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Ma$e – The Oracle (Cam’ron Diss)

So after years of being mercilessly clowned and berated by Cam’ron, Betha woke up on Thanksgiving with a battery in his back and went and recorded a response to Killa’s comments about him on The Program. He got a few good shots in on this, but I’m here for zero slander of Mr. Giles by the pastor and I eagerly await the clapback.

Listen to “The Oracle” below.


Good morning to u to betha…lol, Let's play nigga.. 😘

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2 Responses to “Ma$e – The Oracle (Cam’ron Diss)”

  1. spirit equality Says:

    Another L for Cameron.

  2. bboycult Says:

    JE-ZUS!! ….some herb elsewhere said that this was Mase working up the nerve; nah….Mase was holding his tongue! BIG DIFFERENCE! Cam gon clap but he gonna have to go change his Tim boots; cause Mase took a shit all in them Jawns bruh!

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