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Lil Wayne – Dinnertime

A previously unreleased cut called “Dinnertime” originally intended for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III has surfaced out of the blue. Listen up below as The Rapper Eater uses all sorts of culinary imagery to describe how he eats MCs alive.

According to LWHQ, this track dates to at least 2008, when it was described in a Blender Magazine story that detailed a studio session:

“He [Lil Wayne] instructs his engineer, Darius ‘Deezle’ Harrison, to fire up a new song; as soon as he hears his own music, Wayne grows wild, his slow-mo confidence shoved abruptly aside by a raging, theatrical egotism. The track is called ‘Dinnertime’, in which Wayne compares other rappers to food and then eats them, chewing noises included. Faced with his prodigious skills, he stutter-steps around the room, headbanging with increasing violence. ‘I’m too sick’ he says, revving himself up. ‘Too sick! I don’t even wanna listen to my own shit, because it makes me want to kill somebody!’ The moment the song ends, Wayne bellows at no one in particular: ‘Fuck yo’ favorite rapper!’ He tells Deezle to dial up another track and reiterates his point, stomping his Nikes to emphasize each syllable: ‘FUCK! YO’! FAV! OR! ITE! RAP! PER!’”

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