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Video: Sean Price ft. Prodigy & Styles P – The 3 Lyrical Ps

The late Sean Price, Prodigy and Styles P get expertly animated by Paperface in the new visual for “The 3 Lyrical Ps” off that Imperius Rex LP. This is pretty great as far as cartoon Rap videos go, but little flourishes like the Barnum & Bailey truck, Prodigy’s mural and the Yonkers dock sign push it over the top.

Previously: Sean Price & Small Professor ft. Rock & DJ Revolution – Refrigerator P

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438 Responses to “Video: Sean Price ft. Prodigy & Styles P – The 3 Lyrical Ps”

  1. bboycult Says:

    “ So what you want the hawk or the 4,5 …and don’t you ask me bout no rappers they can all DIE! “ ……….mood (am I using that right?; quick somebody ask a sista or a gay bruh; cause Iont kno!)

  2. King James Says:

    Thoughts and prayers with Rawse!

  3. bboycult Says:

    New VINCE! tonite…..#GTFOMD …..timing is literally EVERYTHING!

  4. King James Says:

    Vince Staples had a top 3 project last year, continue run in 2018!


  5. spirit equality Says:

    RIP Elements of Music. Danielito project is dope.

  6. Brolic fonts Says:

    New yitty!


  7. Brolic fonts Says:

    Guess nahright is on spring break. Don’t drink too much

  8. pockets Says:

    RIP Craig Mack

  9. bboycult Says:

    Let me address the elephant…..it is unfortunate that there have to be ‘ thoughts and prayers ‘ and ‘ RIP’s ‘ posted under my immaculate 1st….and I regret NOTHING!

    With that said…. “ Just. Like. Uniblaaab; robotic kickin flab…” – Craig Mack

  10. King James Says:

    Eskay fucking up a new Drizzy remix just dropped that should be first page & first headline.

    Lil Dicky & Chris Brown video should be on the site as well.

    Rip Nahright

  11. spirit equality Says:

    Boots Riley looks set to be the first rapper to direct a film that wins serious film awards with “Sorry To Bother You,” due out this July. LaKeith Stanford (Get Out, Atlanta), Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Creed), Stephen Yeun (Walking Dead), Armie Hammer, Danny Glover, and more star in an absurdist comedy about a Black man who strikes it rich as a telemarketer when he perfects his “white phone voice.” Trailer is hilariously weird. Also, on the power move front, Black entrepreneur Byron Allen just bought the Weather Channel for $300 million. No joke, hit up a search engine and fact check me.

  12. spirit equality Says:

    ps: Boots Riley is from the group The Coup, who had minor underground level success in the 90s and kept putting out records up until recently, before the untimely death of key member DJ Pam (one of the few women to compete heavily in DJ competitions that I ever heard of). Boots was also in a group with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine called Street Sweeper Social Club. Their Paper Planes rework was kinda cool.

  13. Mark Ward Says:

    Pass the brand on, or at least get some new people to post. That would take less of your time, and allow for more of the great features. Please email me.

  14. Paul Says:

    Eskay, if Nah Right is over could you please at least let us know? I’ve been going to NR daily since like 2006 and this just feels like a slap in the face.

  15. Daveyandyjoey Says:

    Wtf happened to this site. I check this shit everyday since ‘08. Where’s Eskay???

  16. King James Says:

    Eskay, post them Sir Michael Rocks day to day series videos.


  17. Meta-4 Says:

    I lost my virginity with Nah Right opened on my desktop. #RIP

  18. spirit equality Says:

    Sean Price completists: new posthumous collabo album with Illga Ghee (Mobb Deep affiliate) Metal Detectors EP. Out now on Duck Down. Came out a week ago, I think.

  19. King James Says:

    The Weeknd – Hurt You>>>>>

  20. spirit equality Says:

    Roxanne Roxanne biopic on Netflix was dope. The Nas cameo alone makes it worth watching. Actress who played Roxanne killed it. Maherahala Ali played his first evil character and really stole the show.

  21. Casket Face Says:

    Man…dudes fucked up so many opportunities to make Nah Right the ultimate hip-hop site.

    It’s a shame too, Nation had the Drake plug. Eskay had some decent clout among hip-hop D-listers. SMH.

    I tried to restore the feeling in the comment sections for YEARS!
    It’s a known fact that many showed up JUST for the comments.

    I could’ve been Nah Right’s very own “objective hater.”
    Niggas ain’t wanna let me in the fold, the right way.

    Nah Right’s downfall ultimately came down two hard-headed and OVERZEALOUS niggas not taking care of business behind the scenes.

    If you sift through 13 years of comments, you’ll see, laced in my fuckery were gems they ignored over the YEARS for foolish and prideful reasons.

    Everyone else took notice and got the bag… Rap Radar, 2DopeBoys, Miss Info, Worldstar, all those people and more. Even Drake and Wale done came up and fell off, then came up again, and kinda falling off now…but still gained from Nah Right.

    …and Nation’s claim to fame was being Drake’s unofficial weed carrier.
    Eskay probably went back to the Shire or Bree…somewhere in Middle-earth.

    Damn… all y’all had to do was break bread and stop being low-key hoe ass niggas behind the scenes. I could’ve had this place where it should’ve been.


  22. gramMasta Says:

    * leaves dutches by Nah shrine*
    * salutes the lurk kingdom*
    * bends corner*

  23. Danny Ocean Says:


  24. spirit equality Says:

    Drake fell off how? His last two records took off like usual.

  25. Casket Face Says:

    @spirtual equality

    Nah, I mess with Drake. Just not heavy as I once did. The last song of his with HONEST replay value was “Can’t Have Everything.”

    It was very honest and reminiscent of “mixtape Drake,” had that pre-SFG vibe.

    But now this nigga clearly has a messiah complex…”God’s Plan?”

    He don’t know it yet, but he’s an old head without the Jay-Z clout. Youngins have moved on, and there’s too large of an age gap.

    All of us his age are either married, engaged, parents, or are in the critical moments of career and life goals. So who is he rapping for or to?

    That’s what’s killing Ye right now, he has no core fanbase with that push to validate or sustain him.

    I also noticed that you didn’t inquire about Wale… I mentioned Wale and Drake because they were at the starting line at the same time. Wale falloff was because he wasn’t aware that he can’t treat fans and listeners like shit. He thought that Rick Ross stimulus was gonna last forever.

    Drake hasn’t fell off in the sense that he’s broke, but like Ye…his star power is declining and without Ye’s timeless body of work. He was making young boy songs like he’s gonna be 21 years old forever.

    Being single and 31 years old only rappin’ about smashing down broads and being affiliated with street niggas (dead or alive) comes off as weird and creepy…even to young niggas, and dudes who’ve crossed that 25-year-old threshold.

    Long story short…it’s kinda over for Drizzy, now would be a good time to invest in sports, TV or film. As far as music…niggas ain’t really checkin’ for Drake like that.

    Not like I’m waiting for his downfall…I hope he continues to get money, and maybe surprise us with something for this summer. But like I said, it’s over.

    As far as Nation goes, what clout can he leverage? Maybe a podcast, or sharing some Drake tales. But he could’ve used the clout to push Nah into the new era. It’s a wrap as Drake’s weed carrier past 2018…that shit would be kinda embarrassing.

    I also told niggas on this very site a few years ago…Complex wasn’t the right move. They all laughed. No hate to Complex, but I saw then what’s proven to be true right now.

    Nah Right was/is razors, blunts, and rolling papers…Complex is bongs, hookahs, vapes. They follow trends, not make them.

    Niggas could’ve made the same bread by having a column in New York Times or the weekend magazine. And still kept their integrity, hell, Revolt would probably fuck with Nah right now.

    But who knows? I know for sure that whatever this place was and the power it has is GONE. Like Wale’s career, and Drake’s universal appeal. It’s a wrap for all that.

  26. Brolic fonts Says:

    Shun prolly still get residual ad moneys forever. It’s all good, good post to end it on.

  27. King James Says:

    Drake is the GOAT. That new song and video is a banger.

    Side note who was the Rory of the Nahright C-Section?

  28. R.J.Orion Says:

    whats good?

  29. bboycult Says:

    I didn’t want to but I gotta leave this one right here….allowing Complex and their Bitchlord/Noah CB (lil Lyor @ Def Jam…he better not open one dick sucking lip to Vince/BLACKSMITH) to co-opt the hiphop digital landscape is EXACTLY Bob Johnson selling BET to Viacom ….time and time again New Boss/Same as Old Boss.

    HipHopdx giving Lil Xan pub and faux-critique…is what soulless hoes are doin in 2018

    Real Headz go Zero Dark like Killmongers ancestors (I guess) …..R.I.P. Egotripland, STRESS mag, Elemental mag, Mass Appeal (Boudicon Army edit) and Nah (?) Right?

  30. spirit equality Says:

    @casket face

    The numbers don’t lie. Drake’s streaming numbers now are as high as they’ve ever been, while his YouTube views in the latter part of his career are even higher than they used to be. He’s the last bonafide Star in rap. Nobody after that guy can sell out arenas like him. Launch a Drake arena tour and a Migos summer tour at the same time and who is gonna sell more tickets? Drake can tour without anyone else. A Migos arena tour would be lucky to sell half the available seats. Drake came before a lot of these new acts and he is going to outlast them, as much as you would like that not to be the case. I was watching a 6ix9ine interview and he was bragging about having five hits in the Top 100. Meanwhile Drake probably is closing in on 50 appearances on the Top 100, if not more. And if 6ix9ine did a Madison Square Garden show, he would be blessed by God if it were half full. None of these new guys are even close to Drake in terms of popularity. You can’t be serious.

    Wale was never as popular as Drake. Lotus Flower Bomb was probably his most successful song and that pales in comparison to the number of radio spins and YouTube views of Drake’s average streaming numbers per song. Even on MMG, Wale appeared second to Meek in terms of popularity (and Ross, of course).

  31. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Site died a terrible death

    Rip Nah

  32. R.J.Orion Says:

    Eskay is resilient as fuck though…Son still posting content to a seemingly empty room…its like one of those doomsday movies where some global catastrophy has wiped out all known civilization, but somehow somewhere, theres this radio station that keeps broadcasting over the airwaves…

  33. Casket Face Says:

    @spirit equality

    Again, niggas ain’t checking for Drake like they used to. His fanbase is maturing. The males are too old to be stannin’ for a 31-year-old MALE. The females are beginning to concentrate more on their careers or MARRIAGE.

    It’s the same with Prince, Michael Jackson, or Madonna…even Britney Spears.
    No one isn’t saying that we’re gonna stop supporting him novelty-wise. Drake is a permanent staple in music, period.

    But by the same token, as I stated before, like Kanye, he’s in a weird transition right now as far as demand goes. Both of them have to weather the storm as Jay-Z did. A better example, as Wu-Tang did.

    Wale didn’t do that, therefore his fanbase wasn’t loyal enough to carry him through another era or music. I never compared to two, I just stated that they BOTH started on the same line and Drake outran them all.

    …also, if you didn’t get the memo, Youtube views mean nothing. Honestly, streaming means nothing also. For instance, which album is Jay-Z gonna be remembered for, Reasonable Doubt or 4:44? The medium doesn’t matter, what matters is whether or not the artist can pack seats. Also, if the artist can market their influence into other profitable lanes (TV, movies, sports, etc).

    I’ve already stated that if Drake wants now would be the time. But trying to be yougin’ rapper after 30 is career suicide. At some point, you gotta become an OG.

    Drake and Ye were always the industry’s “lil homies.” Just when Ye undoubtedly wore the crown, he decided to be a family man and start buggin out on some latent quarter life crisis shit after 35. Mark my words, if Drake doesn’t come up with a game changer soon, he’s gonna meet the same fate.

    If Ye has anything left in the tank…it’s gonna be received like “Rocky 6 (that Rocky Balboa movie).” Maybe in a few years, he can have his “Creed” shine.

  34. Cold Says:


  35. Brolic fonts Says:

    I heard Eskay ended nahright because he knew about WWIII. I see you bruh, 3rd eye 👁 opened

  36. Brolic fonts Says:

    Casket, you can’t be serious. Drake’s buzz is bigger than ever before in his career. Worldwide pop star. Just ask Eskay. Objectivity is your friend.

  37. Brolic fonts Says:

    Like old times, this post is about to go double wood! Good times.

  38. R.J.Orion Says:

    1st time i heard the Comeback Season mixtape, i knew Drake would be king one day…i tried to hate on Wheelchair Jimmy b4 i actually heard him rap…but his presence and songwriting skills were obvious from day one….alotta niggas can rap, but songwriting is a lost art… its more than just catchy beats and hooks…

  39. Danny Ocean Says:

    James Harden tho >>>>

  40. Danny Ocean Says:

    Harden’s signature step back 3 gotta be one of the filthiest moves in the entire league. jesus.

  41. cOLD Says:

    Say word?

    It’s this the beginning of the new Nah
    Or are these the quiet rumblings before death.

    It’s still Nas >>>>

  42. cOLD Says:

    I know these were the sharpest minds on the net. And a lot of what we started here is/was the cornerstone and blueprint for these niggas running with the globe.

    Ye should all be proud

    The transparency gawd gave a lane for niggas to comment with candor which was a supplement to culture… but I digress

    Sup my niggas.

  43. Danny Ocean Says:

    Ben Simmons a jump shot away from owning the league. 6’10 PG who jumps center for his team to start games off. LMAO.

  44. Danny Ocean Says:

    Most of Nah migrated over to the likes of Twitter, which is cool I suppose.

    Shit just ain’t quite the same though.

    Nah >>>

  45. cOLD Says:

    Shit just ain’t quite the same though.

    Nah >>>

    ^ co

  46. R.J.Orion Says:

    yeah Danny Ocean, both James Harden and Ben Simmons are the truth…

    *daps cOLD*

    Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap…best hiphop lp out right now, or in a while…

  47. King James Says:


    What’s your opinion on the Hov and David Letterman sit down convo?

  48. King James Says:

    Hope Jermaine delivers a solid project on Friday, his last album was garbage.

  49. Casket Face Says:

    @Brolic Fonts

    You think because Drake made a little hoodrat anthem for scorned shea butters, misandrist lesbians, and white privileged SJW’s to dance to that he’s gonna eat off that song for the next 10 years?

    That bullshit is gonna be forgotten by Fall 2018… K. Dot just won a fuckin’ Pulitzer and y’all still frontin’ on “Man Man.”

    Any female championing Drake’s “Nice For What” raises red flags for me.
    Only reason females ridin’ with that bullshit is because they think he’s “cute” and “light-skinned.”

    I thought it was bugged that none of them bitches in the video was dick riding Kendrick’s and SZA’s “All The Stars.”

    The song was really driving the black solidarity and agency point home… let’s not forget Issa Rae is Senegalese and Tiffany Haddish is Eritrean. The song was on the soundtrack for one of the biggest majority black films in the history of cinema.

    But K. Dot don’t get the love Drake gets because a lot of black women suffer from the effects of colorism and inferiority.

    Sure Issa Rae threw Kendrick’s music on her little show that’s probably gonna get canceled after this season, but she stays dick riding Drake. Even said on the show “he understands us.” But yet Kendrick is in her city, and can’t get a bigger shout out or cameo on her show? As much as he does for BLACK WOMEN?!?!

    Let’s not forget all the Drake songs that are misogynist! We’re talking about a decade of disrespecting women…it’s funny none of that shit gets brought up in the “#MeToo” era, but Kendrick been championing for black women his whole career…but Tracee Ellis Ross and the rest of them hoes wanna do cameo’s for Drake little pandering video that looks like a try-hard Maybelline commercial.

    That’s what I hate about this women’s movement…they act like all niggas are bad. But the sad part is black men are out here hurting the most, shot by police, rail-roaded by the justice system, discouraged by mainstream America, and somehow they gotta still find a way. And NOOOONE of them hoes in the video are willing to hold a good “brotha” down while he tries to make something of himself…the WHITE ONES in the video too! Yet they wanna promote this “not black women, all women” bullshit when all women ain’t fucking with black men…definitely not trying to uplift them.

    …and Drake is adding fuel to the fire with his bullshit ass “love these hoes” anthems. And the only reason he gets away with it is that they think he’s “cute” and “light-skinned.”

    That’s another reason why niggas don’t really fuck with him like that anymore.

    Again, I messed with his older stuff, and “Can’t Have Everything” is knocking…but Drake gets off way too easy for shit that other males get crucified for. And if I can easily and OBJECTIVELY make this criticism, what do you think corporate niggas are saying about this?

    Like I said, he’s kinda done…he needs to be looking to go back to acting, or get into sports management or be a celebrity sports analyst. Because after “Nice For What,” no real niggas are gonna go near him.

    DMX called that shit too, on some pitbull canine detection shit …”I don’t like his face.”

    And this dude made a song with “What these bitches want from a nigga” in the lyrics, and still got love…think he went like 10x platinum.

    …think about that.

  50. spirit equality Says:

    YouTube views are counted towards sales and generate revenue. They mean a lot, especially since Billboard started accounting for streaks in chart placement. As for filling seats, no other rapper in Drake’s generation can sell seats like him. Kendrick and Drake are about it as far as young guys who can sell out arenas, Cole is pretty strong in the touring area too.

    Name a new young guy or girl who is even close to Drake. Cardi B is having a good year. Migos has had a good short run. But compared to the numbers Drake is doing? LOL.

    As a side note, Kendrick just won a Puitizer and both Cole and Drake are coming with new records in April and June, respectively.

  51. King James Says:

    The Weeknd is up there with Drake.

  52. Casket Face Says:

    @King James

    I think that Jay-Z episode of “My Next Guest…” was probably the most candid interview Jay-Z has ever done.

    There’s a feeling that he’s getting groomed for the roundtable of rich & powerful old men.

    That Kalief Browder segment touches on this conversation about Drake’s “Nice For What.”

    Just think, if that brotha was alive to see Marvel Black Panther at the theater with friends and loved ones. To see this current explosion of black excellence. But he lived in the world that I and millions of black men do. We’re beat the fuck down mentally and physically by society, police, the justice system, and have no role models.

    So when us niggas grow up hating everything, trained to not trust women or men and decide that America doesn’t give a fuck about us…we’re crucified for our faults and shortcomings when America can’t figure out why we can’t FULLY integrate into mainstream America. In turn, society only then tolerates a few successful black men and exceptions to allow that platform that Jay-Z had to discuss social issues the way he did on Letterman. In fact he spoke on this with Letterman as well, around the time he discussed Meek Mill.

    Meek Mill > Drake

    Left Hollywood > Anything Drake recently put out.

    See how Drake can make songs like “Stay Schemin,” talk about how hitters he associates with met their unfortunate end…basically talk about things that would get a regular nigga killed for speaking on. Then turn around and be the spokesperson or “pet” for these fake ass “woke” celebrity black bitches.

    But then you have songs like “Left Hollywood,” were is CRYING “we ain’t have no guidance” in the lyrics…and they lock this nigga us.

    Kendrick can’t even get a cameo on Issa Rae’s show or a cameo from her in his videos, but they quick to “coon” for these clueless mainstream SJWs with this “woman power” bullshit that never comes to rescue of black males.

    My point is that not everyone is Jay-Z…but every American should have that same respect and platform he had on that Letterman show. And the truth is, black men just don’t have that. Honestly, I never heard Drake really speak on this either. But he’s quick to let you know he’s Jewish though, quick to jump on jack other people’s waves…quick to adopt Carribean influence and dialect in his music, and even quicker to use Carribean slang to say some “gangsta” shit…but he never speak on the issues of violence in the black community (Caribbean included).

    But watch, when Kendrick and Cole and the rest of the world get our shit together as BLACK MEN…Drake gonna corny as fuck acting like he been on that wave since the beginning…all that “Twitter fingers” fame gonna bite him in the ass when Meek gets out WITH THAT JAY-Z STAMP and CO-SIGN.

    …like I said, dude better work on a better way to pack them seats full of sell-out black women, shea butters, and that cult of hoodrats brainwashed by “Nice for What”…because when THE FEELING GETS RESTORED, Drake is OUT.

    Sure, he’s gonna be a staple. But when we FINALLY have that REAL moment IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY he’s gonna be looking funny in the light. Every real nigga gonna remember this “Nice For What” song.

    We already see this women movement cannibalizing itself…when they thought Hillary was gonna win THEY DIDN’T GIVE TWO SHITS about us. Then when Trump came through with that win, the feminist movement wanted to act like they were down for us.

    People wish to think all this isn’t connected to the music…but as Jay-Z just pointed out on Letterman, it actually is.

    So as I stated, Youtube views mean nothing…if real niggas don’t stamp that shit, then the days of your career are numbered. People forget that we’re the tastemakers of this shit…even after it’s gentrified by culture vultures. Our finger always on the pulse.

    Again, I don’t want people thinking I hate Drake…but on some real shit, dude vibe and equilibrium ain’t where it should be, and that’s gonna affect his star power.

    Just like Kanye.

  53. Danny Ocean Says:

    Casket >

  54. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Parking Lot Music>>>>>>

    Shout out/Rip Hw



  55. King James Says:

    Casketface what’s your opinion on Logic?

  56. King James Says:

    Rip Blandon

  57. Casket Face Says:

    As far as 3’s…

    Ray Allen > James Harden

    Ray Allen > Steph Curry

    Ray Allen > Kobe

    SIDENOTE: why are the Knicks such a disappointment year after year?

  58. cOLD Says:

    People forget that we’re the tastemakers of this shit…even after it’s gentrified by culture vultures. Our finger always on the pulse.

    ^ this

    *daps RJ, tkf, Danny Ocean, and the rest of youse*

  59. cOLD Says:

    good to see these old screen names

    hope everyone is doing well.

    RJ do you still feed the stray cats in your yard?

  60. cOLD Says:

    Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap…best hiphop lp out right now, or in a while…

    ^ I gave this a spin, but the replay value wasn’t there for me. That being said he’s very smart and business oriented. He’ll be aight

  61. cOLD Says:

    Halona Vog

    ^ thank me later.

  62. R.J.Orion Says:

    RJ do you still feed the stray cats in your yard?


    nah fam…that one joint we had named Milo just came up missing one day and we never saw her again…we have 2 Yorkshire terriers now, so no strays allowed anymore… I do miss that cat though… lol that you remembered that, of all things……

  63. hip hop cops Says:

    n**gas is gay b

  64. R.J.Orion Says:

    3 pointers??

    NOBODY > steph curry

    re: the Knicks??…all teams go through cycles of instability and suffering, its just magnified and dissected 24/7 in New York because of N.Y.s rep as the mecca of basketball and the media capital of the world… but the Knicks will be alright going forward with the current administration…the Phil Jackson era set tham back for a minute…plus they waited too long to hire him…by the time Phil came to N.Y., he was a senile, bitter 70 old man whose young trophy wife had just kicked him to the curb…. he gave zero fucks about rebuilding the Knicks…falling asleep during scouting meetings, never travelling with the team, no connection or relationship with the N.Y. media…it was like he was willingly sabotaging his own legacy, career and reputation…so that set the Knicks back…and this Porzingis cat is apparently made of delicate china…if you best players cant stay on the court you have no shot…but that said, I believe in the brothers running the show now…we’ll see…

  65. pockets Says:

    Yo wheres Two Times at, I got some unfinished business with you motherfucker

  66. pockets Says:

    Can’t believe we used to refresh a page to talk to each other, that shits the equivalent of sending a telegram

  67. Casket Face Says:

    All I know is, I remember the exact moment “Linsanity” was over …Lin was never the same after KG blocked one of his attempts. He put fear in that man.

    The Knicks was supposed to get that chip… Lin wasn’t down for the cause though.

    2013 was the end of the Knicks’ chapter. They haven’t been to the playoffs since.

  68. King James Says:

    case Lin closed (c) Chea

  69. King James Says:

    Land you still a Yankees Stan? Stanton & Judge?

  70. Casket Face Says:

    @King James

    Logic tries. But the message he’s trying to push ain’t something I could respect from a 28-year-old.

    Can’t really trust no mixed person that be trying too hard to convince you to see that they’re part caucasian.

    The struggle too real for black folks…ain’t nothing wrong with interracial, it’s just that some people minds ain’t strong enough to withstand white supremacy and retain their identity as blacks.

    I feel bad for dude, he big upped his Caucasian wife on “Black SpiderMan” and she had other niggas sliding in her DM’s. Plus, he sounded like he put everything he had into that song. Sure, he might be getting the bag…but that shit sound like he just discovered the power of blackness yesterday. Even if it’s one drop.

    All I know is if you got mixed sons and they not sounding like J. Cole in G.O.M.D…your DNA wishes it was white too.

    J. Cole G.O.M.D >>>>

    If you mixed and trying to appeal to your whiteness, I can’t trust you.

    This shit is science…your DNA is gonna do what it’s designed to do.

    Look at Mariah…she got that bag, but when it was time to procreate, she chose black.

    I fuck with the Rock, but this nigga be really trying too hard to sell that Samoan wave…his daddy is BLACK!

    Obama…this nigga book Dreams of My Father got some gems. Especially when he talks about the time he was in college and joined the black political activist clubs. He remembers how most the black militants were pushing that pro-black wave but when it came down to it, they really wasn’t down like that. Dropping out of college, fucking up, and not really doing the knowledge to be able to confront white supremacy.

    Again, ain’t nothing wrong with interracial…but who you fucking not really supposed to affect your view of the systematic control and subjugation of a social group. Remember, race is made up shit anyway. That shit is all MENTAL. And if your mind ain’t strong enough to make that distinction, then you’re an inherently weak ass nigga, or bitch. You’re psychologically damaged if you think that fucking someone of another skin color is gonna make you somehow transcend the mental and physical mistreatment and assault on your existence.

    You see this a lot with Asians. Also shea butter fake woke black bitches too.
    Think fucking a white man makes them exempt from the struggle.

    But then there are the racially ambiguous looking niggas who can “pass” for Caucasian. I can’t trust them types of niggas if they don’t have a black woman on their arm. I know it sounds kinda contradictory, considering there’s nothing wrong with interracial, but the fact that these niggas don’t have to DEFEND their choice says a lot about their character…because RACISM is a social construct, and if you’re willing to watch an entire group of people suffer, and do nothing about it, but still recognize that you’re happily “passing” for white…then you a fuck nigga, period. You can’t trust those types.

    If you preaching about the struggle for profit, and ain’t really doing nothing for the cause, that shit is deceitful. But you if never cared about the cause to begin with, and you out here fucking non-black, just to fuck non-blacks…do your thing, but don’t be surprised when you find out no one fucks with you.

    Halsey another one, she’s cute and all that, but I can’t trust any female hustling blackness but stay fucking white niggas. The fact that her father ain’t in her ear about that shit lets you know he’s no real nigga.

    Sad to say, that’s the case for Paris Jackson too. Mike was the fucking MAN! But he wasn’t no real nigga, sorry.

    I was disappointed in Kanye too…I thought he was gonna show niggas another way. But this nigga, not the chosen one either.

    Shit is crazy, but it all makes sense on a higher plane of consciousness.

  71. Paul Says:

    So has it actually been confirmed anywhere that Nah Right is dead? Eskay doesn’t seem to update his twitter – I can’t find anything anywhere… Did Eskay die or something?

  72. R.J.Orion Says:

    just realized this thread was posted March 2nd, thats over two months ago… all jokes aside, i hope Eskay is well… life is so temporary, and its humbling to think that some of the people we’ve interacted with in the past may no longer even be in the physical form… so its cool to see some familiar screen names…im even glad to see wack niggas like Kid Frankie still breathing…i guess that HIV positive diagnosis you received back in 2008 wasnt a death sentence after all…

  73. Danny Ocean Says:

    Can’t believe we used to refresh a page to talk to each other, that shits the equivalent of sending a telegram


    This though.

  74. cOLD Says:

    Don-Q is probably my favorite “new school” rappers

    What’s y’all thoughts 💭 on Dave East ?

  75. cOLD Says:


  76. Casket Face Says:

    Dave East – Wanna Be Me >>>>>

  77. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    *swing and a miss*

    “She”ther so better Land that was pretty pathetic

  78. Danny Ocean Says:

    Nipsey Hussle > Dave East

  79. cOLD Says:

    Nipsey Hussle > Dave East

    ^ 🤔

    Tough one. Both dope to me, but I have yet to run any of their songs back.
    The listenability for me is limited.

  80. Danny Ocean Says:



  81. R.J.Orion Says:

    “Loaded Bases” – Nipsey Hussle >>>>

  82. Danny Ocean Says:

    Nipsey Hussle feat. Dom Kennedy “Double Up” >>>

  83. R.J.Orion Says:

    “Million Dollars While You Young” – Nipsey Hussle

  84. cOLD Says:

    Roff. These niggas picked up where they left off at.
    For anyone who cares. I’m glad to announce I did finally leave the gig and have been doing my own thing for a few years now.

    Since this is a reunion of sorts it’ll be nice to know if y’all still in the same field or decided to pursue your dreams. That cubi life wasn’t for me anymore par.
    I would hope casket is writing for some digital publication – what with his penchant for stringing coherent words together.

    What says you?

  85. cOLD Says:

    I wonder if Shellz is still rapping
    Or if remix married the immigrant girl
    Or if el feces crazy
    Or if Plug has clean water in Detroit

  86. cOLD Says:



    ^ check out his flex freestyle

  87. Casket Face Says:

    Kayne West is on Twitter right now proving that the value of social media is precarious.

    Meanwhile, there’s more activity surrounding him on blogs and forums.

    Wish these PR people and overpaid social media strategist would understand that.

    Blue check marks next to your name mean absolutely nothing anymore.

    It’s a dub for celebrity influence through social media after 2018.

    We’re moving towards an era where you really gotta reach people through your craft or talent.

    Announcements on social are becoming worthless.

    These rap niggas better start showing love to blogs and forums again, soon.

  88. cOLD Says:

    This marriage shit skressful though 👀.

  89. cOLD Says:

    Your followers determine your dollar amount, not your talent. Sad but true.

  90. Danny Ocean Says:

    I’m glad to announce I did finally leave the gig and have been doing my own thing for a few years now.

    my nigga jumped ship. thriving with a new independent hustle.

    inspiring. kudos brother.

  91. Danny Ocean Says:

    cOLD how are your 2 sons doing? they picking up any interests in sports, or the arts?

  92. Casket Face Says:


    Remember the celebrities caught up in that scandal where social media purged their fake followers?

    It’s to the point there was even a discussion opened up about this on Homeland.

    There are tech companies now capable of swaying the trends in social media and influencing hashtags and timelines.

    There are so many rappers and influencers with garbage music and opinions going viral, but they’re not generating the revenue or activity that reflect their numbers.

    Hell, look at the 2016 election. Look at the backlash still being discussed two years later.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…even Backpage caught that fade.

    We’re moving toward independent journalism in terms of news, and influencers have become the new medium for entertainment and fashion news.

  93. joffe jo Says:

    Gat damn this shit is dead in here wtf happened what up rug dealer, where the english man at? what happened to Nah

  94. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    *daps cold*

    Applaud that move brotha real shit

    Cubi life>><<<

  95. cOLD Says:

    kudos brother
    ^ thanks bro.
    Danny sons playing basketball right now actually.

    Thanks tkf. Respeck

  96. cOLD Says:

    or the arts?

    Had them drawing at an early age. They still play around sketching anime characters lol. BTW death note Anime >>>

    For the most part they’re well rounded respectable young men.

    Danny how’s your venture coming along?

  97. cOLD Says:

    We’re moving toward independent journalism in terms of news, and influencers have become the new medium for entertainment and fashion news.

    ^ I concur

  98. Danny Ocean Says:


  99. Danny Ocean Says:

    Danny how’s your venture coming along?

    i’ma email you gawd

  100. Danny Ocean Says:

    just realized this thread was posted March 2nd, thats over two months ago… all jokes aside, i hope Eskay is well… life is so temporary, and its humbling to think that some of the people we’ve interacted with in the past may no longer even be in the physical form

    co-sign having no other choice but to assume the worst whenever someone stops posting/tweeting/updating their social media pages

  101. Brolic fonts Says:

    There was a nahright tweet in April, yeah hope bro is ok

  102. verses Says:

    *returns like its circa 2009*

    *daps England Rep, Shoter and the Aus contingent*

    *argues about Jay Electronica*

    *daps HL*


    and oh pause on all that dappage.

  103. verses Says:

    *daps England Rep, Shoter and the Aus contingent*

    *shooter not shoter*

    Carry on.

  104. Casket Face Says:

    co-sign having no other choice but to assume the worst whenever someone stops posting/tweeting/updating their social media pages


    So no one knows if he’s good? Not even none of the New Music Cartel?

  105. R.J.Orion Says:

    King James Says:
    April 18th, 2018 at 10:14 am
    Land you still a Yankees Stan? Stanton & Judge?


    yessir… still not feeling the Joe Girardi firing and Aaron Boone hiring tho… Girardi was a classic old school tough guy, with a proven track record for winning, takes them to game 7 of the AL championship, and then gets fired???…and replaced by someone with zero experience?..”HOW?! SWAY”

  106. R.J.Orion Says:

    Dave East seems like he’s a better live performer, than he is at making records…he’s kinda ill tho…

  107. Casket Face Says:

    Possible Cole vs Kanye?

    Somebody, please talk to Ye…he doesn’t want them problems.

  108. King James Says:

    Kanye sending shots?

  109. Casket Face Says:

    According to CTG, Ye feels Cole sneak disses him.

    Honestly that South Park gay fish episode with Ye was spot on.

    Cole just says shit that probably hits home for Ye.

    Like on “Everybody Dies” or “False Prophets”

    But Ye not dealing with the same Cole from years ago.

    …he will EAT Ye alive.

    Everybody Dies >>>

    …stray shots from the .50cal! Ye just don’t want it.

  110. King James Says:

    I bet Kanye wishes he still had the demographics of fans that Cole has. He might be jealous of that too.

  111. Casket Face Says:

    The crazy part about it, I was just saying that in this thread.

    Ye should be rebranding himself for the demo he wishes to reach.

    Problem is that he keeps fucking up by not realizing times have changed.

    All the kids (including myself) that fucked with Ye are grown ass people now.

    Most of us don’t care about high fashion anymore or social capital.

    His music should reflect that. Like maybe “Father Stretch My Hands.”

    And that song is nothing with Cudi btw.

    Cole and Kendrick build their own lanes. They both are honest in their blackness.

    Ye is struggling with his blackness, on some “I’m not black, I’m O.J.” shit.

    Forces himself to talk like a telemarketer in interviews, pretending black problems don’t affect him anymore. All his non-black fans turned on him, and his black fans can’t relate anymore. Now this nigga on Twitter jackin’ Jaden Smith’s “prophet tweets” persona. Nigga, YOU-ARE-40-WITH KIDS!

    Rap about being 40 with kids! Rap about how without your mother you feel lost! Rap about fall of GOOD MUSIC! Rap about Calabasas!

    But don’t come for Cole about shit we all think and feel…because it’s gonna end badly for you and your new family.

  112. King James Says:

    Kanye & Cudi collab album name is definitely shade towards Cole

    With that being said I’m excited for the project.

    Kanye and Cudi have the same personalities and are perfect for one another musically.

  113. cOLD Says:

    cyhi the prynce


  114. Casket Face Says:

    Eskay, or Nation…

    If you guys are reading this, it’s time. We need to have a sit-down, ASAP.

    The stars are aligning and niggas missing all the signs.

  115. King James Says:

    This new Cole album low-key trash.

  116. Casket Face Says:

    King James Says:
    April 20th, 2018 at 9:41 am

    This new Cole album low-key trash.


    How many times did you listen to it?

    I thought it at least 3/5, in terms of entertainment value.

    In terms of a social message, there’s definitely some gems that deserve a 4/5.

    Production wise? Maybe a 2/5.

    It’s the type of album that in maybe 2 or 3 years people are gonna respect his position.

    But I’m still vibin’ to Marilyn Manson’s “Heaven Upside Down.”

    Saturnalia >>>>>>

  117. King James Says:


    Only songs I like. He’s saying real shit content wise and it has a positive message, but musically it’s trash. Dry production and dry hooks. He sounds like a store brand Kendrick.

  118. R.J.Orion Says:

    King James Says:

    April 20th, 2018 at 9:41 am

    This new Cole album low-key trash.


    LMAO…I wouldn’t say its trash, but im not really feelin it either…I just cant get into j.cole’s bars…something missing

  119. R.J.Orion Says:

    Jaden Smith – “SYRE” >>>> J. Cole – “KOD”

  120. King James Says:


    Jaden Smith – Fallen>>>

  121. R.J.Orion Says:

    @King James


    “Icon” >>>>

    “Breakfast” >>>>

    “Lost Boy” >>>>

    lil man made the lp his daddy never could…on his 1st shot….

  122. R.J.Orion Says:

    you right king james…j.cole’s hooks almost be cringe-worthy… his songs seem to go in one ear and out the other…like you said, he stay with some grown man bars, but musically and rhythmically im just not affected by his joints… verses or beats… that said, he’s a quality MC…just not for me…

  123. R.J.Orion Says:

    Bar for Bar, best MC in the game might be Azealia Banks…she stay pissing off the industry gatekeepers with her antics, but NO ONE is more talented than her, bar for bar…no matter the tempo from 80BPMs to 130 BPMs, she got that fire…never heard NO ONE spit fire over house beats and techno beats like she can…

    “1991” >>>
    “212” >>>>
    “Heavy Metal And Reflective” >>>
    “Ice Princess” >>>
    “Luxury” >>>
    “The Big Big Beat” >>>>


  124. bboycult Says:

    1985….Hardbody; On my life he read these lil ‘Hot Topic rap mall rats’ books to bedtime. Nite Nite.

  125. Casket Face Says:

    …there’s definitely some Cole bias in these comments. People acting like we haven’t heard way worse shit with commercial backing.

    Kendrick has duds too. Pimp a Butterfly is the album that should’ve gotten a Pulitzer.

    Wait till that Cole mixtape drop though…y’all act like this isn’t his M.O.

    A lukewarm album, fire mixtape. If you think about it, it’s smart business.

  126. King James Says:

    I use to be a huge Cole stan back when the c-section was popping when he was constantly getting shitted on for that eeoyre swag. I love FNL and The Warm Up, but Cole fell off.

    Kendrick shits on Cole all day it’s not even a discussion. Kendrick is Godly Drake level as far as everything goes.

    Cole’s career lacks direction, he doesn’t know what lane he’s in.

  127. King James Says:

    As far as ignorant music goes right now Trouble – Edgewood>>>>

  128. King James Says:

    Niggas really be coming at Ben Simmons reckless af

  129. TS-LTE Says:


    We back?

    *Daps KJ, cOLD, etc*

  130. Casket Face Says:

    @King James

    …fuck it, I’ll say it.

    Kendrick is nice, but he’s not seeing Jermaine Lamarr Cole in a battle.

  131. King James Says:


    Bad look

  132. King James Says:

    Kanye cooning on Twitter

  133. King James Says:



    That’s what Nahright was back in the day.

  134. R.J.Orion Says:

    Kendrick Lamar is overrated just like Eminem was … not sure how or why he’s held in such high regard…im not hatin cause he has moments where he’s nice…but he aint even the best MC in his home state… Nipsey Hussle got that…and even tho he hasnt had a new lp since 2015, Earl Sweatshirt > Kendrick Lamar… Pulitzer?? LOL

  135. Casket Face Says:

    @R.J. Orion

    Finally, some honesty on Kendrick.

    Dude is highly entertaining and most the time uplifting, but I don’t think battles are his thing…especially if it were J. Cole.

    Objectively, Eminem is a DECENT MC…personally speaking, how can you call yourself a “rap god” and do so little for the minorities that created the genre and culture?

    I mean seriously go in on rappers and singers, but say nothing socio-political?

    Especially when you have the platform to do it. Nah, right?

  136. spirit equality Says:

    Nipsey Hussle ain’t a better rapper than Kendrick. K Dot just murdered him on his own album. And Nipsey will never put together an album on the level of TPAB ever in his life. He’s a stand up dude and I salute his business sense but hell naw on him being better than Dot.

    Side note: Kanye says he is working on a new album from Nas coming mid June.

  137. Brolic fonts Says:

    It’s just opinions, but geez.

  138. R.J.Orion Says:


    no doubt i respect your opinion and input but no way Kendrick outshined Nipsey on “Dedication”… ive heard better bars from lamar that that… Nipsey carried that joint…

  139. Verses Says:

    King James Says:
    April 20th, 2018 at 10:53 am

    …He sounds like a store brand Kendrick.


    Co sign this review of Cole aka Young Eeyore

  140. Verses Says:



    Who remembers this guy


    Top 5 music reviewer

  141. Brolic fonts Says:

    The new J. Cole iKevin’s Heart pretty good

  142. Casket Face Says:

    …in this one thread alone:


    Meek Mill



    J Cole

    before the events even unfolded, yet Eskay and Nation still make that move with a nigga. Can’t say that I haven’t tried.

    It might be over y’all.

  143. Casket Face Says:


    yet Eskay and Nation still WONT make that move with a nigga.


  144. cOLD Says:

    Whatup TS

    Where does Nahright fit in against global social sites like Instagram and the like?

    Nahright always was and is a place where you can “unpack” the mass of information that comes streaming in from many outlets.

    It’s unique in that sense. And the varying perspectives most often lead to meaningful debates.

    Why did Eskay pull the plug on the site?

    My theory is that his ego couldn’t and wouldn’t allow for the comment section to become bigger than him. And the comments were Fast becoming the pulse for the culture.

  145. King James Says:

    Nahright c-section died right before social media really really popped off to what it is today. Mobile Nahright was ahead of it’s time as well.

    Rip Kev

  146. TS-LTE Says:

    Instagram, Twitter, & Tumblr got the juice now.

    Instagram is becoming a globalized C-Section & Tumblr is already there. Too late for this one trick pony. Eskay took it out back and put a bullet in it because the talks when reform him being a pioneer, to the C-Section without mention of him.

  147. King James Says:

    Been off the grid all day I didn’t know Kanye was wildlin on Twitter like that. Holy shit. He done lost it. Fame and yes men are a mofo.

  148. brownsound Says:

    Amanda Diva kneecap ether is one of my favourite all time nahright moments


    NANYA OMAE Says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 2:24 pm
    izit me or does the skin on her knee resemble santa clauses visage?

    D_Block_4_life Says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 2:29 pm
    Her knee caps look like the have 2 Mr. potato head imprints, look closely.

    b-ease Says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 2:31 pm
    look at her right knee, there is A FACE!!!Like a playdoh mupper face!

    It actually looks just like one of those faces on Mars…the secrets of the universe are contained on Amanda Diva’s flabby kneecap…

    Amanda Diva Says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 4:15 pm

  149. King James Says:

    Kanye pulled an Eskay and killed the brand.

  150. King James Says:


  151. Casket Face Says:

    Damn… Lupe won’t say that about Kanye though, lol!

    But damn I would just like to know who these bloggers had in their ears?

    Niggas got finessed out of their brands, shit that I spoke about on this very site!

    There’s bloggers who turned their fame into columns for larger publications.

    There’s others who revamped their brands by switching mediums, like a forum or something.

    But to just give up and let a site die?

    I take it that behind the scenes it’s probably likened to Gothamist on a smaller scale. They got bought out and shut down. Nigga was trying to takeover the direction of their content. But now I believe their back, and with new financial backing.

    Now the problem with Nah Right is, niggas should’ve went the native advertising route. Not taking “kickback,” but brokering deals directly with artists and companies. Comments gon comment either way. But there’s a niche here on Nah Right. Niggas in their 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s who still fuck with rap and shit. Niggas didn’t need Complex to do this, something I also said a thousand times.

    I know niggas got bills and wifeys, but you gotta believe in your dreams out here. That’s one thing I’ve noticed with certain people, niggas just don’t believe in themselves enough to take that risk. Thing is, if you don’t, how will others ever believe in y’all?

    Just because comments ain’t really poppin’ or talked about on social media, doesn’t mean niggas ain’t reading and watching.

    I know for a fact Kanye or his team checks Nah Right.

    I know Lupe, Wale, and many others read Nah Right.

    This shit was lowkey the “Gawker of hip-hop,” and Complex wanted in!

    It might be over, but damn, niggas going out like that?

    If there’s an afterlife, I wonder what Combat Jack is saying about all this?

    Fuck PODCASTS, fuck SNAPCHAT, hell, fuck TWITTER.

    C-section was lowkey the 4Chan for niggas that don’t fuck with 4Chan…niggas that need to know, them niggas know what’s up. Subliminals and all that hiding in plain sight. Industry niggas got their news from here.

    Niggas put Amanda Diva and Wale in therapy from a keyboard!
    Changed her name to “Seales” and if you go on her Instagram she barely got, if any at all, pics showcasing her knees. I know we in this MeToo/Uplift black women era…but that bitch need to be humbled a little bit. In fact a lot of entertainers do. Nah Right had a lot of muthafuckas reevaluating shit about themselves. The universe spoke through the c-section.

    …setting aside differences, we seriously need to talk, before niggas do something incredibly stupid.

  152. R.J.Orion Says:

    Charles Lee Ray
    Digital Scales
    Amp Geez

    *pours out a little Apothic Red on the curb*

  153. Danny Ocean Says:

    Just because comments ain’t really poppin’ or talked about on social media, doesn’t mean niggas ain’t reading and watching.

    I know for a fact Kanye or his team checks Nah Right.

    I know Lupe, Wale, and many others read Nah Right.

    niggas would be surprised at who reads Nah Right. seriously.

    Casket ain’t telling no lies.

  154. cOLD Says:

    I’ve heard lotta lingo started here used causally out there

    I ain’t gonna front I missed that wave transitioning to other platforms

    Niggas was in rear form most days

    I got low

    But I’m seeing cats found ways of eating in this digital era and I feel like I missed that bus.

    Such an eclectic group of niggas on this site I respect on the strength of their diction

    The Ill niggas
    The intellectuals
    The clever witty comedians

    Yo shout out kev fresco. Discord aside dude was rather crafty.

  155. joffe jo Says:

    Casket speaks the truth

  156. King James Says:

    What streaming service cats loyal to Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal?

  157. cOLD Says:

    Apple Music.

    Dope. It’s like a song can just pop in your head, holla at Siri and bamb it’s playing.

  158. R.J.Orion Says:

    TIDAL >>>>

  159. gramMasta Says:

    cosign still lurking the nah shrine for the 47 St jewels left around

  160. Casket Face Says:

    What Tidal needs is a game changer. There needs to be something that separates it from Spotify and other streaming services.

    If these companies were smart, they’d hook up with Serato and create a DJ feature that lets users make their own mixes.

    Muthafuckas be in the club with the AUX cable or Bluetooth, revolutionize karaoke or some shit.

    And Elliot Wilson ol’ Grandpa Simpson looking ass need to step his game up.
    He needs an original concept, nigga basically biting off Seinfeld with riding in the car shit. Most niggas don’t own cars…get your black ass on a train or public bus, that shit natively requires headphones (plug for Beats or…Hov endorsed headphones).

    But niggas don’t wanna hear my opinion, I’ll prolly be jacked for it in a few months, like usual. This why niggas stay losing as a people.

    Hip-Hop was started by the streets, and in the 90’s and 2000’s these companies were hiring niggas fresh off the streets and changing the game.

    Now, all they do is hiring hire muthafuckas from the burbs and they basically oversee NIGGAS they feel worthy of a shot.

    Niggas ain’t gon’ never see Wakanda at this rate.

  161. King James Says:

    Ye vs The People

  162. spirit equality Says:

    Infinity War >>>>

    Age of Ultron, I’ll let you finish but Infinity War was the greatest Avengers sequel of all time lmao

  163. cOLD Says:

    I think something really happened to eskay
    On insta nahight page hasn’t been updated since Dec

    I hope the bro doing ok. Yo Nation!!!

  164. cOLD Says:


    Honest thoughts my niggas

    We grinding😬😬😬

  165. King James Says:

    Five years ago, fucking crazy. I remember Free J was all about this classic project during that time period.


  166. Casket Face Says:

    @cOLD 🐇

    “Don’t got any worries, I’m like Vinny Curry when that money on the line of scrimmage” – HD Picasso


  167. Casket Face Says:

    “They must’ve thought I was finished, they must’ve thought I was done (uh-uh).

    I told em’ all I know is get it, ain’t finished wit it till I’m done.

    They done left me for dead, oh no why the fuck they do that for?

    I’ma bounce back Paul George, ball on em’ give what they asked for!

    …bang on em’ like I’m Blake Griff, fuck around and crack his backboard”

    -HD Picasso

    @cOLD…my state of mind, right now. Niggas have no idea, none! No fucking clue!

    The hardest choice in life a black man will have to make alone is being a real nigga while fake muthafuckas win it all. There’s no heaven or hell for real niggas, they’ve been outcast from both for so long, “keeping it real” becomes a place worth defending…and in that realization, you learn there is no right or wrong. There’s no wins or loses. Niggas who face these challenges aren’t mere mortals, they’re something else. Volcanoes don’t ask if it’s okay to erupt. Lightning doesn’t ask if it’s okay to strike. Fire doesn’t ask where it can ignite. Once niggas realize they aren’t human, but a fucking force of nature, fake muthafuckas have no choice but to respect the realness. It’s all about surviving that journey to discovery. And to survive, niggas humanity gotta die. Only then will you become unchained in the mind and body, becoming indomitable will itself.

  168. cOLD Says:

    It’s all about surviving that journey to discovery. And to survive, niggas humanity gotta die. Only then will you become unchained in the mind and body, becoming indomitable will itself.

    ^ casket face

    Man that’s epic. Your pen game is serious

    Thanks for the listen

    This is the artist from my wife’s label and they got a project coming dropping on mother’s day. FTF the label. Flight to fortunes. We working.

  169. cOLD Says:

    So I see you peeped free the fellas. My dude haha

    We pushing to get my guy out

    DJ’s want bread to spin
    Niggas want do for promo

    Independent is rough unless you got the bag
    But the slow grind it what it is
    That 360 deal looking funny in the light. But might have to bite that bullet

  170. King James Says:

    The Kardashian curse continues


  171. spirit equality Says:


    Is that the video of Kanye telling the TMZ interviewers that he thought 400 years of slavery was a choice? Yeah, I’m done with cuz. I’m never listening to anything he puts out ever again.

  172. King James Says:

    This is a different one where he talks about being on opiods and just melts from there.

  173. Casket Face Says:

    I say let Ye cook, drop your opinions after the album release.

    …guarantee everyone gonna be on his dick.

    Can’t wait to see how these liberal snowflakes and programmed coons start backtracking.

  174. Danny Ocean Says:

    I say let Ye cook, drop your opinions after the album release.

    I agree.

    LMAO @ Ye defending his stance on multiple media platforms that “slavery was a choice.”

    I’m all for good conspiracy theories and left-field takes…

    But c’mon Ye.

  175. Danny Ocean Says:

    Ye is detached. For better or for worse.

  176. King James Says:

    SR3MM 🔥🔥🔥

  177. bboycult Says:

    Styles P – Wait Your Turn B
    Styles P – Ghost Wars
    Styles P – Different Shit
    Styles P – Curb The Lames

    This kid on them Natural Juices yo!!!!

  178. Most_Incredible! Says:



    french kevin

    rip to all these ninjas

  179. KilluMinattI7 Says:


  180. KilluMinattI7 Says:

    Sad to see the demise of what was once an ill mind

  181. KilluMinattI7 Says:

    Sad to see the demise of a once vibrant meeting place.

  182. King James Says:


    What’s your thoughts on “This is America” by Gambino?

  183. Casket Face Says:

    @King James

    I don’t get how stupid black people are referring to Donald as “anti-Kanye” and woke when both of my dudes are saying the same thing.


    Glover has always been on that blerd wave, these new fans looking for him to be their spokesperson obviously never seen him on Community nor his short film Clapping For The Wrong Reasons.

    He basically saying what Ye has been saying, “I just wanna be free,” both these niggas expressing W.E.B. DuBois 101… double consciousness.

    Black girls don’t know what to do with these niggas until they get the bag, but these niggas feel like they travel the path so long without the support of black women so they end up dating and marrying non-blacks… I feel them.

    It’s nothing personal against black women, but these “woke” hoes getting the bag be on that bullshit. Issa Rae and Amanda Seales are perfect examples. They are their own worst enemies. Just lurk their Instagram. They diss strong black men who are “different” but tolerate disrespect from non-black men and women.

    Then when white feminist and fake ass liberals turn on them they wanna flood the web with “think pieces” and statuses about black men not being shit and interracial dating.

    Donald’s video is expressing the trajectory of black men like him, myself, and Kanye. Niggas don’t realize we get hate from all sides because we see the bigger picture which allows us to be free and self-deprecating. People find it provocative. But the only one it hurts, in the end, are stupid ass negroes like Issa Rae and Amanda Seales who secretly just want white validation at the end of the day. There are niggas that say dumb shit too.

    Look at Daz Dillinger, you made millions rapping about destruction and violence of the nuclear black family…but wanna jump on Ice Cube’s “True To The Game” and hoe Kanye…threaten to hurt him, but won’t rap about killing the Alt-Right or racist hatemongers. That’s what Kanye is trying to point out. Mental slavery, which is performed in Donald Glover’s video.

    …this is America.

  184. Casket Face Says:

    This is a smear campaign from a publication that once referred to our employee as an “Israeli Intelligence officer” and our owner as a “crack dealer.”

    We expect nothing less from them than this ridiculous story, lies and falsehoods. The information was stolen and manipulated and we will fight these claims vigorously.

    According to Variety, the “Israeli Intelligence officer” and “crack dealer” comments were made in previous Dagens Næringsliv stories about TIDAL, referring to TIDAL COO Lior Tibon and Jay-Z, respectively.

    Dagens Næringsliv has published multiple reports on TIDAL. In January 2017, the newspaper alleged that TIDAL was inflating subscriber numbers. Then, in December 2017, DN reported that TIDAL lost NOK$368 million (around $44 million) before taxes in 2016. In response, a TIDAL spokesperson said, “We have experienced negative stories about Tidal since its inception and we have done nothing but grow the business each year,” according to The Verge.

    Casket Face Says:
    April 28th, 2018 at 11:49 am

  185. Casket Face Says:

    Stupid bitch! I’ll take a #MeToo slug for calling her that, but case in point.

    …this is America.



  186. Tijuana Felix Says:

    RIP nahright
    RIP smokingsection

    nahright is dead
    long live the c-section

  187. spirit equality Says:

    Casket Face, you sound white as fk right now on the Kanye defense lmao

  188. Casket Face Says:

    @spirit equality

    …I sound like I see myself as EQUAL!

    That’s the problem, race is a systemic social construct.

    Racism is illogical to begin with, so whether you’re pro-black or alt-right, or a sycophantic Asian, East Asian, or Latino that wants to be “white,” to live by these made up rules is pure stupidity.

    Black is a REACTIVE self-identification…what makes our plight different is that white folks fucked with the natural evolution of things.

    We’re all made up of the same chemical compounds. Our exterior is just different due to things like climate and diet. We were TRANSPLANTED to a place that wasn’t native to us. That’s why many of us BLACK-AMERICANS are lighter and have different skin colors than our African kinfolk. But we’re ALL from Africa…DNA has proved that.

    Racism has a bottom line, WEALTH…therefore it’s a class issue, and many blacks have been conditioned not to recognize or acknowledge that.

    They killed us for learning how to read, understanding law, religion, and even philosophy. Because those were the key to reversing the damage of racism.

    But many human beings on this planet are so used to this system they can’t accept forward thinking and foresight. When Kanye said slavery was a choice he’s 100% correct. Both mental and physical. Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass and countless other made the choice NOT to be slaves. Fuck, we celebrate Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) for his line “bury me in the ocean with my ancestors, because they knew dying is better than bondage.” Then turn around and shit on one of our most creative rappers, producers, and designers for his statement…just because he’s married to a Kardashian.

    They got college courses on Kardashians, shit my undergrad textbook like 10 years ago has lessons on the Kardashians. People don’t hate them for any other reason than being beautiful and winning. And to be honest them hoes do A LOT for the black community just by bridging the racial divide. Even Rob has a black kid, with the most super black thotty in human history.

    So you see, I don’t sound “white,” I sound free as fuck. Of course, I know our people are oppressed and targeted. But we live in an age where we have to tools for our liberation at our fingertips. We just choose not to use them.

    To be honest, you can go back nearly 15 years on Nah Right, as a kid, I’ve held these same views. I may have been childish, ignorant, rough around the edges, or laced my comments with braggadocios ‘white lies. But it served a higher purpose. The philosophy of free thought. That’s always my mission in life on and offline…to have meaningful conversations that push humanity forward. Because in the end, that’s all we have.

    So I’m not sounding “white,” neither is Kanye…we’re sounding human. So is Donald Glover. You can listen to the race hustlers and shea butter pseudo-intellectuals at the Root and them hoe ass sites that push the agenda to emasculate and destroy RAW BLACK MEN in OUR PURIST FORM. But remember, we were the ones who paved the way for them hoes and fuck niggas to have a voice in the first place.

    What we say has and always will matter…and if you look throughout history, most of us had relations with non-black women. The key is we didn’t see COLOR but understood it was a frame of mind. Niggas is brainwashed, and Kanye and Donald just woke the fuck up and understood the play being made.

    Hov and Meek lowkey about to jump on board too. Niggas lowkey banging niggas in the head with that freethought wave.

    Let that man Ye cook, in 100 years, I promise all these shea butter hoes that cheer on Meghan Markle (as a black woman), and defend Serena Williams marrying white, got Common dick all in their mouths even after he busted down Laura Dern sexy ass…all them sites like the Root, Shaderoom, Very Smart Brothas, etc…these people won’t make a dent in human history with their click bait. Kanye will be remembered as being ahead of his time. Niggas like Donald Glover, hell, even me (if I chose).

    You gonna see their work on channels like Discovery, PBS, and History Channels of the future. Watch…and all these bitter ass-backward thinking shea butters and “fashionably afro-centric” muthafuckas gonna be extinct and not remembered. They’re the true “race traitors” and “sell-outs,” they’re the soldiers and robots for cryptic racist democrats and hateful white liberal dikes.

    Ye simply saying “fuck yo’ approval hoes, I am a GOD”…rightfully so. I even remember a user on Nah Right saying “call me when niggas ready to load the AK’s for liberation against racism and police brutality,” because of niggas tired of all the singing, think pieces, and shea butter hemming and hawing.

    The only way to defeat racism is to realize it doesn’t exist…we’re all just energy at the end of the day. Our physical form is just vehicles to keep our conscious alive. These shea butters and scorned black women and men are just ashamed of their makes and models of “vehicles”. All those useless editorials are just compensating for the hate. That’s why those dumb muthafukas voted for Hillary and lost. They’re all idiots, then hit you in the head with that “if you don’t want a woman that looks like your mother, you hate yourself” bullshit. Then turn around got Drake’s “Nice For What” dicks in their mouths, Giving jobs to niggas like Jeremy Meeks “prison bae” ass. Issa Rae telling “SMART EDUCATED BLACK WOMEN” to date Asian and White niggas. Watching shows like scandal and Quantico where hoes are taking white dicks left and right…instead of shows where black men are wearing hoodies and bulletproof against cop bullets and slanging dick left and right, like Luke Cage. Or strong black men across the spectrum of morality as shown in Black Panther, Get Out, or FX’s Atlanta…

    Freethinking is that new wave and I’ve been ready, glad my niggas are waking the fuck up and being unapologetically black. So it’s not “sounding white,” it’s sounding equal and not being ashamed of our viewpoints and aspirations surrounding our time on Earth. Niggas is learning to stop wasting time worrying about what the “white man” thinks of us. Then taking it a step further and teaching racist muthafuckas how to love themselves instead of hating us. Because that’s what was programmed in us as blacks for the past 400 years while our people and motherland was robbed naked. We just taking it back to being the kings we were before slavery…and that shit is a conscious choice, and takes enormous mental fortitude to uphold its integrity. For that, I defend Kanye, and Donald Glover…

  189. pockets Says:

    Bruh this post got niggas writing essays…

    This is heading up there in terms of great posts…but this is still prolly number 176…not as organic as come of the classics

    Nation, England, landLord, Two_Times, Esko what’s hood

  190. King James Says:

    Harlem World & Trill Clinton check in.

  191. Rajon Trondo Says:

    *throws chair*

  192. Rajon Trondo Says:


  193. Casket Face Says:

    Seriously though, what’s up with Eskay and Nation?

    From Nation’s Twitter, it looks like them niggas might’ve fallen out.

    It’s weird though, Nation seems like the type of nigga that needs some sort of provision. He’s creative and insightful, but sometimes the shit I see just be too left field. Sometimes we all need a nigga in our ear to tell us when we’re buggin out.

    But Eskay seems like one of them stubborn old head niggas that need a nudge from the youngins time to time. Like for instance, when we older millennials used let older niggas play with our Nintendo or Sega and them niggas used to think by moving the controller (plugged into the system) it made their player somehow jump higher or move faster, LMAO! Nigga be like, “the game cheatin”

    Crazy thing though, Nintendo conceptualized those kinesics with Wii and Nintendo Switch. Simply put, everyone has an embarrassing role to play in discovery and innovation of great things.

    Pride be a muthafucka…don’t let it destroy a great thing.

    And, if this isn’t the case with Nah Right, what’s up with the content yo? Y’all niggas good or what?

  194. King James Says:

    Been bumping that Control System, can’t believe it’s been six years since it came out. Really thought Soul was going to be the next Lupe.

  195. King James Says:


    Gone head and giveaway some tickets for that Aubrey tour.

  196. Casket Face Says:

    King James Says:
    May 15th, 2018 at 2:06 pm


    Gone head and giveaway some tickets for that Aubrey tour.


    LMAO! To who? No real nigga gon’ accept Drake tickets.

    Told niggas it was over for Drizzy after that “Nice For What” bullshit dropped.

    Thought it was a game. You know it’s over when the most chill nigga in hip-hop, Wiz Khalifa, herbin’ you on social media.

    Wiz told his driver cut that bullshit off and “play some G shit!”

    Don’t worry though Aubrey, if there’s beef, Issa Rae and Emma Roberts gon’ #GetTheStrap for you son, ya heard? Y’all can mask up and throw on “Know Thyself”, then ride on ya enemies together dissing for “Nice For What.”

    *Jadakiss laugh*

  197. spirit equality Says:


    For somebody who says “race is a social construct,” you sure do use the N word a lot. Kanye is a musician and the time for all musicians fades eventually. At one time, there was somebody who was the hottest ragtime artist in the country and now nobody gives af about ragtime. Saying “slavery sounds like a choice to me” isn’t free thinking, it’s “I haven’t spent one second researching this topic but I’m gonna talk anyway” thinking. Kanye is a reasonably smart person who could stand to read a few more books. I’m out.

  198. spirit equality Says:

    If somebody told Ye that it sounded like Kim getting robbed at gunpoint was a choice, he would flip out. Dude really could use some time quietly reflecting, a lot of books, more sleep, and fewer drugs.

  199. Casket Face Says:

    spirit equality Says:
    May 23rd, 2018 at 8:02 am

    For somebody who says “race is a social construct,” you sure do use the N word a lot.


    Because it sounds dope as fuck tbh.

    Secondly, human language is arbitrary and relative.

    The intended use of the word has evolved, it’s beautiful actually.

    The use of it exposes a user’s intent or the listener’s cultural aptitude.

    Those who are negatively affected by it, struggle to understand their place in the universe.

    We all are made of the same compounds found throughout the cosmos, and every living thing on this planet has one common ancestor. Whites and wannabe whites who move in a duplicitous manner struggle accepting the coded embrace between blacks and people of color who use “nigga.”

    If their heart is pure, they’ll understand why they shouldn’t use it. And the beauty of it is whites and nonblacks down for the cause don’t have to be told this.

    Pro Blacks who refute the use of it are just as confused. Their motive in life is to achieve pride and self-esteem in a manufactured reality engineered by the very racists they dislike and compete against. And, for this reason, they will never achieve their ultimate goal.

    Slavery was, in fact, a choice. Real niggas go out like MEN for their family. Weak niggas gon make excuses. Again, either you built like Kilmonger or you not. That’s the problem when you willing to die for what you believe in, the outcome doesn’t matter because there’s no point in living if you fail. You’re demonstrating your intent to not live in the world “as is.” Most niggas can’t live with that hard choice, so they try and sway public perception and institutionalize their perspective…whites did that for 400 with free labor through terror. And stupid blacks let it happen.

    I find it insane that we celebrate heroes who defied slavery but cry for those who didn’t have the heart to. As I stated in this thread, that’s double consciousness. But for niggas like me and others, we only see a SINGLE truth. There’s only one race, the human race, and the rest of these classifications are mental hurdles to slow down weak niggas scared of free thinking. Deciteful whites and non-blacks have mastered these multitudes consciousness and use them to manipulate the hearts and minds of blacks (a skin color).

    Low key, all this Kanye controversy is simply this nigga manufacturing reality so that when he rolls out his new plans people will revere him as a “genius” like Picasso or Van Gogh. He’s constructing his own reality, the same way Trump did.

    The world’s stupid and programmable cannot see through this because they lack the foresight and mental dexterity to process such a complex perspective.
    It’s why people like Trump and Kanye use impulsive social media platforms like Twitter…Instagram is for IMAGES, Twitter for is WORDS.

    “Slavery was a choice” is Kanye using the words of human language like a paintbrush, painting his own “Starry Night,” and social media is his canvas.

    …real (adjective) niggas (noun) see this BIG PICTURE.

  200. Paul Says:


  201. Casket Face Says:

    Told niggas…the wolves are howling and circling that boy Drizzy.

    Push just unloaded devastating bars aimed for Drake’s dome piece.

    He may not survive the summer. Issa Rae about to dip in the bushes like that Family Guy GIF when them sparks start flying this summer.

    We all seen it in middle or high school, the guy all the girls find “cute” start thinking his looks and appeal to females equate to safety and start talking too much.

    Then when it goes down they just be like, “why y’all do him like that?”

    Homie get up with dirt all in his finger waves, outfit ripped up, embarrassed and disgraced…niggas talking shit about him as he’s dusting himself off. Girls won’t even look him in the eye for support.

    …that’s gonna be Drake this summer. He did too much over the years. Told y’all, the wolves about to restore the feeling.

  202. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Pusha t album is ridiculously good

  203. bboycult Says:

    “ If You Know You Know “ – ^

  204. Casket Face Says:

    Do niggas not see these moves Ye making!

    “Am I too Complex for Complex-Con?”

  205. King James Says:

    PushTonKeys with the album of the year. My gawd Kanye is still improving on the production tip. Sounds like God’s South Beach Playlist.

  206. Rajon Trondo Says:



    Aubs is sick of this shit

  207. bboycult Says:

    Continuing to comment here is exactly like when in Comic Books the characters are in space walking around on an asteroid or some shit and it turns out they are walking/talking/‘commenting’ around in the cratered out carcass of a Dead Galactus or Celestial!?!

    I know we do what we gotta…I’m just sayin tho.

  208. bboycult Says:

    And now back to the program……

    “ Ran out on the Plug too (2) like Trugoy… “ -PushaTon

    Gat Damnit!?! ……Someone; Anyone please feel free to correct a bruh but if I am not miskaten; of all these nowadays amigos and shit talking that ‘ Plug ‘ talk is Pusha T REALLY!?! The 1st one to connect that lyrical dot?!

  209. Brolic fonts Says:

    Pusha new album is dope. I always buy a physical copy, old school style, but this Drake duppy freestyle is flames. Well played, quick response.

    *cues Casketface dissertation on how wack Drake is*

  210. R.J.Orion Says:

    Rajon Trondo Says:

    May 24th, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    Pusha t album is ridiculously good

    bboycult Says:

    May 25th, 2018 at 1:20 am

    “ If You Know You Know “ – ^


    hell yeah…

    The company I keep is not corporate enough
    Child Rebel Soldier, you ain’t orphan enough
    A rapper turned trapper can’t morph into us
    But a trapper turned rapper can morph into Puff
    Dance contest for the smokers
    I predict snow, Al Roker (if you know, you know)

  211. Rajon Trondo Says:

    I need a response from push this weekend

    *Daps RJ*

  212. R.J.Orion Says:

    *daps Tron*

    LMAO…yeah Drake was quick with the return fire…. people wanna shoot, but Aubrey stay ready for war…ask Common and Meek…

  213. King James Says:

    Word, RIP Lonnie. His rap career died when the boy dropped stay scheming.

  214. King James Says:

    Is it ghostwriting if the name is in the credits?

    Aubrey’s cadence is all over 30 Hours.

    Release the reference tracks 40 & Oliver.

  215. King James Says:

    Salute Ross cause the message was pure

    He see what I see when you see Wayne on tour

    Flash without the fire
Another multi-platinum rapper trapped and can’t retire


    Cats sleeping on this ether. I remember after Tha Carter IV dropped Wayne said he would retire in his early 30’s/couldn’t see himself rapping for much longer.

  216. King James Says:

    I know Push & Lupe have something in the vault produced by Ye. My gawd those two on a track would be life.

  217. spirit equality Says:


    Usage of the N-Word is a relic for people to uncreative to think of a better way to express themselves. LOL at evolving past race, but still clinging to a centuries old racial slur. Do better.

    Back on the topic at hand, Drake finished “Pusha” Terrence with the Duppy Freestyle. Tweeting a response was his first post-Meek unforced error.

  218. TS-LTE Says:

    I haven’t had time to listen to Push new joint yet, but I’m about to crack it open this weekend.

    I’m still #teamFuckDrake. Fuck Kanye too while we at it. Ain’t no long ass comment from a random nigga on the internet gone sway anyone either. Especially one that was openly talking about sucking other nigga’s dicks and fucking them in the ass. THAT’s something that killed this joint if we wanna keep it a G.

    Kanye lost. Nah C-section lost. Bill Cosby Lost. Drizzy Lost. Morgan Freeman lost. Niggas need better role models and past times.

  219. TS-LTE Says:

    And how the hell is race a social construct when people are PHYSICALLY dying because of it.

    Niggas get lost because they lost their history. Period.

  220. Casket Face Says:

    SMH, Drake just got baited for the parry…

    Now not only is Ye gonna air him out, Cudi gonna catch some wreck as well.

    Cudi is a more superior hook man than Drake.

    Drake is playing with fire…they gave the Meek win because of Mee’s association with Ross. Ross was drowning in bad press at the time. Drake played chess for an easy win.

    You can’t diss Pusha’s street credibility for the simple fact that both he and his brother’s names, along with 30 other niggas are in that kind of paperwork. I use to be in VA and got peoples down there. They were really about that life…even Skateboard P was/is well protected (*coughs* Fam’Lay).

    Kanye cannot be knocked off by someone like Drake. I told niggas that “Nice For What” bullshit pulled the plug on any respect he had left with straight males.
    It’s considered an ultimate hoe move to side with females like that, I understand he was trying to make a self-deprecating “light skin” nigga play on some funny shit. But not in a climate where dark skin black men are being targeted across the globe, and even “sistas” like Issa Rae and Amanda Seales are throwing us under the bus. That’s how many ball players and entertainers, or even regular niggas like myself end up with non-black women. Sistas don’t wanna built with a nigga and if he ain’t poppin’ they’ll openly diss that nigga and burn a bridge forever…for Europeanized wealth and institutions. Niggas like Kanye and Donald Glover was exploiting that loophole, on and off camera…

    Drake big ups “sistas” but behind the scenes he’s running up in white girls RAW…even caught up in pregnancy scandals. Told niggas, IN THIS THREAD, you can’t trust light skin niggas who see the social construct of race, exploit it, but STILL choose the “easy life.” Look at J Cole’s appearance (dreads), the wife he chose, that man is BLACK in the heart. Drake exploits shea butters and color conscious dark skin women…he tries to impregnate bottom of the barrel white hoes. This isn’t new either, Nah Right knows I was a really supporter, even knew him BEFORE Nation. Even discussed his bars “black is black, even if it’s very light”…lyrics he wrote about white girls’ parents not accepting him cause he was black. Notice he never writes about the struggles of black women. I said this during his beef with Meek.

    Bottomline is Drake was doing too much and now chickens are coming home to roost. Also told niggas that Meek beef that was so popular with white culture vultures was gonna bite him in the ass when shit got real, in real life.

    Look who our president is, how black men are targeted…notice the skin color of all Drake’s enemies. Notice the skin color of all the women who support him.

    Look at the climate we’re in, look at films like Black Panther, Get Out, etc…
    Black America is going through an enlightenment. A real one. Similar to the way colonizers from Brittain revolted against their brothers and built the republic of America.

    Kanye is revolting, Jay-Z is revolting, Diddy is REVOLTING…LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, etc… an empire is being built, INDEPENDENT of white dollars and acceptance.

    When the power shift becomes more clear…who you think them Scandal, and “swirl contradicting” shea butters gonna have to side with? Their white and “light skin” masters… and when the money dries up, only the strong will remain…black and white. All the sellouts and shea butters afflicted with an inferiority complex will be kicked to the curb and left with scraps…their non-black puppet masters and culture vulltures too. Just like loyalists and redcoats during the American Revolution.

    Like I said, only way Drake can win these beefs is to use the Eminem/B Rabbit approach and talk OPENLY about the color divide and colorism. It cuts him off from his white fanbase who may be racist and earns the respect of his dark black men. But he’s not gonna do that because he knows who’s paying his bills. But funny thing is that J Cole did it, and look at his wealth and respect…also his clear conscious.

    This is why Drake will lose. Kanye keep telling y’all…he’s not hiding his fuck ups and scars anymore. Like Van Gough and Picasso etc…he’s letting his pain speak through his time in the spotlight.

    …oh, and to niggas sneak dissing, let’s not really get into what killed the c-section. I know for a fact Drake, Wale, Lupe, and even Kanye respect the words of “CASKET”…even with the homoerotic jokes and fuckery. At the end of the day, I’m a screen name…not a real person. The fact that you’re trying to question the integrity of a “random nigga on the internet” says it all.

    … those who need to know, and have tried to “expose me” found out the hard way. My internet persona is much more fun, engaging, and enlightening. My real life is nothing but pain, and mental damage I doubt any nigga behind these screen names could ever endure. You have no idea who or what you are poking at or toying with. I wore out my welcome in the dungeons of hell, and there’s no vacancy for me in heaven as I get shot to voicemail by God himself, so understand I’m bound by no rules or Earthly morality. Think about that long and hard.

    That’s why the C-Section REALLY fell apart, niggas FORGETTING that it was the lifeblood of Nah Right, and it was made by REAL NIGGAS, with REAL OPINIONS, ABOUT LIFE and MUSIC. Rappers, bloggers, and fans trusted these comments…niggas sold out to Complex, and tried to “whiten up” the place with that culture vulture swag of non-blacks. Then had the audacity to call me a “random nigga” LOL…my screen name is one of this site’s most searched keywords. Again, that’s why the site went under and started to flail in performance.

    Like Kanye said, “Am I too complex for [Complex’s ‘Con’]?”

    There are levels to this shit…some of y’all niggas minds ain’t broken enough to see the design. Told niggas before some of us walk around like Neo, seconds after getting up off the hotel floor.

    Meek, Hov, Kanye etc…even “No Malice”…like I said Pusha and Charlemagne saw behind the curtain. Drake doesn’t stand a chance…shit sent Cudi to the psyche ward. Now he’s back. Album dropping soon.

    Pusha lured Drizzy into the web…that boy is food. On levels you non-blacks and culture vultures WILL NEVER understand. It’s over for Drake.

  221. R.J.Orion Says:

    Casketface you overthinking this whole shit fam… 2 good MCs competing over beats… you really seem caught up it in this shit like it has some real tangible effect on your emotional health… i fuck with music heavy, no doubt…but you take almost a tabloid papparazzi approach to it, like these industry niggas is world leaders and kings of states… unplug yourself from the matrix my brother, and just enjoy the fuckery and tomfoolery for what it is..these industry mind controlled puppets have been entertaining the masses long b4 you or I walked this planet, and theyll be here long after… just dance, laugh, and keep score..

  222. Casket Face Says:

    @R.J. Orion

    I don’t think I’m overthinking things. Problem is, having insight, and watching as masses and masses of stupid humans can’t keep up. It’s torture for some of us to see a play being made on Monday, but have to wait until Saturday when the dumb muthafuckas of the planet finally figure it out and talk about it on social media like they’re “smart”…SMH.

    This is what Ye was trying to explain with the “it ain’t Ralph though” comment.

    There’s a reality constructed and controlled by FEW. Ye literally trying to give the play to black America, get us caught up, and they’re shitting on him for it. All these designers and fashion houses are owned by the about 6 or 7 people. These same 6 or 7 people control the very media that pushes these brands and music, and movies, and CELEBRITIES etc…

    Ye trying to teach niggas REAL OWNERSHIP…the tools blacks need to liberate ourselves. But people are so plugged into the Matrix that they don’t see that the Democratic party are fucking us as BLACK MEN over. And they do it by controlling black women, and carefully selecting our black cultural leaders by way of financial support and celebrity.

    Look at the Harvey Weinstein and Trump situation compared to Bill Cosby and now Morgan Freeman…and it’s okay for a black woman to beat up a black male in an elevator and LAUGH about it (Jay-Z). That’s what equality looks like to THEM.

    Kanye and Kim are changing the landscape for public perception. The whole Kardashian family has been doing the Trump mindfuck before Trump was doing it. That’s how they eat. That’s how Trump eats. Ye trying to give niggas the cheatcodes and they don’t want them…(because he gotta white girl).

    Funny though, all the Democratic hoes speaking on Ye and lack of black women in his life have all sucked a white nigga’s dick or two. Cheer for Megan Markle, cheer for Scandal, cheer for Issa Rae and Amanda Seales even after her book pointed out how EDUCATED black women should marry Asians and non blacks.

    This is how our people stay controlled…they’re plugged into the Matrix respecting and bowing down to racist Democrats and stupid black women who don’t know whether they coming or going. Drake knows the play…he’s getting his bread too off the action.

    Peep how Ye used the picture from Whitney Houston’s (America’s BLACK Sweetheart) bathroom, for the album art for his President of GOOD Music’s latest release. Shit is deeper than rap. Niggas don’t see the play is bigger than Push, bigger that Drake…bigger than Donald Trump. This nigga Ye been calling himself a GOD for a reason. Look at the imagery. In 100 years, the world will look back and see what he was building and how far ahead he was.

    You think they gon’ let a fucking rapping Canadian wearing out his welcome ruin the plans? Nah…Hov even on his toes. Notice he ain’t going to war with Ye…

    It’s bigger than music…watch.

    I’m not really affected or emotionally invested in ANY of this shit. I just know the players and a little about their financials so the stakes look much higher from my personal point of view. So when I dance, laugh, and keep score…and comment…some people are left confused. It’s not because I’m plugged in, it’s because they’re plugged in, and programmed to believe that they’re actually not.

    Niggas minds ain’t broken enough, lol, keep telling niggas. But watch this though, watch how my comments become prophecy in the months to come. Niggas gonna be like, “damn…”

  223. TS-LTE Says:

    … it’s just entertainment fam.

  224. Brolic fonts Says:

    I’m upset

  225. Brolic fonts Says:

    Niggas is dedicated trolls, B

  226. King James Says:

    Daytona has the GOAT Ye beats. The album is perfect.

  227. Casket Face Says:

    TS-LTE Says:
    May 27th, 2018 at 12:25 am

    … it’s just entertainment fam.


    See, this statement proves slavery is a choice.

    Tell Hulk Hogan “it’s just entertainment”, or Nick Denton, or Peter Thiel.

    This is why niggas ain’t gonna never have shit…some of y’all just too dependent on the Matrix.


  228. TS-LTE Says:


    My net worth is more than your entire existence. My Jag will finance your life. Fall back and stick to comments. I have respect for you, but you ain’t about to come out of pocket.

    Get your entertainment, and keep it moving.

  229. Casket Face Says:

    That may be true about your net worth.

    It’s 2018, 99% of Americans are POOR.

    There’s no shame in that. Our economic system is broken.

    The fact that you’re bragging about a Jaguar in 2018 says a lot…I must admit, on Nah Right no less, the whole gamut of Kanye’s rant is in your statement.

    I can tell it’s going over your head and you’re taking offense.

    So long story short, and keeping it REALLY basic for some, Drake is gonna lose this battle. Expect ether from Kanye and Cudi for Drizzy.

  230. TS-LTE Says:

    Nothing of your argument has anything to do with one another. I agree with your conclusion. That’s about it. And I give no damns about people in America being poor if they aren’t black. Everyone else had a head start.

    I can’t argue with crazy people. All in all, it’s still only entertainment. And anyone referencing Kanye in 2018 is already gone. I lost for even entertaining this nonesense.

  231. TS-LTE Says:

    “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that chose to jump off the ship because they too, knew death was better than bondage”. -Erik N’jadaka Kilmonger

    That sums up the mentality of most black people in this day. Slavery was never a choice. Not today, not ever. Some valued legacy more than they valued personal integrity. And those are the people we spawn from from. Anyone that have slave DNA. There aren’t any arrangement of words to defend, or otherwise agree with the bullshit that came from anyone saying Slavery was a fucking choice. It was hell. And they endured hell so we can come from the other side centuries later and fight the good fight of all the silent weapons in the quiet wars that attack us everyday, all day with no break.

    And I’m not going to attempt to defend myself for putting myself in a better position when I came from not a damn thing. No one should have to. Focus on your life and better yourself. Focusing on anyone else life only takes away from the productivity of your own.

  232. Casket Face Says:

    Dawg, didn’t you say race isn’t a social construct because people are physically affected by it? And you’re calling me crazy?

    Stop it.

    I already said I’m gonna keep it REALLY basic for you.

    Even with your “jag”, you’re still a slave (mentally) to the ruling class.

    You’re in here talking about you “lost for even entertaining this nonsense,” after I just pointed out that Kanye is explaining how YOU THE SLAVE can be free.

    To keep it real, BLACK FOLKS don’t really have time for entertainment, we should be concentrated on being FREE. You in here calling me crazy, as if you’re not a slave in your “jag.” But in the same conversation, you admit everyone else non-black has had a head start. So what that makes you?

    Black Panther, Get Out, and these movies and entertainment are all allegories for breaking mental chains. Which is why the films didn’t bother with COLORISM. Bougie niggas who don’t even know the history of the word bougie are guilty of COLORISM. They want European wealth and success, like bragging about “jags” not realizing, bragging to fellow people of color is perpetuating slavery. Meaning neither the jag driver or the poor person he’s making fun of is free.

    This is what Drake is doing…giving away tax write-offs in videos talking about “God’s Plan.” Showing his Jewish heritage, but not his complicated blackness. Using colorism to target women of color and gas them up…while impregnating white women. All his disses are subconscious jabs at the struggles of dark skin BLACK AMERICAN males. Then he appropriates the Caribbean culture in Toronto because it’s more culturally relevant and dominant…and most Caribbeans jack BLACK AMERICAN waves while thinly veiling anti-black-American sentiments (real niggas feel me). Drake’s a lowkey house nigga…and if you didn’t get my drift in early comments on J Cole’s GOMD.

    Notice the only people that gave Drake that win over Meek were non-blacks.
    Then when the smoke cleared, and Meek lost Nicki, and wasn’t really winning, and down for the count. The government came for that nigga. Then it was “FREE MEEK MILL” with black folks. Left Hollywood should’ve won that nigga a Grammy.

    Now Drake is at it again, coming for Pusha T about real shit. I know if Push a real nigga from the block, hearing disses about you not being built like that even though you got niggas doing football numbers, and best friends and road managers getting killed…Drake is out of pocket. A lot of street niggas wasn’t feeling that Meek shit neither. It may be entertainment, for you, in your little jag. But there’s niggas who lost real shit out here…and Drake be out of pocket.

    Kanye and Push, and Cudi, and a lot of niggas got words for Drake. From a sociological standpoint, it’s deeper than rap. Just like Trump had something to prove, so does Ye. That’s what he’s saying with the “Dragon energy” comments.

    He doesn’t have to agree with Trump, but he agrees with his perseverance. The man became president while half the black population was dickriding Hilary and the Democratic party. The same Hilary who was giving away Jay-Z and Beyonce tickets to black voters…because she thought blacks were that stupid and politically un-engaged. Look how she hoed Caribbeans. Just like Drake.

    For this reason, he will lose. Just like technically, Hov had better bars and money moves when he styled on Nas…but Hov was doing way too much at the time and the public had to humble him by giving the win to Nas.

  233. TS-LTE Says:

    Ain’t nobody said race is a social construct but you. And I’m not reading the rest of it. It’s rants from a man detached from reality who lives through rappers, of all people. And my “Jag” keeping you pissed, not me. God forbid I bought up my Q7. You the same nigga that was here falsifying bank statements and you wanna lecture me about being a salve to bread, negro kindly GTFOHWTBS. I’m pretty free. You’re not. That’s why you’re so damn pressed about another nigga’s issues that has no merits in your own.

  234. TS-LTE Says:

    But whatever Duke. A younger me woulda kept this up, but I just don’t have the same reserve for this type of banter anymore. We have different philosophies on life, and nothing is wrong with that. Just be happy bruh. You seem troubled since 09’ when I first hit these boards and I hope you get you some peace G. Be safe, stay safe, and enjoy this shit. A lot of niggas don’t got that privilege. You got a whole mind that’s insanely brilliant and you can put it a cause that could turn all your shit around.

    Everything you do, just win at it. And be happy doing it.


  235. tHe KiD fRanKIE Says:

    Wasn’t Kraeshawn(sp) and the white girl mob saying nigga all in ya face…on camer? What did you have to say then….


    I’m instigating but great points from both side.

  236. Remixznflow Says:


  237. King James Says:

    Thoughts on Rhymefest and the Donda Foundation in Chicago?0

  238. Casket Face Says:

    That’s Kanye’s mom and what people felt the youth meant to her.

    There’s one thing to honor his moms, but it’s another to understand that’ HIS moms.

    We all say it when angry, fuck them little drill niggas in Chicago.

    Fuck all these little wannabe tough niggas throughout the United States.

    Fest knows what Ye meant…you can’t really do nothing for niggas if you ain’t doing anything for YOURSELF. Ye was probably like “for now, fuck those little niggas.” They got Chief Keef and em’ to look up to, right?

    Jay-Z really made the same play. I even said it on here YEARS ago. Though I didn’t really understand until now. People grow, stakes become higher, and purpose reveals itself.

    Rhymefest sounds bitter that Ye cut off the faucet. Does he have the right to be upset? Yes. But again, that’s Ye’s mom. If it’s really about these little niggas in Chicago…change the name. Help is help, and real people gonna respect it regardless.

    Ye basically telling niggas make a name for yourself.

  239. Casket Face Says:


    You never saw the movie Deep Cover, breh?

    Either way, check out the “what’s the difference between a black man and a nigga?” scene.

    …keep telling niggas, race is a social construct. The only power that race has is the power we give it. White European colonizers understood this simple concept.

    Again, white folks had their Enlightenment. They literally all sat down and planned out REALITY, and how to control it. Google the Hell Fire Club, secret societies, and shit like that. Niggas were fucking with all types of mind-altering drugs from the Middle Ages into 60’s and 70’s…even now.

    Once niggas master this reality, you’ll see, everybody niggas…niggas don’t exist and neither does white supremacy.

    I knew that back then, and only now do I thoroughly understand it. There’s a difference between knowing and understanding.

    If you ever find yourself in the presence of white folks who feel like they’re entitled to say the word “nigga”…why get upset? This was even before Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and countless atrocities caught on camera for this generation. Nigga I was doing “VICE” level gonzo reporting before it even blew up and permeated throughout the “urban” demographic. Before their HBO stimulus cash injection. I started those conversations for the WORLD. Check the video, it has like 1 million views, check the comments…you’re not really instigating. Seeds take time to grow, breh 😉.

    Kanye on that same wave too…if they’re able to plug multiple holes in us, on camera, kill us for the world to see with no consequence…what would I have been defending by smacking the shit out of hoes doing the same things MILLIONS do…even blacks? That day I pushed record and did nothing was one of the best days of my life. In that moment the universe talked through me, and it’s documented. So those that use it to expose and try to get a cheap laugh, or some type of “leverage” are rendered useless.

    …that’s how you master the universe, by understanding your role in it. There’s no good or bad, there’s no right or wrong. We’re bound by the same fabric of space and time.

    Google that video, “how the sun sees you.” Also, check out that movie, “THEY LIVE…” The universe talks through John Carpenter, too.

    White folks are ENERGY, just like people of color. We’re ALL energy!!!

    I’m not wasting any of my energy trying to change the mind of white folks…they made a conscious choice, GREED. For centuries, they trolled humanity, sacrificed their own, and seized control of the REALITY we live in.
    The only way to break free is to stop fighting…love the universe.
    This is what Ye is trying to tell niggas. LOVE.

    It’s why Bob Marley is so revered, Jimi Hendrix too… 2 Pac too.

    Stop fighting the universe…it’s like Dragon Ball Z…you can absorb it, be one with that shit and create Kamehame Waves. Look at all Black comedians doing stand up from Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney…to Key and Peele and Dave Chappelle. White folks with the power to shoot a black man DEAD and avoid prosecution goes and sit front row with his wife and laughs at black comedians making fun of how blacks see them. That’s self-control, that’s power, and that’s understanding the universe’s energy. It’s ENTERTAINMENT.

    But low-key, we’re finally learning how to fight back… again, directors like Ryan Coogler…his choice to use the lyrics from Too Short’s “In The Trunk” in a COMIC BOOK MOVIE FOR KIDS…lyrics that tell you LITERALLY says, “STOP KISSING THOSE WHITE FOLKS ASSES.” Then the film graces you with about 2 hours of black excellence….pure RAW positive energy. Coogler turned VIBRAINIUM into a motif for BLACK EXCELLENCE. That nigga crafted the most powerful message of the film through the music of Too Short. Peep how there’s a poster of Public Enemy on the wall of Killmonger’s father apartment.

    Just as “they did” and “THEY LIVE” in plain sight. We gotta learn to hide our energy in PLAIN sight…our VIBRAINIUM.

    Can’t do that punching white girls who are infants in comparison to the universe and hatred that has had centuries to mature…the universe wouldn’t let me go out like that, not then. And not now.

    My seeds have grown and bear fruit for the world to eat through the internet…my actions are MY VIBRAINIUM, as much as my trolling online. They’re tools for liberation…fortified by TIME and SPACE to grow and expand, as all things in this vacuum do.

    …I hope that answers your questions.

  240. TS-LTE Says:

    OH SHIT!!!

    Double 0?!??! Whattup King. Like been treating you right?

  241. TS-LTE Says:

    Casket was right.

    Push just eviserated Drake, OMG. Wtf?!?!

  242. TS-LTE Says:

    He’s fucking with a 40 year old ex drug dealer still rocking braids in 2018. WTF did he think was gone happen bruh.

  243. King James Says:

    Holy shitttttttttt.

    Pusha washed that boy.

    Waits for Casket Comments. 🍿

  244. spirit equality Says:

    Saying that race is a social construct and continuing to describe people by race is a contradiction. Pick a side and stick to it, Casket. And give up on the N word already. It’s a relic from what you call a social construct. That’s like saying you aren’t stuck in the past, but you still call cars jalopies and scheming women harlots LOL

  245. Rajon Trondo Says:

    See, this statement proves slavery is a choice

    Good to know that nahright dot com is still the source for the dumbest shit said on the internet

  246. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Daps TS what’s up my guy!!!!

    Awwww man I kno I’m late I waited purposely this Push Daytona is fire wanted to let it breathe for a lil wow

    And in my opinion it’s 2-1 Push
    That infrared ridiculous he broke dat boy down then da follow up diss wow
    Duppy was cool
    Beef needs to end right there Drake ain’t built for it

  247. Rajon Trondo Says:

    “If we go by connections made
    I can still climb ladders when complexions fade”

    This line is ridiculous and There’s 100 quotables like this on Daytona.

  248. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Pushas response he dropped tonight is gonn come and go. It was disrespectful but it didn’t stick with me in any way .. u gotta have those Instagram caption bars to compete with drake

  249. bboycult Says:

    Hahaha….Called that nigga a deadbeat; then made mention that he is the product of a deadbeat; then called his parking lot pimp of a dad a ole Steve Harvey suit lookin ass boy…..and I can tell they about to lean hard into this mothafuckas thirsty ass mainstream pandering and wave appropriating ….Chess/Drake already lost….Called it Surgical Summer …Pusha a sociopath with it; he just wanna cut up the dead body now.

  250. King James Says:

    That shit he said about 40 though, my gawd lmaooo.

    There’s so many different references in the song. Plus that black face Drake photo.

    Rip Nation.

  251. King James Says:

    The shit he said about his mom’s though.

    And then the reference to I’m on One and Started.

    Pusha is unfuckwittable.

    Drake has too many enemies right now.

  252. THe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Pusha is unfuckwittable.

    ^”If ya kno ya knooooooooo”

    Casket was right

  253. Remixznflow Says:

    Drake hugging 40 right now…

  254. R.J.Orion Says:

    LMAO!!….well damn…

    Dennis Graham?…dead
    Drake??…on life support

    this shit is better than NBA Playoffs…lmmfao at how he did “40” though…so disrespectful

  255. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    Push went “supa ugly” on Canada Dry

    **pours out a lil liquor**

  256. Remixznflow Says:

    Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:
    May 30th, 2018 at 3:43 am
    Push went “supa ugly” on Canada Dry

    **pours out a lil liquor**

    yup.. straight to the babyseat….


  257. Rajon Trondo Says:

    this shit is better than NBA Playoffs
    Knicks fans got it bad smh

  258. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Push really disrespected his whole family tho.

    Aubs is gonna spend a whole verse on the next track trying to explain himself and it’s gonna make things much worse for him

  259. joffe jo Says:

    Someone should’ve told Aubrey or whatever it is that you shouldn’t touch hot stoves you might get burnt. Pusha doing what Meek should’ve done instead of being Meek

  260. King James Says:

    The notion that Drake is leaving Jordan, where he’s had an endorsement deal since 2013, for Adidas has been in the ether ever since the rapper started showing up in public wearing the Three Stripes—a huge no-no if Drake were still with the brand’s direct competitor. But Pusha T, who is signed to Adidas along with Kanye, basically confirmed Adi-Drake is a done deal in “The Story of Adidon,” while simultaneously revealing the existence of a possible Drake baby: “Adonis is your son/And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real,” Pusha rapped.

    Pusha T apparently wasn’t content with just those bars, though, because he called into radio show “The Breakfast Club” this morning and added another wrinkle. Pusha told “The Breakfast Club” that Drake’s line with Adidas is called “Adidon”—after alleged child Adonis—and that Drake would somehow combine an announcement of his paternity in tandem with the Adidas deal. “Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit? Get outta here,” Pusha said. “We couldn’t know about your child until you started selling sweatsuits and sneakers?”

    The name Adidon was out there even before Pusha went on “The Breakfast Club,” though. Journalist Touré tweeted shortly after “The Story of Adidon” dropped that Pusha was outing Drake, his Adidas deal, and Adonis to put a stench on the collab before it was ever even released.

  261. Casket Face Says:

    *Paging Nation*

    You okay breh?

    Drake not somewhere acting like the movie versions of Suge Knight, owls on pitbull leashes, cigar in his mouth, and throwing OVO Jordans at you for not doing your job, right?

    I mean, I did check in and warn niggas…for a minute too.

    You could’ve saved your homie life.

    *Logs off*

    *Continues listening to “Hard Piano” on repeat while lifting weights*

    *Puts Dark Knight Rises back on mute, laughs at Batman getting punched in the head by Bane for being cocky and overconfident and not listening to Alfred’s stalwart advice*

  262. Danny Ocean Says:


  263. King James Says:

    Dennis Graham stay off the gram bitch I’m on one.

  264. Danny Ocean Says:

    Where were YOU when Big Meech brought the tigers in?!

  265. Danny Ocean Says:

    DAYTONA >>>>>>>>>

  266. King James Says:

    Aubrey coppin pleas/melting on IG right now.

  267. R.J.Orion Says:

    King James Says:
    May 30th, 2018 at 11:48 pm
    Aubrey coppin pleas/melting on IG right now.


    Fam….this nigga Aubrey typing out press releases tryna exonerate himself about the blackface coonin’!…this is some new strain of ether he been exposed to… Lord Knows i been a fan of Drakes music from day one, but i never expected him to turn into a whole bitch like this here… last week he was talmbout “DONT PUSH ME WHEN IM IN ALBUM MODE”…now he got a stenographer typing out press releases…dafuck???…nigga, WHERE IS THE SONG?!?!?!….

    Pusha T got the juice now nohomo

  268. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Damn Push, evil and disrespectful. Drake might have to tap out and go back to making money. Good that Pusha gets some sales off this tho

  269. Remixznflow Says:

    Wonder how much money Drake stands to lose if any…

    Wonder how push has so much information on this dude…

    Wonder if drakes baby mother did this… Probably not…

    I’m not sure a response on wax will right the ship…

  270. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Fam….this nigga Aubrey typing out press releases tryna exonerate himself about the blackface coonin’!…this is some new strain of ether he been exposed to… Lord Knows i been a fan of Drakes music from day one, but i never expected him to turn into a whole bitch like this here… last week he was talmbout “DONT PUSH ME WHEN IM IN ALBUM MODE”…now he got a stenographer typing out press releases…dafuck???…nigga, WHERE IS THE SONG?!?!?!….

    ^yikes!!! Even da card carrying Drake Stan clubs switchin sides!?! Damn

    At this point Drake May have to “Push” the album back
    There is no strategy to win here
    There ain’t much ammo other than you wasn’t really the guy, your old, I got more money/hits no personals.

    If this Scorpion album ain’t 85% rap it’s goin start lookin cloudy. Can’t rely on the pop jams and girl songs to carry you this time. Although his sales won’t be affected the public perception/opinion is in. Similar to what Remy did to Nicki and she still hasn’t recovered.

    Yes. Drake is great for pop, but not rappin. “Freestyling” off your blackberry, using ghostwriters, bragging about spending money on thots, wifing up porn stars. All that shit is for the birds. Push embodies what a real emcee is. True to the culture, true to the artform.

    Tough spot Aubrey…he might just have to fall back tho

  271. TS-LTE Says:

    Drake stand and Chris Brown stans don’t really give a damn though. They ignore all kinds of shit as long as they favs keep putting out bops.

    Drake got took to task before on some really questionable allegations and he came out unscathed. The J-Prince situation, getting pissed on and doing nothing about it. Ghostwriters, reference tracks, blackberry-gate, the Rihanna and Nicki curves. Didn’t touch him. His fan base don’t care.

    He can beat a deadbeat daddy charge just by talking about his money and he has him a Will somewhere “so he can relax his whole career”. The pornstar thing, the mom L’s. Steve Harvey suit Dad. Black fucking face, of all things… His fans won’t care in a month or 2.

    He a tall, crooning ass Al B Sure lightskin nigga with a secure bag. His integrity is shot, but his fans are delusional and steadfast.

  272. TS-LTE Says:

    He is kinda melty right now though. That press statement was an L. We need answers on wax from you. Not a damn note from your Publicist.

  273. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Wonder how much money Drake stands to lose if any…
    Well …. When u Google anything related to Drake’s Adidas rollout the first result is a photo of him in blackface.

    So pusha really dunked on him in almost every way imaginable

  274. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Nike is the greatest company to ever do this shit man


  275. cOLD Says:

    Told niggas long time ago

    Transparency >>>

    Drizzy could’ve learned from the comments 😉

    We are living in the age where news cycles are so rapid. He could’ve gotten in front of this “story”.

    In fact nowadays the more you reveal about your life be it good or bad, the more media heralds you as avant-garde and iconic.

    Side note: the younger generation have figured out that attention and scandal = $$$

  276. cOLD Says:

    Never let them see you melt
    Sharks smell blood in water

    Once you start to explaining
    It’s the equivalent to nursing a wound

    Tactics >>>

  277. cOLD Says:

    cOLD Says:
    July 11th, 2013 at 10:41 am
    before the Melt commeth thee explanation

  278. Rajon Trondo Says:

    *daps the fROZEN one*

  279. cOLD Says:

    Salute Trondo

  280. cOLD Says:

    Porn addiction <<><>>
    Minivans >>>
    Social Media >><<

  281. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Might buy ya bitch some new hips and yank her rib out

  282. Brolic fonts Says:

    Ross went in a lil bit on Daytona hard piano

  283. TS-LTE Says:

    The fact there is a Kanye produced NaS album dropping on the 15th has me wild excited for the summer.

    We got a Pusha album.
    Getting a yeezy album, for better or worse.
    Cudi x Yeezy album
    A$AP Rocky dropped

    It’s gone be a hot summer filled with some good ass Tom Foolery

  284. TS-LTE Says:


    Ross danced a lil bit on the track, but I don’t fam. He always sound a little out of his element if it ain’t that luxury, lifestyle music.

  285. TS-LTE Says:

    I need a Ty Dolla $ign joint to top it off. That’ll be the knock em down joint.

    That FREE TC been making its way back around my playlists. It’s hot and that Solid, Straight Up, & Horses in The Stable god tier in the summer.

  286. King James Says:

    Beach House 3>>>>

  287. King James Says:

    Start around 11:50


    King Push

  288. King James Says:

    15:10 mark

    You’re silent on all black issues Drake. – Pusha


  289. Rajon Trondo Says:

    LeBron James>>>>>

  290. R.J.Orion Says:

    Rajon Trondo Says:

    May 31st, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    LeBron James>>>>>


    I mean, seriously….its almost cartoonishl how great he is…

  291. Danny Ocean Says:

    there’s good…and then there’s TOO good.

    what are the odds we see Bron’s name caught up in some chemist’s illegal human growth hormone database 5-10 years from now?

  292. R.J.Orion Says:

    its a shame for him, that he has little to no help…all his teammates are losers from loser organizations…except for maybe George Hill, who was never that good to begin with…JrSmith, Kyle Korver, Jeff “Open Heart” Green , Tristan Kardashian, Brick Laying Jordan Clarkson, Kevin Love, Larry “The Wrong” Nance, and wait for it…….. JOSE CALDERON… if he wins a ring with these bums, he’s GOD…

  293. Danny Ocean Says:

    I mean LBJ is in YEAR 15.

    The man’s played over 100 games this season. 8th straight trip to the Finals. leads the league in minutes played. averaging a 30 point triple double.

    c’mon man.

    HGH >>>

  294. King James Says:

    JR cost them the game

  295. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Don’t be shocked if JR has a mysterious slip and fall in the locker room tonight..

    He might get his ass beat by the rest of the team

  296. R.J.Orion Says:

    King James Says:
    May 31st, 2018 at 11:33 pm
    JR cost them the game


    1st, George Hill cost them the game..then yes, JRSmith choked away any chance for redemption by senselessly dribbling the ball to Akron as the clock dwindled away…what a clown…see why Carmelo could never win shit with that doofus ridin along… #23 deserves better… his teammates are castoffs and journeymen…not a star among them… Golden State has so much talent and Draymond Green’s Warrior spirit might be too much for Lebron to overcome…all the other teams Lebron beats seem to lose their fight when Lebron goes into his Superman act…but Green is such a fighter and his lack of fear of lebron keep the Warriors from going under when #23 starts cooking…Draymond Green is more important to that team than alotta people realize… and Klay Thompson is becoming a cold blooded 4th quarter closer, hitting 3s in crunchtime everytime teams make late runs

  297. King James Says:

    The new Ye album is kinda trash, he needs some new writers in the room or maybe should just stick to producing.

  298. R.J.Orion Says:

    kanye album is a 7 part meltdown… not one song worth replaying …beats are uneventful…son is damn near incoherent with his gibberish… barely sounds like a hiphop album…

  299. Casket Face Says:


    Yikes >>>>>>>>>>

    “I’m a superhero, yeeeehaggghhh!”

    Niggas minds ain’t broken enough (c) Casket Face

  300. Danny Ocean Says:

    kanye album is a 7 part meltdown


    You see? That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! That’s why I fuck with Ye. See that’s my 3rd person — that’s my bipolar shit, nigga what? That’s my superpower, nigga! Ain’t no disability. I’M A SUPERHERO © Ye

  301. King James Says:

    No Mistakes and Ghost Town are perfection though.

    Kids See Ghosts will be a classic

    Scott Mescudi>>>

  302. Rajon Trondo Says:

    I didn’t sleep worth a shit.. that Cavs game broke me. I feel like I aged 10 years overnight

  303. Brolic fonts Says:

    Press release/opposition research rap

    It’s a new day

  304. Brolic Fonts Says:

    If son digs enough he’ll find something. Hard to believe you made it to 40 with not one skeleton.

    Popcorn getting stale, let’s go Aub

  305. Brolic fonts Says:

    Pusha the artistic drug dealer on Jimmy Kimmel live. Dope performance.

    See what I did?

  306. R.J.Orion Says:

    “Cripn 4 Life” – Dave East & Snoop Dogg >>>>>>>

  307. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Seeing the Cavs lose last night was like watching bane crush Batman’s spine ..

    That shit is gonna ruin my weekend.

  308. TS-LTE Says:

    Batman the worst super hero anyway. His only power is white privelage.

    Knightfall was one of the best Batman comics ever. Year One is a close second.

    Seeing Bron lose after all they work was tragic though.

  309. cOLD Says:

    My wife’s artist just dropped his album.

    Go to iTunes type in Last of a flying Breed

    Artist HD.picasso

    Give me your feedback

    Shits 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  310. Remixznflow Says:

    R.J.Orion Says:
    June 1st, 2018 at 4:30 pm
    “Cripn 4 Life” – Dave East & Snoop Dogg >>>>>>>

    ^this one…

    Beat is incredible…

    Dave East makes good music.

  311. Casket Face Says:

    J.R. definitely got called the n-word this weekend.

    Never compare Lebron to a DC character…that nigga is more Marvel.

    Lebron is probably = Silver Surfer

    J.R. = Iron Fist.

    Pusha T probably = Gambit

    Drake = Daken

    Jay Rock – Win >>>> Anything Dave East

  312. King James Says:

    Top Dawg needs to release some new Isaiah Rashad

  313. Casket Face Says:

    That Phonte album art one post back is markedly hilarious.

  314. TS-LTE Says:

    Lebron gotta = Maestro

    Hulk level ability with the genius level intellect of Bruce summed into one being. Won championships on different teams in his prime. That’s like him living out multiple timelines.

    Drake is spot on with the L’s adding up and still having that healing factor due to his fan base.

  315. TS-LTE Says:

    Hell, I can do this all in Hulks

    Lebron = Maestro
    Curry = KLUH
    Drake = Mr. Joe Fixit
    Push = Red Hulk
    J.R = She Hulk

  316. Casket Face Says:

    Bron = Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer is stronger than the Hulk. He could kill him a thousand different ways.

  317. TS-LTE Says:

    Man, shiiid…

    Classic Hulk, yeah. Maestro, not a chance. Silver Surfer gotta be Kobe. He’s was the best when he was out. SS is known more, more defined, and whatnot. Maestro still completing his legacy since he can’t die. SS isn’t alive anymore in the 616 timeline. Complete story.

  318. Casket Face Says:

    Dude, you’re comparing AU’s to the cannon Hulk.

    That’s like Diggle and Quinn breh…

    They’re legends, but never compare them with the real thing.

    Curry is Thor…

    Maestro is like saying Bron vs Jordan in his prime.

  319. Rajon Trondo Says:

    U guys are nerds

  320. King James Says:

    Ghost Town 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  321. Casket Face Says:

    Next up on the Summer L’s Screen 2018:

    Lil Wayneand Nicki come to Drake’s rescue and inadvertently involve Meek.

    Meek jumps on a track with Push and they kill Drizzy, again, along with the legacy of YMCMB…

  322. King James Says:

    Word is that J. Prince & Mike Dean connection as well as the TIs that run the industry deaded the beef.

  323. King James Says:


    Like father, like son. Deadbeat Dennis.

  324. Casket Face Says:

    Only way Drake wins:

    Firstly, production gotta be slappin’… I’d say a bootleg remix of Diddy and Big’s “Victory.” Do the same shit he did with “Nice For What,” you know, like when Lauryn never shuts the fuck up in the background. Use the part where Big says,

    “One, one two / Check me out right here yo”

    Secondly, take out all your enemies… atom bomb BARS! Destroy everything.
    Go after Kim vs your baby moms (her body is atleast real, right?). Go after Cudi being in the Entourage movie, with your music playing in the background (“Scheming Up”)…At least it was smart to wait to see if Ye was hitting on anything with his “comeback” album. If he’s gonna employ the help of Wayne and Nicki…now’s the time. Clear up the Meek B.S. and Nas rumors, perfect time since he’s about to drop his collab with Ye.

    Thirdly, have a bridge in the song for Meek… use his own song, “Fighting Stronger” from the Creed soundtrack. Tie in the “Adonis” word association…low key that’s what Pusha did…”let the boy come home” was a play on words from the film Black Panther when Black Panther’s father wouldn’t let Kilmonger “come home” to Africa and Black Panther found out…he said something in the effect of “you should’ve brought the boy home.”

    Better believe Jay-Z has a chessboard set up with Kanye pieces on it…Hov has taken shots at Drake in the past, back when he collabed with Ye.

    Only way he wins is if he goes on a killing spree, BARS loaded in a 50 Cal, close ranging all his enemies and anyone standing next to them on ONE TRACK! No chorus, no singing, no wave riding…BARS, BARS, BARS!

    Niggas love boxing, and there are too many tie-ins with pop culture references for Drake to use to his advantage like Push did.

    Honestly Drake’s “researchers” and “PR department,” might want to sit this one out. Niggas is clout chasing corns and they are stuck without the next wave to hop on. Drake gotta stand on his own two to win this shit.

    If he can do that, the crown is his. And honestly, Ye through Pusha beef proxy is the easiest way to do it. You’re in Calabasas with ALL the dirt on the fam breh! Now’s the time! Strike before the next release. If not this is the end.

    Summarily, boxing theme beat, tie in “Adonis,” (Creed) hype for wordplay, make the Kardashians collateral damage. Beat gotta be HARD as FUCK! Bars have to be 50 Cal shells to the chest! And you REALLY REALLY REALLY gotta be COLD HEARTED…remember, KEEP IT REAL ABOUT BEING BIRACIAL…KEEP IT REAL ABOUT HOW WHITE FOLKS TREATED YOU BEFORE THE MONEY.

    Do this and it’s an easy win…you don’t, and Pusha just old school school yard/block bullied you and got you scared to come outside or go to school.

    Niggas like that gotta be dealt with swiftly, and for the world to see…it’s a match of strength and people are questioning whether Drake has the muscle.

    Remember when you had to beat the bully’s ass straight up…like just swing off on that nigga in front of everyone? Do that lyrically to Pusha, no windmilling and crying hoping something land. You just gotta KNOW, lyrically, you gotta hit that nigga in the mouth in front of everyone after school…feel me?

    Dig deep, make Dennis accountable, make your white side of the family accountable, white teachers, white parents, every time they made you realize you was BLACK….put that shit on wax, BARS!

    I guarantee Pusha will fold! Kanye will FOLD! Hov will even fall back!

    It’s the only way…

  325. Casket Face Says:

    Where Emma Roberts and Issa Rae Drizzy?!?!

    Gave niggas prophecy in this VERY THREAD about Drake’s doomsday.

    Can’t trust them vultures breh… Meek had to endure ALL this and then JAIL.


  326. hip hop cops Says:


    white folks treated him fine. he’s from toronto lol. he was a tv star.

    drake had a legendary run but what goes up must come down. his rap cred is shot. he’s just a pop star now. he’ll be fine.

  327. Casket Face Says:

    I know for a fact that nigga experienced discrimination.

    I’ve been to Canada few times as a child and an adult.

    Sure you get treated better than you do in the U.S. as a black person.

    But we’re not gonna act like it isn’t implicit bias in Canada.

    Niggas must not have heard his old mixtape shit…

    “black is black, even if it’s very light” – Drake

  328. King James Says:

    James Fauntleroy and No I.D. are on twitter throwing shots at Ye and Push, caping for Drizzy & 40. Roc Nation vs GOOD Music?


  329. Casket Face Says:

    I think that’s corny that all these niggas that Ye put on trying to kick him while he’s down.

    The crazy part is, if Kanye was dating or married to a black woman there wouldn’t be so much hate. Even more crazier, these black hoes that hate him for marrying “white,” approve of their celeb “sistas” with “white zaddies…”

    Keep telling niggas, black men who dare to be different gotta be prepared for extreme isolation and exclusion. White niggas did the race, that’s why it’s easier for white men to win at shit. Them niggas took the necessary risks.

    Watch, they coming for Jay-Z next… and they’re gonna use Kanye to do it.

    Beyonce gonna get labeled a “racist (even though it’s impossible for black to be racist), and they gonna come for her. Kardashians have proven they’re unbreakable under public scrutiny. The tides will soon turn in their favor. They’re WOMEN, raising BLACK DAUGHTERS and SONS! That’s an automatic win for them. Kanye knew what he was doing when he married in…they did to.

    And all these little underlings trying to Starscream Ye like he’s Megatron, ready to backstab him on some” I’m the leader of the Decepticons” shit, when he weathers this storm they will be dealt with. And after that, Ye coming for Hov.
    Watch that Nas joint be a masterpiece. Once Ye get that Nas stamp and his health replenished, he’s coming for big dog. Watch.

    Drake is the trojan horse to all this…if Drake falls to GOOD MUSIC it’s like Star Wars when Anakin becomes Vader. Ye is definitely Anakin…they underestimating his power. Hov is Obi Wan…Drake is Mace Windu…then Ye gonna kill all the Padawans.

  330. King James Says:

    J.Prince told Drake not to respond, audio here.


  331. Casket Face Says:

    Cavs playing like Drake… 9 pt lead?!

  332. cOLD Says:


    ^ my youngin got next.

    Name a new nigga fucking with hd.picasso

  333. Casket Face Says:

    Mannnnnnnnnn… Drake lost.

    I told niggas. It’s over for that nigga… at least for the rest 2018.

    Drake can never rap a tough bar in his life ever again… this shit is the equivalent of throwing the basketball over the gate after a nigga dropped buckets or dunked on you in front of everyone.

  334. R.J.Orion Says:


    …dude can rap, no doubt….just not really feeling the beats as much….The Intro was ill, after that the beats and songs started to run together and sound alike… but the MC skill, effort and polish is there… and beat selection is opinion based anyway…so who am i to judge?…just my 2 cents, Fam

  335. King James Says:

    Arian Foster Podcast>>>

  336. Remixznflow Says:

    After listening to that J. Prince interview… man i dont know…

    How he intervene now… when hes lived through worse beefs?

    Hinting like this would end up being taken to the streets… I dont believe it.

  337. R.J.Orion Says:

    word….wtf is this beef intervention shit???…aint no Geneva Convention rules to this shit.. this nigga JPrince actin like Drake about to release info that threatens national security… dafuck is wrong with niggas lately?…. this some bullshit.. release it or it didnt happen…

  338. TS-LTE Says:


    J. Prince old ass still on that old school scumbag shit. He told Drake to fall back because he knew he wasn’t gone win. He’s tryna protect his investment. Then came up with a melty ass excuse to not keep it moving. It’s wax nigga.

    Keep the rest of that interview shit to your uglass self.

  339. R.J.Orion Says:

    Black Thought new album is some of the best shit he ever did… caught me off guard…. whoa…

  340. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Yeah the J. Prince comments were mad melty. Drake probably be a lil tarnished from now on. Some of his stans say this whole ordeal will make him more emo which will lead to better music.

    Similar case study, did Remy Ma pull Nicki down from the top spot or was it just time for new females. Rap game is tough.

  341. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Black Thought is Black Thought, but they coulda selected better beats. Maybe my expectations were too high with the classic 9th Wonder productions.

  342. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Rapsody >>>

    Cosine some comments back on Azealia Banks, real underrated as a pure MC. That hot 97 Papoose freestyle over a house beat was crazy too. Skills.

  343. King James Says:

    Nah Nicki’s time at the top was up, rap game fickle. See: Lil Wayne

    Adapt or die

  344. King James Says:

    J. Prince trying to sell his new book too.

    Rap game a facade

  345. Remixznflow Says:

    Cardi B came in like a hurricane and fucked all the momentum up for Remy and really fucked up Nicki’s comfortable spot as the “Female” Rapper in the game…

    And i cant say shes putting out good music.. but shes cornered the market when it comes to gaining your attention…

    Rapsody is really where its at IMO…

  346. Casket Face Says:

    Man, bottom line is this, if Drake doesn’t release a decent diss response it’s a wrap for him music wise.

    It’s like I said a few posts up…females don’t respond well to hoe niggas.

    How can you sell the image of being this “Don Juan” when people going in on your baby moms, you proved you can’t scrap, and you got “OG” niggas making decisions for you.

    J Prince can’t threaten consumers into buying millions of albums or streams etc. Right now the wave is “fuck Drake,” can’t nobody justifiably help that man. Nobody fucking with him anymore…at least for a while. And when he makes a comeback, he’s gonna be the butt end of the joke.

  347. Rajon Trondo Says:

    just not really feeling the beats as much….


    Have your people get in touch with me , cOLD

    I’ll hook him up with some bangers

  348. King James Says:

    Ye came and went.

    2.5 outta 5

  349. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “Can’t nobody fuckin guard me”

  350. Casket Face Says:

    It’s not looking too good for the Cavs… 3-0? Can’t lie I’ve come to respect the Warriors. They earned it like a MF.

    I don’t know why everybody hyping up K.D.’s jumper, it was nice, but Bron couldn’t be on him. Plain and simple. J.R. and Hood did their best too.

    Warriors just had an effective game plan. ALLOWED to actually run ISO’s with K.D. wtf? Double up! Don’t let that nigga anywhere near the ball. Curry cracked the code on offense though, it’s psychological. Bron be looking like he wanna swing off on that man and send his mouthguard flying. That nigga got that devious psychopathic (U MAD?) smile that makes niggas wanna fight…Joker from Batman type smile. Bron was visibly bothered.

    I really think they gonna turn this around Friday…if they don’t, we know Bron is out.

  351. King James Says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see the body language of LeBron and the Cavs if they get blown out around the 3rd/4th quarter on Friday. Does he continue to go all in or just phone it home? LeBron to Houston 2018.

  352. R.J.Orion Says:

    Cavaliers are by far, the worst team to ever play in an NBA Finals…Back 2 Back 2 Back…the fact that Lebron’s talent and sheer force of will has gotten them this far, is some amazing shit…his teammates are bums and freeloaders and are unworthy of his assistance… and like Casket said, ive come to respect the Warriors more than ever…that team has no weaknesses…and theyre all in their prime years…scary…

  353. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Fuck the warriors and anybody that loves em

  354. Remixznflow Says:

    The championship was played between the rockets and the warriors… no argument.

    Bron plays in a trash conference where he knows he can pad his stats and records.. making him appear to be the best player to ever touch a basketball… smart strategy… only backfires when he needs rings.

    Bron will NEVER play in the west.

    Bron might team back up with kyrie… never shoulda let him go in the first place. The celtics have a promising next 5 years if all goes well. Best coach. Best new talent and a great bench.

    >>>>>OKC Thunder

  355. King James Says:

    Paul George, Kemba Walker, LeBron James all to Lakers this summer.

  356. King James Says:

    Were there ever rumors that Push wrote for Hov like ten years ago?

  357. Casket Face Says:

    Dudes buggin’ with the Bron slander.

    He’s a superior athlete, nothing about his abilities is strategic…Bron is an objective player.

    He’s proved this in Cleveland and Miami, he’s raw power.

    Curry could do well in the military because although he has his own flare, dude is fundamental…last night he was following ORDERS!

    Last night was a tactical assault on LeBron… Green, Curry, and Durant!
    Dude only got 11 points on the board, that was about taking one for the team to bring down Bron. Again, which is why I don’t hype up KD’s bucket from deep.

    Idunno when I play ball it’s a psych thing. That’s why when I watch Curry I know when he’s up to something when he starts cheesing like a psycho. He’s following orders. When he’s going off script, he’s visibly upset when he underperforms. They set my nigga up plain and simple, and he doesn’t have players around him strong enough to aid him. This only happens in Clevland.
    When he was in Miami he didn’t have those problems.

    But I have never been a wave chaser…never copped a Cavs jersey or a Heat jersey. I’m Knicks all day…even while niggas wanna ride the Nets wave.

    But Bron, nah…that nigga deserve the praise he gets and if you got anything bad to say about LeBron you may be a natural born hater.

    …he’ll never go to the Warriors or Lakers, that’s like Biggie signing to Death Row. If anything I could see Bron going to the Nets, but according to Remix that would be him doing it to “pad his stats.”

    I personally believe he just loves the game. I could see him going to the Nets…if he comes to the Knicks though…but realistically, I could see him doing well with the Nets.

    I will say though, he’s done with Cleveland…he doesn’t owe them or Miami anything.

  358. Remixznflow Says:

    nah YOU buggin…

    Strategic? Like a move to MIAMI wasnt strategic? Lebron aint stupid.

    He is a superior athlete.. but hes one athlete… he went to a superteam THEN tried to recreate his own team in Cleveland… it worked for one year. And THAT year they had Kyrie…

    Its not like he hasnt stated in plain English his goal is to be on the Mt. Rushmore of basketball greats… hes there. But no way in hell hes gonna take this legacy and move it west. Nope. He’d be a fool to do it… And he wont go to a trash team either. He’ll only play for an eastern conference contender… Celtics, Sixers…. Uh… thats it.

  359. R.J.Orion Says:

    Lebron James is the greatest athlete in the world… since Bo Jackson… im not a Cavs or a Lebron fan…it just is what it is… the only problem is, his teammates suck … look at that roster… ALL them niggas are, were, or will be, others peoples problems…not a legitimate NBA star or even a good role player among them…if Kevin Love is your best teammate you should be a lottery team…ask Minnesota… as a Knick fan, im STILL waiting with open arms nohomo for that nigga to wear blue&orange

  360. King James Says:


    Damn five years too late, the fans done moved on.

  361. King James Says:

    I see someone is still biter that the King beat their team in the Finals.

    Should’ve kept Harden, y’all were the Warriors before the Warriors.

  362. King James Says:

    Watching Straight Outta Compton

    They really played Eazy-E, that shit is mad fucked up.

    Winners really rewrite history, Dre looks like a superhero in this film.

  363. Casket Face Says:

    Yeah, niggas didn’t wanna hear the truth from me.

    They like it better when you’re an anonymous troll.

    I like Straight Outta Compton, but I didn’t like the way Dre left out a lot.

    Nigga Real Muthafuckin G’s was HARD as fuck…

    Cube in REAL LIFE was always my favorite NWA member.

    Then Eazy E …and the unofficial member D.O.C.

    They left out Eazy’s success with Bone Thugs.

    Everyone that HOE’D Dre…c’mon this nigga was knocking out more niggas in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON than Ice Cube did in all his action movies put together.

    I respect Cube and remember VIVIDLY when he left the group. I remember him being a guest star on MAD TV and making power moves back then. Lowkey, he’s the only other rapper/entrepreneur I wanted to be like other than Puff growing up (I’m talking 11-12 years old). Cube represented a cool regular nigga in the hood. Dre wanted to be one of them gangsta niggas so bad…

    Fuck Beats headphones…mine broke after 6months. This nigga turned the end of Straight Outta Compton into a gotdamn Beats commercial.

    They played the hell out of Eazy… I know he did scumbag shit, but damn, he’s DEAD and isn’t here to defend himself.

    Shoutout to Pusha T for that Eazy E line on Infrared. That’s how you can tell who were REALLY in the streets growing up and these niggas REWRITING history with T-shirts and retro fashion.

    Niggas rocking metal bands from the past on T-shirts… niggas didn’t respect them in the 90’s or 2000’s.

    Street niggas was listening to alternative and grunge. Not Iron Maiden and shit.
    Techno was huge too. Now you got these little niggas 18-25 rewriting history, and Dre helping them do it with this movie.

    Never forget, Cube gave us “True To The Game”… my dad had me in the Mosque, listening to Farrakhan and Khalid…so I was hype when he was in the video.

    But all I can say is I was there, order Snoop Dogg Murder Was The Case on Pay-Per-View…had the whole Bone Thugs Collection, Mack 10, Lynch Mob, WC, Dogg Pound…

    Dre definitely rewrote history…most accurate character I felt like he portrayed was the nigga in the movie “The Wash.” Snoop probably step to Dre for his bread like that in real life “I want MY chips, with DIP!”

    Don’t get me started on Eminem…I’m glad the truth starting to come out now.
    That nigga was getting away with murder in terms of public perception. 8mile wasn’t accurate either…but.

  364. spirit equality Says:

    That Black Thought/9th EP deserves more attention than it’s getting Black killed it as usual and 9th hooked him up with some heat.

    Royce’s Book of Ryan deserves some attention too. Story raps, introspective rhymes, solid production, everything people say they’re looking for smh

  365. R.J.Orion Says:

    Word… that Black Thought lp is ferocious… i was commenting earlier in the thread about how good it is…

  366. TS-LTE Says:

    That’s how I felt about GhostFace’s 12 Reasons To Die. But the album fell on deaf ears. Same thing with 12 More Reasons.

    Wu-Tang our out Legendary Weapons and that’s still in rotation. So is Raekwon’s F.I.L.A. (Fly Luxurious International Art) is still categorically one of his more accomplished works.

    But… Niggas just ain’t fucking with old heads anymore.

    Curious to see how this NaS album is going to be accepted. He’s an old head qualifier. He’s not Jay per se, but his reach is just as influential.

  367. King James Says:

    Nas has the Kanye stimulus package, for better or worse it’s going to get in the ears of people and get praise from all the reviewers and online magazines.

    It’s like when Jay was riding Ye’s wave/leaching Ye’s fan base around The Blueprint 3-WTT era, except Nas isn’t doing that Ye came to him.

    Also, Life is Good >>> 4:44

  368. Casket Face Says:

    That Kanye and Cudi listening party in Wyoming seemed lit AF!

    Ye gonna stop biting my boonies retreat swag though…life been good ever since I cracked that code…don’t need none of these ignorant hood muthafuckas making it hot out here in the mountains. Or these brainwashing culture vulture hipsters! White people in the mountains be cool AF! Don’t be no racism, no mistreatment no nothing but good vibes and love.

    Niggas was crying tears of joy and shit! I’m glad Ye is flourishing in the face of so much negativity.

    Kim raising black kids, getting black women free from jail… oppression and slavery really looking like a choice for some.

  369. King James Says:

    Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)>>>>>>

    Scott Mescudi>>>>>>>>>>>>

  370. King James Says:


    Haven’t heard Kanye spit like this since Pablo

  371. Casket Face Says:

    Reborn >>>>>>>

    4th Dimension >>>>>>

    Feel The Love >>>>>

    Fire >>>>

  372. King James Says:

    Might be a reach, but Kids See Ghosts is the 2018 Graduation.

  373. R.J.Orion Says:

    yall must be listening to a different album, because this kids see ghosts shit is pure, unlistenable trash… this shit is hardly even hiphop…most of tbis shit is some psychedelia pop/rock type shit… Cudi shit always been audio gibberish, other than “Day And Night”… Ye lost his touch… wheres that “Crack Music”???

  374. R.J.Orion Says:

    “U guys are Nerds”

    ~ Rajon Trondo

  375. Remixznflow Says:

    R.J.Orion Says:
    June 8th, 2018 at 5:02 pm
    yall must be listening to a different album, because this kids see ghosts shit is pure, unlistenable trash… this shit is hardly even hiphop…most of tbis shit is some psychedelia pop/rock type shit… Cudi shit always been audio gibberish, other than “Day And Night”… Ye lost his touch… wheres that “Crack Music”???


  376. TS-LTE Says:

    Kanye outta chances from me. I ain’t even listen to his shit after that “Slavery was a choice” bullshit. He was already on thin Ice. That pair with this Trump shit is un-fucking-speakable. I don’t really mess around with weirdo Alternative Black Boys like that. Keep it.

    Only reason I still lightweight fuck with him musically is because of Push, this new NaS, and Cyhi Tha Prynce. Won’t listen to anything he’s rapping over.

    Unless, we can get back to that Late Registration sound.

  377. King James Says:

    “Kanye has made one of the most intelligent decisions of his life to feel the same and not want this as well. He could have advocated differently, but I respect his decision. He told me he’s a family man,” J. Prince continued.



  378. King James Says:

    Cats really be dropping hundreds on Gildan tees & hoodies just because they’re designed by Ye, talk about getting hustled.

  379. Casket Face Says:

    I want to be an optimist, but it’s not looking good.

    Don’t go out like this Bron, c’mon dawg.

    …why J.R. always looks like his head is held on by two bolts?
    He always looking up like he gotta chose between playing real ball or his head falling off his neck mid-play. SMH

    I’m really tired of this nigga, and Kevin Love.

    This nigga reminds me of Tiffany Haddish husband from Last OG…just try way too hard but it’s never good enough. Bron, stop passing to that nigga…and J.R.

    Only nigga you pass to tonight is Hood, or Thompson…that’s it!!!

  380. TS-LTE Says:


    Steph clenched more championships in Quicken Loans Stadium than Lebron did.

    Ain’t THAT some shit…

  381. TS-LTE Says:

    Tron about to be on homicde alert.

    Next year, big homie. Next year we got this.

  382. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Damn Bron, trying to be noble by going to Cleveland cost him some rings. What’s more important, nobility or dem rangs? I don’t have the answers.

  383. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Kanye is a tool, but that Cudi Kanye was good on Saturday morning. Can’t fuck with his solo album tho. 2/3 so far.

  384. Brolic fonts Says:

    Psychedelic Cudi with psychedelic instrumentals

  385. King James Says:


  386. King James Says:


    Westbrook jealous

  387. King James Says:

    4th Dimension >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Q-Tip & Tribe DNA is all over the instrumental & sample

  388. cOLD Says:

    R.J.Orion Says:
    June 5th, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    …dude can rap, no doubt….just not really feeling the beats as much….The Intro was ill, after that the beats and songs started to run together and sound alike… but the MC skill, effort and polish is there… and beat selection is opinion based anyway…so who am i to judge?…just my 2 cents, Fam

    ^ thanks for feedback. You know I respect your opinion.

    *hits up trondo for next album*

  389. TS-LTE Says:


    Ya homie rapping his ass off! But Land was right. It get repetitive and his beats need a little upgrade.

    It’s worth another listen or 2.

  390. TS-LTE Says:

    I been fuckin with (nh) this Chicago rapper named Montana 300. If y’all get a chance, check him out. Sun a God Tier rapper.

  391. King James Says:

    Cudi Montage>>>>>>

  392. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Sell me the domain

    Dont let this shit go to waste

  393. King James Says:

    The film of life

  394. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    The film of life


    *daps* H Shellz

  395. Remixznflow Says:


    This is how it should be…

    All great things leave a mark, make history…. And come to an end.

    Appreciate what this was… Cant reinvent it or duplicate it. Nah right was a season… Flourished and birthed alot of dope shit…

  396. King James Says:

    Aubrey stunting in the I’m Upset video, the song still trash.

  397. King James Says:

    Half-A-Mil (Dom Kennedy & Hit-Boy)>>>

  398. G Off Says:

    Ye: trash
    KSG: trash
    Daytona: dope for one listen, minimal replay value
    Nas: zzz

    If kanye wants to get his vibe back, he’s gotta get outta his bubble, spend some actual time on his music and focus in. He ain’t getting 40 points in the 4th quarter anymore :(

  399. cOLD Says:


    Ya homie rapping his ass off! But Land was right. It get repetitive and his beats need a little upgrade.

    It’s worth another listen or 2

    ^ another opinion I respeck. Thanks for feedback homie.

    In other news. Nas album done.

    Yeezy kinda styled on Nas on cops 👮🏾‍♀️.

  400. cOLD Says:


    ^ for you no account having negroes.

    I must say I’m not thoroughly impressed. Maybe it needs to grow on me. My thoughts Nas ain’t twist words like he did on Life’s Good. ‘member black bond. Sheesh

  401. cOLD Says:

    Currently parked in grocery store parking lot looking at hella phat asses.

    Life is good.

  402. Remixznflow Says:

    cOLD Says:
    June 15th, 2018 at 8:58 am
    Currently parked in grocery store parking lot looking at hella phat asses.

    Life is good.

    From your minivan window?

    Crew Cab > Honda odyssey

  403. R.J.Orion Says:

    Nas new album is not on TIDAL…lol…”Black Republicans”?…Hov still hates Nas…

  404. R.J.Orion Says:

    Nas album is ok… its kinda dull…nothing pops out as a solid hit joint…just the ususal nas delivery over throwaay beats….on a related note…whatever happened to the mighty, mighty, Just Blaze??… his contributions to hiphop music are sorely missed….i dont give a fuck whats in style now…that man’s beats are/were timeless…

  405. King James Says:

    Watch the Netflix documentary Rapture about Just Blaze now.

  406. King James Says:

    Half-A-Mil (Dom Kennedy & Hit-Boy) – Courtesy of Half-A-Mil 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Summertime theme music

  407. King James Says:

    Kawhi and LeBron to LA

    It was written

  408. R.J.Orion Says:

    word??….justblaze documentary on netflix??… ill check that out tonight….thanks

  409. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Cosine the Netflix Justblaze documentary. That’s actually the only episode I’ve watched from the series.

  410. Casket Face Says:

    Can’t fuck with Just Blaze…nigga too much of a clout chaser for me.

    Never forget how he tried hoe Dame in this one interview (think Combat Jack actually) after the Roc empire crumbled. He was trying to treat Dame like that one nigga in your hood that got money and respect but they fell off…little niggas be disrespecting that nigga making him dance $2, polishing up their knuckle game. Just Blaze tried to play Dame like he never put no money in his pocket or put him in a better position.

    …then one time in the club, this nigga Just Blaze was acting like he was no F-List celebrity. Doing way too much.

    That’s why Swizz did this nigga in during that DJ battle, LOL!
    Just cried in the car, LOL!

  411. Casket Face Says:

    SuperFly (2018) > SuperFly (1972)

    Fuck Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB…fuck all them sites.

    The theater was lit, women loved it, real niggas in our screening loved it.
    Had a lot of powerful messages sprinkled in with the fuckery. Especially in the third act. And not a hint of misogyny for those crypto-racist dykes looking for something negative to say either. Actually, all the women in the film had empowering roles…even the strippers and hoes.

    My screening was mostly women: “kill that nigga,” “kill the plug,” and “that bitch gotta go.”

    Hood/woke black women in a movie theater > bougie hoes and culture vultures

  412. King James Says:

    This Nas project goes so far. Kanye brought back the soul he use to have on a few tracks with the singing.

  413. King James Says:

    Jay Rock new album though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Second best album of year behind Daytona

  414. hip hop cops Says:

    nas a loser for real though, this some garbage. halfway through this damn thing sounds like a kanye vanity project. relevant lyrics but no memorable bars. could have been so much more. ye 0/4 now with mediocrity. drake using degrassi to smokescreen that big L, from a dude whose album has zero replay. i hope you realize kendrick sitting here watching all these bugs scrambling.

  415. Casket Face Says:

    Niggas at Drake’s throat…to be fair, I called it, in this very thread.

    He pandered to black hoodrats with “Nice For What” then Push came through with the scope deaded all that light skin fuckery.

    That Degrassi not working here in the states… Meek pour his heart out on Left Hollywood while Drake was winning awards for bullshit. Then he went to JAIL! Lost Nicki! That bullshit with Ross! Nigga came home standing tall. Meanwhile, Drake acting like he really did something with the “Twitter Fingers” line.

    Niggas wasn’t having that this go round. J Prince made it worse for this.

    Album gonna flop, Pusha gonna double back with the yopper and let it rang on homie!

  416. Casket Face Says:

    That “Cops” joint on Nasir >

    …that’s about it though.

    SuperFly Soundtrack > Nasir

    SuperFly Soundtrack > Kids See Ghosts

    SuperFly Soundtrack > Ye

    SuperFly Soundtrack > …any of Drake’s recent shit

    SuperFly Soundtrack > Amanda Seales BC interview saying her niggas wake up to head every morning

    SuperFly Soundtrack > Anything on Netflix about Just Blaze

  417. King James Says:

    Aubrey really pandering to YTs now.

    I’ve never seen that many YTs ever in a Drake video.

    No choice but to get in that lane for him.

  418. King James Says:

    Jay Rock – Redemption (ft. SZA) >>>>>

    TDE still run it

  419. King James Says:

    Damn, what happened to Rich The Kid?

    Tori Brixx too fine to be fucking with a nigga like that

    These IG hoes really be fucking any rapper for clout

    Word to my bae Brittany Renner.

  420. TS-LTE Says:

    Drake has been consistently pandering to the whites. There is literally no point in his career that he has ever made music for black people. We made room for him because niggas love accepting people. He makes music for white hoes that love to black dick, white niggas that wanna be black, and white niggas who still say Eminem is the best rapper alive.

    All his black fans were girls who thought he was cute and niggas who were too young to understand how rap music how peramout to unique black circumstance from the plight walking around America in our shaded glory.

    White people literally writing articles about can Pusha can brought up on charges from what he said about Drake… roffle.

    Pop ain’t rap. He’s comparable to Britney Spears at best.

  421. TS-LTE Says:

    But people will forgive him.

    They will forgive the blackface
    They will forgive getting pissed on
    They will forgive not writing his own raps
    They will forgive getting his money and not giving back
    They will forgive his seeds half black seeds getting white washed
    They will forgive not responded to the most disrectful attack encountered

    Why? Because niggas are conditioned to abuse and turning the other cheek because of a book that’s no longer applicable in this day and age. Or that was ever applicable to anyone else exacting that bloodshed and abuse. Simply put: nights live to forget shit.

    Meanwhile, white people still haven’t forgave Michael Vick for a dog fight 15 years ago. Word to Don Imus being back on the radio with all his sponsors.

  422. King James Says:

    Jay Rock – ES Tales 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  423. King James Says:

    Everything & Bonjour>>>>>>>

  424. TS-LTE Says:

    Y’all buggin’

    That Nas album HARDBODY!!!



  425. Danny Ocean Says:

    Only downside to Spotify…which I fuck with heavy…is that there’s no Hov albums on there…SMH

    gonna try this TIdal free-trial and give this Hov & Bey a spin

  426. Danny Ocean Says:

    *patiently awaits cOLD’s glowing NASIR sentiments*

  427. Danny Ocean Says:

    We ain’t posing for no pictures in 2018.

    Candid shit only.

  428. King James Says:

    Cold War between the Carters and Kanye; The Carters and Drake.

    All those times Kanye put his career on the line to defend Hov & Beyonce and can’t even get an album placement….


  429. TS-LTE Says:

    Danny Ocean Says:
    June 16th, 2018 at 8:17 pm
    We ain’t posing for no pictures in 2018.

    Candid shit only.



    NaS tapped danced on all them shits.

  430. TS-LTE Says:

    Unpopular Oponion:

    All these albums Ye releases are FUCKING HEATROCKS!!!

    A hunnid fire emojis off rip. Nigga might be crazy, but he killed June.

  431. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Side note: F Jay Electronica for allowing Illuminati to mute him through JayZ and the Rothschild woman.

    Though I recommend revisiting all his mixtapes, timeless classical music. CDRs from 2008/2009 in the dash.

  432. Brolic Fonts Says:

    Still haven’t checked that Nas/Kanye. I’m sliding. Whose world is this?

    World Cup taking up my time.

  433. King James Says:

    Shiny Suite Theory vibes on Nasir with Terius.

  434. Remixznflow Says:

    The lane is open for Kendrick for the next few years at the very least…

  435. R.J.Orion Says:

    JayZ & Beyonce still on top of the world…”Everything Is Love” is killin all the recent releases…

    713 > _____

    Nice > _____

    Black Effect > ______

    LOVEHAPPY >>> ______

    Boss > _____

  436. bboycult Says:

    Buddy ft Ty $ – Hey Up There ……This shit right here nigga; young bruh scored from Waaaayyyy Downtown on this shit right here! So Cali!

  437. Danny Ocean Says:

    Nas “Simple Things” > everything on Everything Is Love

    and I fuck with Hov & Bey. But it is what it is.

    Never sold a record for the beat it’s my verses they purchase (c) Esco

    I drop lines prestigious schools read to they students…looks at my album plaques, somebody agrees with the music! (c) Esco

  438. King James Says:

    Old man Hov knows damn well no one wanted to see him perform half-time at the Super Bowl. Over the years Jay has made himself appear bigger than he really is. One of the all-time greats forsure, but he stays rewriting history.

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