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Moh Flow ft. Pusha T – Options

Spotify is doing a really cool series called “I’m With the Banned,” which pairs artists from countries impacted by America’s discriminatory and absurd “Muslim ban” with Western artists in an effort to give voice to people who may be unfairly demonized by the dangerous rhetoric dominating the conversation around immigration in the U.S at the moment.

One of these pairings is of Syrian vocalist Moh Flow with Pusha T on a track called “Options” which you can stream in full below. Before you do that though, check out the video above which features a profile of Moh and his brother and producer Ay, as well as footage from their sessions with Push.

Desiigner also participated in this series, collaborating on a track called “Durbaan Ka li Tuma” with Somali Rap group Waayaha Cusub. That song and their video profile is also included below.

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