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Cam’ron – Dinner Time (Ma$e Diss)

Just over 24 hours after Ma$e tried to jump out the window, Cam claps back with the clearly superior response track “Dinner Time.” The pastor got off a few good shots on his shit, but the sharpest jab was probably his suggestion that Cam slept with his own sister. Killa shut that down real quick with some of that classic Cam’ron disrespect: “I ain’t got a sister, only sister I fucked was yours.”, before proceeding to rattle off straight facts about all the times Betha got clowned and slapped around Harlem.

Listen below.

Interestingly enough, these two seem to have squashed the static already if these Instagram posts are any indication.

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4 Responses to “Cam’ron – Dinner Time (Ma$e Diss)”

  1. bboycult Says:

    Song for Song….Mase wins; actual facts (and let’s be honest most rap niggas are liars by trade) Mase will hold those Real World/Reality ‘ L’s ‘ for Life! …Cam got smacked by his own petty game; only someone w/real history could do that to him. Glad they treated it like Sport tho! Good Shit!

  2. junMaf*ckn Says:

    Mase Ripped Cam on this. Cam had a few lines of get back but Mase’s flow and witty lines in between (Shortie said I’m blessed and I aint sneeze) makes his song iller i think. And Mase’s last line was The Finisher.

  3. Brolic fonts Says:

    Come on Stanley, “clearly superior”???

  4. Strongchef Says:

    Clear W for killa

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