Stream Ice Cube’s Death Certificate (25th Anniversary Edition)

Surely, you already know and love Ice Cube’s seminal 1991 sophomore solo album, Death Certificate. Perhaps it was a bit before your time, and if that’s the case, now would be a great time to get familiar. The album was extremely controversial back in the early 90’s for reasons ranging from his perceived encouragement of violence towards Korean-Americans to his scathing diss track “No Vaseline”. But there are also many socio-political ideas presented here that are extraordinarily relevant in the present day and will likely remain so for some time. In commemoration of the LP’s 25th anniversary, which actually landed back in October of 2016, Cube gives us an updated and remastered edition with three new songs: “Only One Me”, “Good Cop, Bad Cop” and “Dominate The Weak.”


Stream in full below.

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