads to roll. Although, it ended up being well worth it: #2 had a full page feature on that same exact page.

Also, since we never got around to it, here’s Nah Right featured in GQ:


Props to all these fine publications for recognizing game:

Complex | Vibe | GQ

Audio: Drake Interview w/ DJ Semtex Pt. 2

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Live from Hyde Park in London.

What Drake says in this clip is pretty inspiring. Its easy to see that he’s got the game clocked, and that he’s going to be around for a long time. In this clip, Drake talks on:

*The Net vs Consumers.
*Rapping Vs Acting.
*What he views as his own flaws.
*Taking his game to the movies.
*Smashing knocking down London women…..(on the next trip out here)

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