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Drake Releases the More Life: A Playlist by October Firm


Since he first announced its impending release to the world back in October, fans have wondered just what form this Drake’s mysterious new project More Life would take. The fact that it was referred to as a “playlist” rather than an official album or a “compilation”, lead many to believe that it would be a collection of new Drake music as well as a curated selection of tracks from his close creative partners and the many emerging artists whose work he often goes out of his way to highlight.

Over the course of the several weeks he has spent in Europe on the Boy Meets World tour, he has reinforced this speculation by previewing a bunch of music that seemed to fit that description. But having just heard the world premiere on OVO Sound Radio, I have to say this is an honest to goodness Drake album, branding be damned.

While he does showcase the talents of Black Coffee and Jorja Smith, as well as his UK brethren Skepta and Giggs, he’s also got high-profile appearances from the likes of Quavo, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Kanye West. As far as how it sounds, I’d say it lands somewhere between the “mixtape” like sound of IYRTITL and the immaculately produced studio albums he and 40 are known for. And this isn’t a bad thing.

Thankfully, and contrary to what many of us believed until a couple of days ago, the project is not an Apple Music exclusive and is currently available to stream on other major services Spotify, TIDAL and Amazon Music. Continue below to listen.

Stream on Apple Music

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