DMX Facing Decades in Prison on Tax Evasion Charges

DMX turned himself in to federal authorities in New York on Thursday (July 13) to face 14 counts of tax evasion charges relating to his failure to file and pay federal income taxes over several years. The Justice Department released a detailed press release covering the case that explains how X is accused of a ” multi-year scheme to conceal millions of dollars of income from the IRS and to avoid paying $1.7 million of tax liabilities.” According to the Feds, the rapper went to great lengths to conceal millions of dollars in income from music royalties and other sources by setting up accounts in the names of associates, paying for expenses in cash and failing to report that income.

From the release:

During the period from 2010 through 2015, SIMMONS earned over $2.3 million, but SIMMONS did not file personal income tax returns during that time period. Instead, he orchestrated a scheme to evade payment of his outstanding tax liabilities, largely by maintaining a cash lifestyle, avoiding the use of a personal bank account, and using the bank accounts of nominees, including his business managers, to pay personal expenses. For example, SIMMONS received hundreds of thousands of dollars of royalty income from his music recordings. SIMMONS caused that income to be deposited into the bank accounts of his managers, who then disbursed it to him in cash or used it to pay his personal expenses. SIMMONS also participated in the “Celebrity Couples Therapy” television show in 2011 and 2012 and was paid $125,000 for his participation. When taxes were withheld from the check for the first installment of that fee by the producer, SIMMONS refused to tape the remainder of the television show until the check was reissued without withholding taxes.

So basically, this is some serious shit. That old trope about rich and powerful people getting away with everything in the world until the IRS comes looking for their money exists for a reason. Al Capone is the most referenced example, but scores of otherwise law abiding people have fallen to tax evasion charges brought by Uncle Sam, word to Wesley Snipes. X is reportedly looking at up to 44 years in prison if convicted.

And that’s a shame because this seems like it was completely avoidable. Just pay your taxes X! It’s not like you didn’t have the money. Those paperwork gangsters at the IRS are always going to catch up with you, no matter how clever you think you are. Just look at Floyd Mayweather. You know how much that guy loves his money, but when the IRS came knocking, he knew he had to pay up.

X is scheduled to face the charges in a federal courtroom in New York on Friday. UPDATE: He plead not guilty and was released on $500,000 bail.

Image by Jonathan Mannion

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