Future Talks New Album with Zane Lowe


With his new self-titled album out later tonight, Future sat down with Zane Lowe at Walter’s in Atlanta to discuss the project. He spoke on his brief hiatus from regular mixtape and album drops over the past year, working with Drake on WATTBA, why he decided to take a break from social media when he started working on the album, a record on the album called “Super Trapper” and it’s upcoming video, producer DY, the return to his Future Hendrix persona and much more.

Continue below to listen to the interview and if you want to hear the album before it drops around midnight, tune into Freebandz Radio with DJ Esco on Apple Music at 7:00 EST to hear the world premiere. The album is actually already on Spotify, but is only streamable in certain markets outside of the U.S. at the moment.


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