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Snoop Talks Kaepernick & Castro on UNDISPUTED

Snoop Dogg was the guest on today’s episode of UNDISPUTED with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe and Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing National Anthem protest and his recent praise of late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro came up as topics. Snoop says he feels like Kaepernick needs to make a choice about whether he wants to be a football player or a revolutionary, but that kinda sounds like a cop-out to me.

Snoop’s point is that now that Kaep is starting for the Niners, it will somehow be too difficult for him to continue his protest. I say, bullshit. This guy gets paid millions of dollars to run an NFL offense, I’m pretty confident he can multi-task. I don’t think it’s necessarily true that he didn’t have a plan when he started his protest, and I think that what he has already done is plenty considering the country is still talking about it.

As for his praise of Fidel Castro, that’s far more complicated. Even if you appreciate some of Fidel’s revolutionary aspirations and philosophies, it’s very hard to praise a guy who is responsible for inflicting decades upon decades of pain and suffering upon his own people. I think Shannon articulated this pretty well when he talked about how many American’s don’t really understand the Cuba situation and only see Castro as this revolutionary hero who stood up to the mighty empire of the United States. It’s so much more complicated than that and I don’t know that Kaep fully grasps all of that history.

Continue below for a couple more clips of Snoop’s visit where he speaks on how Jeff Fisher is doing with the Rams, Antonio Brown’s celebrations, the Lakers making the playoffs and more.

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  1. spirit equality Says:

    I’m pretty sure anybody who has read a Western media news article about Castro knows about (alleged) human rights in Cuba, but what goes unmentioned is the CIA tried to assassinate the guy almost 600 times (literally), which I imagine would tend to make a guy paranoid about dissent. It’s pretty likely he jailed a few people who merely wanted to express legitimate dissent and weren’t CIA stooges, but when there are almost 600 attempts on your life in a 50 year period, overreaction is to be expected. The CIA shenanigans in Cuba actually undermined legitimate dissent there, because anyone with a legit gripe looks like the US set them up to do it. Also, the Cuban exile community has financed all kinds of terrorist plots aimed at Cuba. The situation is complicated, alright. All told, it’s a beautiful island with beautiful people and everyone should visit there at least once.

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