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T.I. – Us Or Else: Letter To The System (Album Stream)


Back in September, T.I. released a 6-track EP called Us Or Else, a collection of tracks with a strong theme of social awareness. I kind of ignored the project in protest because it was a TIDAL exclusive and service specific exclusives are the worst. I have a TIDAL subscription, and I had one back then, but as I’ve said before, I’m not going to encourage this ridiculous trend that is currently making life hell for fans of music by helping to promote this shit like it’s all good.

I feel strongly that these types of projects in particular, which are supposed to be important to the culture beyond just making heads nods, should definitely not be limited to just one service. And look, I make exceptions to this rule now and then, but I do it reluctantly. I’m posting this new extended version of Tip’s EP, which dropped a couple of weeks ago, because it has finally been liberated from the walled garden of TIDAL and is now available across all streaming platforms.

Listen below via Spotify or Apple Music.

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