Video: Sean Price ft. Prodigy & Styles P – The 3 Lyrical Ps

The late Sean Price, Prodigy and Styles P get expertly animated by Paperface in the new visual for “The 3 Lyrical Ps” off that Imperius Rex LP. This is pretty great as far as cartoon Rap videos go, but little flourishes like the Barnum & Bailey truck, Prodigy’s mural and the Yonkers dock sign push it over the top.

Previously: Sean Price & Small Professor ft. Rock & DJ Revolution – Refrigerator P

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10 Responses to “Video: Sean Price ft. Prodigy & Styles P – The 3 Lyrical Ps”

  1. bboycult Says:

    “ So what you want the hawk or the 4,5 …and don’t you ask me bout no rappers they can all DIE! “ ……….mood (am I using that right?; quick somebody ask a sista or a gay bruh; cause Iont kno!)

  2. King James Says:

    Thoughts and prayers with Rawse!

  3. bboycult Says:

    New VINCE! tonite…..#GTFOMD …..timing is literally EVERYTHING!

  4. King James Says:

    Vince Staples had a top 3 project last year, continue run in 2018!


  5. spirit equality Says:

    RIP Elements of Music. Danielito project is dope.

  6. Brolic fonts Says:

    New yitty!


  7. Brolic fonts Says:

    Guess nahright is on spring break. Don’t drink too much

  8. pockets Says:

    RIP Craig Mack

  9. bboycult Says:

    Let me address the elephant… is unfortunate that there have to be ‘ thoughts and prayers ‘ and ‘ RIP’s ‘ posted under my immaculate 1st….and I regret NOTHING!

    With that said…. “ Just. Like. Uniblaaab; robotic kickin flab…” – Craig Mack

  10. King James Says:

    Eskay fucking up a new Drizzy remix just dropped that should be first page & first headline.

    Lil Dicky & Chris Brown video should be on the site as well.

    Rip Nahright

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