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JAY-Z Releases His New Album, 4:44

Back around the later half of May, mysterious ads promoting something called 4:44 began appearing on websites, billboards across major metropolitan areas and finally in national TV spots. We soon learned that the title was the cryptic name of JAY-Z’s 13th solo studio album which would be an exclusive release via TIDAL and Sprint. Right up until tonight we knew very little about this project except for a rumor that veteran producer and Capitol Music vice president No I.D. would be handling all of the production. The idea of a new Jay album alone is enough to get the culture bubbling, but when you tell us No I.D. is overseeing every single beat, the level of excitement rises exponentially.

I.D. has previously collaborated with Jay on a number of notable tracks, including “All Around the World” from The Blueprint 2, “Success” featuring Nas, “D.O.A” and the Kanye and Rihanna collaboration “Run This Town”. It’s fair to say the Ye and Rihanna track ended up being the biggest hit the pair worked on, but the production on all of these was top notch. What little we’ve heard from 4:44, in three promo spots released over the last couple of weeks, has sounded very promising.

With intriguing titles such as “Adnis” (the name of Jay’s late dad), “KILL JAY-Z” and “MaNyfaCedGod,” the promotional clips hint at a deeper and more introspective project than we’ve heard from Hov in a minute. The fact that he has also become far more active in social issues such as mass incarceration, the failed War on Drugs, and police brutality could also give us an idea of where Jay’s head was while recording this album. Finally, just today it was revealed that he has shot a video with a prison theme with wokeness icon Jesse Williams.

Fuck talking about it though, let’s get into this. Stream the 10-track 4:44 below or via Tidal/Sprint now, and yes, I caved and reactivated my subscription just for this.

UPDATE: Here’s Jay on each track

UPDATE: Jay and TIDAL are now offering free downloads of the album. Use voucher code SPRINT.

The three bonus tracks that will appear on the physical copy will be “Adnis”, Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” and “ManyFacedGod.”

Watch the video for “The Story of O.J.” here

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8 Responses to “JAY-Z Releases His New Album, 4:44

  1. Chapzilla Says:

    “JAY-Z 4:44 is only accessible to Sprint/TIDAL customers and all TIDAL accounts established prior to June 26th during the exclusive period.”

  2. TS-LTE Says:

    This nigga got Beyoncé harmonizing on the same track he talking about cheating on her on.

    I don’t wanna say it’s levels to this shit, but its levels to this shit.

  3. King James Says:

    Need this on Apple Music

  4. Brolic fonts Says:

    Impressive bro, really good chit.

    Side note: We’re in the real golden age of rap right now, too much good shit for everyone. Fuck yo feelings and teenage memories.

  5. Brolic fonts Says:

    Heard 4:44 on the radio on the way home, came to check the whole album. Creative.

  6. King James Says:

    That new CyHi and Q collab>>>>>>>>>

  7. King James Says:

    Smile might be track of the year. That sample, instrumental, and soul>>>>>>

    Hov is just that dude. He’s been giving life gems to cats for years and he’s showing y’all how to move in this world.

    That’s what separates him from emotional Ye.

  8. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Biggie > Hov

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