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Watch Obama Induct Jay Z Into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Last night, Jay Z made history as the first rapper to ever be inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. He couldn’t attend the ceremony because Bey is almost certainly about to give birth to the couple’s twins, and so Barack Obama recorded a short video introducing the GOAT.

In the video, Obama compares the similar and unlikely paths that the two men traveled to get to where they are today, made a self-deprecating joke about how both of their wives are more popular than them, and declared that he is probably the only POTUS to bump Hov in the Oval Office and probably will be for some time.

For his part, Jay later sent out a #veryrare tweetstorm in which he thanked fans and rattled off an extensive list of MC’s that influenced and inspired him. The list included everybody from Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, to former adversaries such as Cam’ron and Jaz-O, right up to current stars of the new generation like Mac Miller and Playboi Carti. Watch Obama’s speech above and read Jay’s tweets below.













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  1. King James Says:

    Jay-Z > Nas

  2. King James Says:

    Oh shit he named dropped Lupe!!!

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