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Video: Willie The Kid x V Don – Blue Notes

Willie The Kid and V Don revisit the Deutsche Marks project they dropped earlier this year with a new video for the track “Blue Notes.” Check it out above and be sure to catch up on Willie’s new Filthy Money project with S-Class Sonny if you haven’t already.

Previously: Willie The Kid & V Don – The Aura (Video)

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11 Responses to “Video: Willie The Kid x V Don – Blue Notes”

  1. Brolic fonts Says:

    This one and kidz the hall post bringing back memories of wasting time on blogs while at work some years back. Good stuff

    7 – 1 = 6

  2. Brolic fonts Says:

    That’s quick maths

  3. Brolic fonts Says:

    Art game tough, Willie the kid was always a crazy lyricist. Hope the money working for him

  4. Brolic fonts Says:

    Kept waiting for the drums on this then realized it was dope as is

  5. Brolic fonts Says:

    Michigan spitters

    Captcha giving tough multiplication now? Geez

  6. Brolic fonts Says:

    Early birds

  7. Brolic fonts Says:

    Actually bought that 1st kidz in the hall CD, damn

  8. Brolic fonts Says:

    Willie and Naledge better start mumbling! Just jokes

  9. Brolic fonts Says:

    My bad, I’m in this c-section practicing times tables, gotta stay sharp!

  10. Brolic fonts Says:

    Turn c-section into twitter

  11. Brolic fonts Says:

    Peace, and need my cut of those 10 clicks, eskay

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