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Prodigy Talks The Illuminati & Hip-Hop

With his 1995 verse on LL Cool J’s “Who Shot Ya (Remix)”, Prodigy introduced the concept of the Illuminati to an entire generation of Rap listeners the world over. Back in those pre-internet days, it wasn’t nearly as easy as it is today to research this kind of thing, but young kids such as myself eagerly sought out information about this shadowy organization from books like Behold A Pale Horse and the teachings of various conspiracy theorists of the day.

Over two decades later, Illuminati references abound in Rap lyrics and popular culture in general and there are thousands upon thousands of pages on the internet dedicated tdissectingng the mystery. In this new clip from Genius, P sits down with Rob Markman at the Illuminati Ball House outside New York City to discuss the infamous lyric that started it all, his understanding of the Illuminati and its origins and what he believes.

At the end, P talks about his new album The Hegelian Dialectic: The Book of Revelation and how it connects to this theory, as well as the Jay Z sample he used on “No Religion” and how it bookends Jay’s use of his “Who Shot Ya” sample on “D’Evils” back in 1996. If I’m being honest, I believe there is some truth to the myth of the organization, and there is definitely an odd and intriguing history there, but sometime during my twenties I started to become highly skeptical of all of this shit (I know, that’s exactly what they want). Nonetheless, this is still a pretty fascinating watch and worth your 7 minutes.

You can go here to learn more about the house they’re in and the Illuminati-themed events they hold there, as well as an event Prodigy is doing with the founders in the city in May.

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3 Responses to “Prodigy Talks The Illuminati & Hip-Hop”

  1. Ted DiBiase Says:

    Its a shame the hip-hop community doesn’t have any intellectual artist (besides Jay Z) that are actually educated. (Notice how Jay stays distant from anything hip-hop)

    This felt like asking a pigeon to explain combustion engines. “nah mean?”

  2. Fughettaboutit Says:

    Ah yes, Dwight Z. York – currently in jail for molesting little children. He’ll be out by 2122. He got his doctorate in scamming gullible Black people, and chin-checking folks who didn’t make their daily quota of selling oils and soaps. This is 1990s Brooklyn.

  3. TruthIs Says:

    The hip hop community started out grass roots before big corporations blurred the lines. That’s not to say there aren’t any intellectual artist out there

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