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Is Cam’ron About to Reignite His Beef with Jay-Z?

I hate that I have to even write this post in 2017, but here goes. So Cam posted a snippet of a new track on his IG account that features a line that many have interpreted as a shot at Jay-Z. The theory is that Cam is responding to Jay’s line on “Moonlight” where he quips, “Look, I know killers, you no killer,” which people apparently believe was a not only a response to that infamous Kanye rant, but also a shot at Killa.

Personally, I think that’s a massive reach. I can’t imagine Jay still harbors any real ill will towards Cam at this stage of the game, particularly when Cam went out of his way to give Jay unsolicited props just last year, and Jay returned the favor by shouting Killa during his Tweet spree back in June. Then again, I’ve been wrong in the past.

Plus, it doesn’t really matter what I think, because if that’s how Cam took it, there will be no convincing him that Jay doesn’t want that smoke. This kills me because these are two of my favorite rappers of ALL TIME, and while they have not gotten along for the majority of their respective careers, it seemed like they were both in a place where they could begrudgingly respect each other. On the other hand, Cam’s “You Gotta Love It” is one of my favorite diss tracks ever, so if we’re gonna get more of that, then I might be able to live with this.

Watch Cam’s video below.

Honestly, without that “family man” line, this lacks any credibility as a Jay shot whatsoever.

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One Response to “Is Cam’ron About to Reignite His Beef with Jay-Z?”

  1. spirit equality Says:

    Cam reached super hard to find a dis there. He’s playing himself.

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