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Deniro Farrar – Guilty Until Proven Innocent (EP)

Deniro Farrar releases his new 6-track EP, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, a collection of tracks inspired by his imprisoned brother with a strong focus on mass incarceration and the failures of the criminal justice system. This is a subject that is even more relevant now than it has been in some time as our government gears up to relaunch the failed War on Drugs and herd scores of people into for-profit prisons.

Farrar had the following to say about the tape:

This project is inspired by the current situation my younger brother Tune is currently in. During his trial for murder back in 2013 I had a chance to see just how wicked the so called justice system is. So I present to you G.U.P.I.

Strean below.

Also, here’s Deniro’s recent video for “Angel”

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