Lil Yachty – Judgement Free


You either enjoy the musical stylings of Lil Yachty or you can’t stand him and think he’s everything that’s wrong with rap in 2016. There’s not much of a grey area in between. In all fairness, the young boy brought a bunch of static upon himself over the Summer when he called Biggie and Tupac “overrated” during an interview, and he has since become a symbol of the creative differences between the older generation and the new. Ebro Darden of Hot 97 and Beats 1 has been heavily involved in this debate, calling Yachty out and exchanging shots with him on Twitter and during his show over the course of several weeks. Yesterday, the two sat down for a grown man face-to-face on Beats 1.

It seems like the backlash has had some effect on Yachty as he walks back his previous comments about the two fallen icons and says he’s doing the knowledge to educate himself on their catalogs. On the flip side, he explains to Ebro how his own criticism, and that of many old heads, often comes across as hate for the whole slate of young artists who are making noise at the moment.

And I get that, I honestly do. Obviously, I tolerate zero Biggie slander in my vicinity, but I also completely understand how young, reasonably successful artists are sick of being told that they are garbage and compared to long-gone greats. Just let the kids (try to) be great.

In any event, during the interview Yachty admits that he spoke without thinking when he commented on Big and ‘Pac, offers up an apology and slides Ebro a new track called “Judgement Free” to premiere. Listen to the full interview, the new track and a Yachty freestyle over Craig Mack’s classic “Flavor In Ya Ear” instrumental below.

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