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Your Old Droog – You Can Do It! (Give Up)


I’m of the opinion that not only are there too many rappers in the world these days, but they rap too often. And so we find ourselves in a situation where wack niggas think it’s ok to drop wack shit every week that serves to do nothing but clog up the pipeline. On his latest release from the Packs album, Your Old Droog addresses this idea and expands it to the aspiring NBA player and the Instagram honey as well as the struggle rapper. This is a message I can get behind. Packs drops this coming Friday.

Listen below.

Co-produced by Droog and Edan.

Says Droog:

This is a song about how some people should stop following their dreams–especially if it ain’t made for them. Got get a job at the MTA, go be an A&R, do some graphic design work or something. Not everyone is supposed to rap.

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