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Iraq-born, Montreal-based MC Narcy just dropped his new video for “Free” and it is a visual tour de force that is both timely and striking. The clip features footage personally shot by director Ridwan Adhami while he was working with Islamic Relief USA and it highlights the beautiful faces and less than ideal living conditions of refugees from a number of Middle Eastern and African nations in turmoil. Many of these people hail from countries that your president has done everything in his power to bar from entering the United States with his illegal and racist Muslim ban. Without media such as this, people in this position remain faceless, voiceless and oppressed and are easily written off by fearful westerners as potential terrorists and “security risks”.

Narcy explained to FADER:

The refugee crisis in the Middle East and Africa is directly a result of both internal injustice and external power flexed onto a people, a religion, and a region of the world. The reality of the existence of an Iraqi or Syrian or Palestinian refugee is directly related to my hyphenated Canadian existence, from our political decisions at home and the narrative on news networks all over Europe and North America. A vilification of a people eventually births an enemy and a target. The enemy becomes the excuse for war and the target becomes the freedoms and rights of the citizen.

You can go here and donate to the We Will Be Free refugee aid fund.

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